Friday, April 18, 2014

A Quick Trip Down The Dusty Trail---Tombstone Revisited.

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The top of the old court house.
In each blog post from Tombstone -I have so many pictures of this amazing building.

   Tombstone is an amazing and close place for us to visit.  It really is right down the road, and we see something new each time we go there.  From all of the workers in character clothing to the town slogan--"The town to tough to die!" this place has something for everyone.  We have been there at least six times in the about ten months we have lived here now.  And if you check out past blog posts you can view some other great pictures of mine.  Today it was just our youngest and I roaming through the area and we tried to visit some areas we had not seen before. 

  Last time we ventured to Tombstone, my sister was in town and we all went to check it out.  It was just after Christmas, so the decorations were still up in full force.  Feel free to look up this post also. 
     Everything across the desert is going into bloom this time of year.  Including the huge/World's largest rose bush in Tombstone.  In fact that's what the entire festival was about when we journeyed back into town.  Although we never saw the bush--I was going for free entertainment on this day.    And there was lots of this-- in the streets all afternoon long.  Even a parade eventually, but we did not stay in town long enough.  We ventured to town early in the morning, and found lots of parking-for a change, and few actual visitors on the streets yet.  Both were very nice.   Please note -this is Arizona, were everything is sharp and or wants to eat you--so take special care if you wish to sop and smell the roses. 


When we first rolled into town we decided it was time to run off some energy and ran up to the top of the  big "T" overlooking the town.   
You can just see the old courthouse in the background if you enlarge this picture and some other great area landmarks.
                                            The trail up---- So many trails   So little time!!

From on top of the hill.
I was testing out the zoom on our newest camera.
We meet this proud fellow, near the parking lot.
Maybe my next hat rack?
Also in the parking lot--a different kind of fighter.
It seems odd to see such mixtures of old and now. 
Like when our son was playing with our IPod as he roamed around the old west town.
Before it got to warm  we snuck away from town to do some Exploring.
I had thought that all of the trails and such you could see just out of town, were free roaming.
But we quickly learned that each area was surrounded by fences. 
People in this area have real guns, so today we stayed out.
We did find a few neat sights first though.
I was needing some more energy--and there were to many fences so we soon decided it was time to head back to the town. 
I have been on a mission to find great or even decent coffee on my trips and this place had free Wi-Fi.
Three buildings are connected and this was supposed to be the only one that totally withstood a huge fire years ago. 
Inside the nifty building.
You can just make out my coffee cup on the bar to the right.
Old pictures of the town surround the inside.
And the coffee wasn't to bad at all.
Although I did learn that -workers in costume get priority in line, and half price on drinks.
Just outside is a few seats where you can enjoy your coffee and the towns actions.
Just beyond the coffee shop  on this weekend- the street is blocked off in front of this bar.
Many watering holes can be found in this small town.
The coffee shop is also very close to the court house.
The smallest State Park in the US. 
To the right of the court house   near the hangin' wall.
Lots of dancing in the city park.
Tombstone is a very dog friendly town, but NOT in the city park.
It appears to me that this gentlemen can not decide what great bar to visit next.
I see this man every time we go to Tombstone --but he moves quick and this is the first time I have snapped a shot of him. 
Exploring over by Helldarado
Some parting shots. 
Any guesses were we Explore next??
Here is your only clue....

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