Tuesday, April 1, 2014

500 Posts----No Foolin'!!

            Today we say goodbye to March and welcome in April---full force since it is the first of April and all.   This also marks my 500th post on this very page!  Unlike The Simpson's--I hope this is a worthy post.  There 500th episode was beyond lame.  And that is just on this blog page, my other pages have lots of posts too!   Just not nearly as many.  I wish to thank all of my readers.  It amazes me all of the time--how many of you really are out there.  And that people even choose to read my posts anymore! 

Please share this post!
And any of my posts that make you spit up coffee laughing. 

      I know two wonderful people with birthdays today---and they are the few that I do not give to much crap too.  I figure the world gives them enough with today as there birthdays.  They are also on the very short list of people that I can recall there birthdays without the benefit of Facebook telling me.  It also marks the point of 16 shopping daze until my beautiful wife's birthday.  I actually have a little longer, because I tend to get presents late.  She got a wonderful grandfather clock for Christmas--we just did not get it in the house until this year.  It is an amazing clock though--and well worth the wait--the best part it was free!   A great couple I have been working for had it in there garage--and said I could sell it.   I told them -there was no way my wife would let me sell it  and it has a grand spot in our living room. 

                                                           This pages new motto??

   Because my honey was born in April and is named April, our house kind of skips April Fools day.  It is safer that way.  Not to say that I don't pull pranks online or that the kiddos do not attempt to fool all of there friends.   Years ago I learned the hard way.   April and I had not been hanging out long--I wouldn't call it dating at that time, before April -the month rolled around.  She was positive I was going to dump her--and we had agreed that if either of us wanted out of the relationship, we had to do so in person.  No e mails or texting the break up.  On the 1st of April I got the great idea to send my love a long e mail.   I have to say it was written perfectly----to perfectly!   I explained how I realized we had agreed to not break up in such a lame way---but things were not working out, and I just couldn't admit things face to face.....   At the very bottom of the note--I added "April Fools!"  in huge font.   But she never scrolled down that far.   I was instantly deleted from all online accounts on her pages, and she would not answer my phone calls.  Hours later I contacted her grandmother --and had her ask April to call me.  After everything was explained--lots of silence on the phone, and I stopped laughing, the long process of forgiveness started.   Such a long process that almost 9 years later, it is not fully forgotten.   And if she reads this post---I believe the silent treatment would start again for at least a few days.   Anyways, that is why we do not acknowledge today in our home -in a nut shell.  

They should contact my mother n law
they would make bank!
Location, location, location!
Just like the girl scouts in Colorado that sold cookies in front of the medical weed stores.
So in the theme of today--some what
these next two stories are brought to you by my buddy "Player" from Washington.
The story's might have changed a little bit--since I was not really there. As always -all names have been changed for my entertainment and to cover my forgetfulness.  These did not happen on April 1st  but very well could have. 
A few daze back he was staying at a relatives house -and was awakened by some loud nosies just outside of the house.  He noticed it was 3 AM and jumped up to peer out the window.  Some punk kid pulled there car into the driveway and was getting out of the car.   Player ran out into the lawn just as the person was retreating back into there car.   Scared off-by the sudden and unexpected movements from the house?    No, once he was confronted-- and probably fully woken up--the would be felon--confessed to being the paper boy!
Luckily no baseball bats and or tackling was involved.
And than just the other day-he was using the GPS on his cell phone. 
I must say that GPS -for the most part is a wonderful thing.  One area of a nearby town--it never works for us---attempting to get us lost every time---but for the most part we live by the system.  Anyways he set his GPS and went.  After he had found his location
he forgot to turn off the GPS.  Awhile later he was using the restroom and the GPS started talking to him!   Informing him that he had indeed reached his destination!  

**"Excited, thrilled, a lil scared, and I think I am the one with morning sickness. We just got some new news while at the DR!"**----The above all said--or typed as it may be--I posted the above on my Facebook status this morning.  I think we will name the baby Spawlding!  The best part of it all is that people are forgetting what day it is and congratulating us.  AND that we can not have any more kiddos---so when our "close" friends and family congratulate us---I can give them extra crap!    We are buying one of the old Furby's today---so I guess that is like a new furry addition to the house.   Maybe at the end of the day--I will post a picture of it on my status.  
We have several of the new Furby's and I have to say they are annoying.  :)
But you can teach the old ones cuss words!   Sold right there.
For those that do not believe this exciting news--about the new addition to our family
I will have an ultra sound picture in tomorrows blog post!
Just because you can have kids---doesn't mean you should!!
I believe this was found in the local Wally World parking lot.
Bill Nye is the man.
     Sounds like a report from Washington state or California! 



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