Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rain Or Shine This Blog Is A Good Time

                                             **" Coffee helps you go poo!"**

                          **"A bonfire is basically just a Redneck nightclub!"**---My wife just got a yard fire pit--and because of the wind and her recent surgery we have not got a chance to use it yet.  We were using scrap wood in our big BBQ before this present.  I wanted to build a fire pit like hole in our yard, but something about gas lines and blowing up stopped me. 

The only sign you are in a worse part of "the hood" is to see a cop car on cinder blocks.

        **"Snap into a Slim Jim means something completely different at a gay bar...."**

  **"Only half of the customers leave an abortion clinic alive."**----No matter what your thoughts are on abortion, those are the facts.  For more deep thoughts and quotes, please check my past blog posts.  Many even lead into the actual topic of the post!  Back in the day -of my first blog posts I actually sat down ahead of time and thought out what I was going to type about.  Not a problem I worry or stress over anymore-no worries. 


                     **"There is a George Straight song- for all of life's problems."**
   Today we were planning on going to the local county fair.  We have been to fairs across the country and it is always a great time.  But the wind is blowing 300 MPH give or take about 15 MPH.  And in the desert that means, that if you are not eating dust, you have your eyes full of it.  We thought maybe the storm would move on to New Mexico or the original Mexico by tonight and we could sneak off to the country music concert.  But it is now pouring in Tucson, were the fair is, and if it does not start raining here, I will eat my shorts. 

    Today's Exploring picture of the day again comes from Bellingham, WA. I am not sure if this bush really grows like this, or gets groomed. Down by the water front, which I love.   This area has an amazing water front.  And I have tons of pictures of the bay and beyond.  I really like to take them out now, since the main water we see in Arizona comes from the during the monsoon season.  .......

Homer Simpson would be proud or steal all the donuts!
Almost on the same topic---good times.
This brings us back to our first picture of the blog tonight. 
What do the skeletons in your closet reveil?
Call me nuts   but I love this one!!
If you have not checked out any on MY Exploring pages or posts  you really need too. 
OR check out MY Facebook page. 
Full of random rambling for sure. 
And it gets updated much more than these pages for sure.
This picture of Pooh is probably the worse/funniest thing I have seen this week!
To everyone in Facebook/Blogger Land and beyond it seems to be beer 30 at my house! A magical 6 hour time after all of that coffee. ;)  Cheers!!
If----NO, when the casino finally calls me back it will definitely be a Cheers night also.
Speaking of Cheers -the jury is still out in my mind if that was a good show, but it is now on Netflix.  Every long winded episode. 

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