Wednesday, April 16, 2014


      I start with a big hello to all of you that make this page great!   My coffee is attempting to kick in -very slowly today.  To slowly!  I have been overly drowsy over the last few daze and alas not even the coffee is doing much for me.  With my wife's birthday very soon, Easter, and a foot surgery for her, I need to nip this in the butt very soon.  Or just find something much stronger.  I have found some neat coffee shops in the last few days.   I will put a whole post up of the best ones very soon.   I have several such postings from the Bellingham, Washington area if anyone would like to view those.   Or is heading that way, I can tell you that I only touched a fraction of a fraction of all the amazing coffee joints in that area.  They are few and far between in this area.  To make this page even better---please comment on anything you see here -or on any of my Exploring pages!   All comments help me better each post.  Even if by better-it means your thoughts made me laugh and laugh, and than I made the post more jolly, because of you!   The fastest way to connect with me is through MY Facebook page  -all jokes and such start on this page too before hitting any blog post.   Please check it out --and share  at     Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

   My next Exploring blog post will hopefully be posted this evening.  Depending on how much time I spend playing Easter Bunny today and how well this coffee really does work for me!  My posts about going to California--have been read by my buddy, and he approves of what was written.  We have been on some beyond crazy hikes in the past, and he is nearing being a Washington state resident again.   We are working on him starting his own posts, and being a regular guest feature on many of my pages.   His opinion is also usually considered wrong by most of the people around him, and he also often looks around at work and finds he is the only one laughing.  Speaking of work---I still have not gotten the official  Yes from the new casino.  I had no idea it would take near this long, and am starting to think I should have started a job to tide us over until this great one actually starts.  I really am not worried about being accepted there---just growing more and more worried about the time line. 

My new hat rack?

  **"After following the crap in NV at the Bundy Ranch--I do believe it has givin' me a hankering for some beef! Steaks on the BBQ for us tonight! ;) "**-----And last night we did just that.  Very good steaks also--although a bit small.  I try not to recommend anything from Wally World--but the packs of steaks from there --really are not to bad, a bit fatty and small maybe---but they grill up very nicely at a reasonable price.  I do believe if the Bundy Ranch was not an 8 hour drive, one way from our house, I would have takin' my butt down that way.   Two things also kept me at home--- I have no gun at the moment, and I believe things like this are going to be happening all around us very soon.   Probably not in our own yard, because we do not own anything that the government would wish to seize from us.  We have already learned that our landlord and the IRS will not take food stamps or Monopoly money as payments. 

    Our pickup is out of commission once again---we just had it in the shop a few days back and than yesterday it decided to stop working.  We believe the starter went out this time around.  It is almost like the truck knows we bought another vehicle and it is jealous.  Luckily we have the car to zoom around in at this point.  But I am almost missing the days when we walked every were.  If nothing else it was MUCH cheaper!  Living in the middle of no were-- the key word above is "almost" for it is a long walk to any place in this area. 

More Easter thoughts to come!

    **"You're so dumb you sleep with a solar powered night light!"** Also to the lady that threw a show at Hillary Clinton---Kudos! And please when you get out of jail, throw something much bigger!! More deep quotes and thoughts in every blog post!"**

   **"I realize people are getting dumber---but when you live in the land of the sweating sun, do you really need warning signs at every store--how un safe it is to leave kids in parked cars? I guess it has happened soooo many times, that every store in AZ needs this sign and it is on the nightly news about this time of year. Accidents happen--but this is beyond an accident, into the brain dead parent section. Natural selection really is still very much alive and at work----Just sayin' "**

     A couple random thoughts of mine from the last few days are above.  Today I am wandering around Sierra Vista- and will hopefully have time before it gets to warm outside to get in a quick Exploring hike.  I have some shots of all of the smoke from the near by Brown Fire--that is threatening many local residents.  They reported last night that it is 0 percent contained at this point.  Such pictures and more coming in a Exploring post very soon!  

Any guesses where my next Exploring post comes from??
Where are you Exploring today??
And now for my Exploring picture of the day!  
I really do have a ton of new pictures in the works---
Most go to MY Facebook page first  the link is above for anyone that bored.
Exploring Tombstone, AZ. Shrimp Boy loves trains and I have always had a soft spot for cabooses. I would REALLY like to have an old one as my office.  He looks so thrilled in this picture.  OK it has been a debate around our house the last few days--but our youngest used to spend all of his free time with me, and acted just like me  thus why I call him Shrimp Boy. 
An even older caboose just past the other one.  It is fenced off, but I believe you can sneak into the other car attached.  I have pictures of great old cabooses from across the country. 


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