Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Another Post Today "Lucky" You!!

          Hello again all!   I had not planned on making two blog posts this fine day, but my lovely wife is with a friend at the local hospital-- and I am the only one that knows how to drive our stick shift car.  Our truck is still out of commission--and even though my wife can drive a semi truck, she claims she can not drive a stick shift vehicle.  Since this hospital seems to be like many of them across the country--they are very slow at services, I assume I will be up for a long while waiting to pick them up, so what the heck I might as well vent and type some more.    This starts with a local "story."   Just down the street from us, they are doing some construction and have a large flashing sign before the construction sight.  It says caution crack sealing, but it took me several passes by the sign to read this correctly.  I was sure I should drive with caution because to many people were selling crack in the area for several days.  I found this very strange since so many Mormons frequent this area-heck it is right before the Mormon church.  But whatever floats your boat, every one does deserve a hobby.  Please note no Mormons were hurt in this post or in the described section of the road. 

    And now I must vent just a little bit before I add in some jokes and such.  I keep telling myself that I am going to do my last rant about the in laws--and there never stopping rein of stupidity in an attempt to be threatening.  But as I said --it really is never ending  so I keep having more thoughts about it.   In short, in case you have not gotten the memo, much of our family followed us down here to Arizona from Washington.  And each randomly went crazy and or ripped us off.  It got so bad with my mother in law  AKA The Devil, that we have a restraining order against her, as a family.  I have heard from many sources, that I am stalking The Devil.  Of course this is from the same "person" that reads my rants about her--all of them amazingly true.  Not amazing that they are true, but amazing that such an evil person could exist, but at least through my rants you get a taste, all be it a small one, to how she got the code name.  Anyways this is the same person that reads my rants, and than trys to run to the cops to call me a cyber bully.  So for better or worse, we have learned were she lives now.  And I have found it overly amusing --after alllll of the crap she has started over the last few months, to follow her vehicle around town.  Almost stalker like.   And if I should also happen to need something from Wally World while she is there, the restraining order is against her, not the other way around.   So if she were to loose it and start yelling at me, in all fairness the only way she knows how to communicate is threw yelling--- I would get the luxury of sending her to a jail cell for the night, without her passing Go!    Now you might wonder in all this explanation were my *mini rant* is.  Ask!

        Through all of this I can not imagine for the life of me why this "person" would choose to stay in this area.   We have a restraining order against her as a family.  So she can not see her own daughter or her grand kids.  I am mean online and stalk her.   Our daughter saw her the other day in a parking lot, and ran all the way home, to avoid talking to her grandma.  It seems like things like this--almost daily would hurt a normal person.  And I can not see any reason beyond PURE spite and hate for me for her to even stay in this town.   Maybe you the reader looking in on all of this, can give me some great insight that I am missing??

       In my next Exploring blog post----Part II of my adventure to California~!     I try and keep MY newest page all about Exploring Arizona, but this trip did start in Arizona.     Please check it out and share the page    There is a blog for that Please check it out and than share at
    Today I was also roaming around in Tucson again, so have some new pictures to share soon!   I hope to have time to snap a bunch of pictures down town Tucson next time around. 

I know fathers day is still a little while down the road....
True that!
I have this fun habit were I lay down -beyond tired, and than my mind wakes up completely.
Fun thing number two--is that I hear everything during the night
good for keeping burglars away  bad for actually getting a great nights sleep.
And with several almost teens in our house, good luck on any of them every sneaking out of the house at night.  ;)
Another church slogan that might need a betterer advertiser
So a few months ago I got a lot of local flax because I was suggesting that every parent should question what there child actually learns at school each day and keep the learning going.
Our local schools recently got A+ ratings, but this rating system is brought to you by the government.  And do we really want an A+ on anything from them??  Anyways it was written well--but most of the people reading my thoughts went to school here and took them the wrong way.  
Case and point number 33 for my thoughts---today we got a letter from our youngest child's teacher.   In the first paragraph I found five errors.  And this is from the adult teaching our child.  To illustrate even more--for those of you that do not know me well---I am the worse speller around, possibly in our house--and I still noticed these errors right off.   Just sayin'
Tonight I will feature two pictures of the day!
And yes I realize  this feature still needs a much more worthy name....

Today's Exploring picture of the day comes from nearby Sierra Vista. This rare egg tree reminds us that Easter really is just around the corner!
Such a simple concept to do, and yet it brought lots of joy to me. 
I am not so sure our youngest thought the tree was even half as kool as I did.
But whatever.
Number 2  But who's counting??
I am still personally thinking about the crack selling sign....
These cotton woods are massive. Even with this human perspective it is difficult to portray the size with out actually being there. *Peace out!


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