Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lucky Post #13 This Month

         I hope you and yours had an amazing Easter filled with candy, non humping bunnies, and diabetic -sugar free candy baskets-if needed *editors note:  The last two items do not exist.  Today will be another super hot day in our neck of the woods, so I am already trying to vent out the house.  This will keep it kool until about 2 PM.  At least it is still cooling off at night time.  When summer really does hit us full on-- it never actually cools down.  I do not count it dropping from 120 to 100 at midnight, a cool down.  And am beyond sick of hearing about it being OK because it is a dry heat.  Once the temperatures hit a certain high--it is just Dam hot, no matter what kind of heat it is.  Yesterday was my wife's foot surgery.  And everything went super well.  Except now today--we are both worn out.  Luckily I have hours while the kids are at school, to wake myself up some what.  And since I have already takin' my drug test at work--I can sneak some of her pain pills.   Not going to happen---because surgery, any surgery -hurts.  And because I am beyond a light weight with any medication.  My wife would come out of the bed room to find me asleep in a ball on the floor--drooling, with both of our dogs sitting on me and licking me if I took one of her pills.  And than she might run over me with her wheel chair, speed bump, so that I would actually be in enough pain to need one of her pills.   Me taking one-- seems about as a good idea as the new concept they are trying to pass for selling around here---powder booze.  Comes in little packets, and several flavors and you just add it to water.   I don't understand how it works, or wish to, but can already say it is a terrible idea for all.

    I do not find myself superstitious in any ways.  No worrying about random black cats landing on my head while I am under an open ladder.  I don't have any lucky under-roos or even a lucky coffee grounds spoon.  Many people do not like the number 13.  For those people I thought about adding that number many times into this blog post.  A lot of people also do not like  leaving there house on any Friday the 13th.  I tend to follow Garfield the cats advice and dread any Monday that lands on the 13th much more.  Think about it, if you are going to have a hard morning or day, it will probably be on a Monday  not a Friday.  Big corporations are even supposed to attempt to fire problem workers on Fridays, because they are more likely to think about having the weeksend off work, and letting loose and having fun--even if it happens to be Friday the 13th, and you are now suddenly jobless you can still go get your powdered drink and groove on!  But if someone is fired on a Monday--it is the start of the week, blah blah blah-they are much more likely to come back and go postal on the other workers--especially the firing boss.   Wally World manager training 101 right there!

        Happy Earth Day to all of you out there creating a massive carbon foot print and than wondering why it is so dam hot outside.   But it is a dry heat, so it is A OK.  Once again this Earth Day, Earth was voted the best planet around!   Before I randomly ramble you to sleep -one last thought  for now.   A big Kudos to all of the participants and fans of yesterdays Boston Marthan.  Hundreds of amazing stories from every running including this one.   And amazing fans watching.   The best story I have seen so far--showed a man that almost made it to the finish line and than collapsed onto the pavement.  Several runners stopped picked him up and started to walking him across the finish line.  Nearing 200 feet from the ribbon, they started to jog him across the line.   That is truly amazing.  Just being able to do a marathon is a huge Kudos!  I do not believe I could walk that far even. 

      Today's Exploring picture of the day is an older one and comes from Aberdean, WA. This is a great sign if nothing else. And I have to agree for the most part, that it is always a great time for coffee. I find it almost 9 tonight, and I just heated up a cup of coffee. Much of this has to do with having three kiddos, and all the warm goodness, almost allows me to keep up with them!  Enjoy and Cheers!.....

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I am also going to start a feature back up,
Were I snap a local shot and add a coffee cup in the picture.
This is one of my favorites so far!
Great sculpture in Bellingham, WA over looking the view.
With some Woods coffee.
I call it "Having coffee with friends."
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              I spilled my beer while I was reading the 2nd sign, because it really ruined my plans for the rest of the weeksend. 

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