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4/6/2014 Good Times-- Minues The Good.

                    Sign we found in Tucson, AZ---could easily be MY sign. 
  People that know me best--or that read MY pages, know it's best not to ask my Y I do anything!   This also makes me pause to ask, have you ever been to Why, Arizona??  I have not, yet, but after an extensive Google search--have learned that the town is large enough to house a casino.  90% of the pictures--show people in front of the town sign--holding there hands up in wonder--like Y did I drive here----hilarious for sure.  I have however been to my name sake town ---Nimrod, Oregon!

     Good morning all!    So even though I am again at the local Mc Grease Pit having coffee---a shinning light is the free Wi-Fi, people watching, and the free small coffee's through the 13th of this month.  Free always tastes betterer some how!   Although we did learn Thursday while traveling through Tucson--that like the commercials say, it is only select locations--NOT every store with the free coffee.  :(   Anyways in my research -I have found several area coffee shops I really wish to check out.  The problem with small towns is that local -is not exactly close to home.  If I ever enjoy any of these places -they will make my blog posts for sure.  In the mean time, if you are ever in Bellingham, Washington--I have entire pages ranking the best coffee joints around.  


       Today I must vent again.  In a series of what I like to call "mini rants!"  I used to have one topic and do these every Friday --but I have been slacking.  I found it a nice stress reliever and it usually kept me from venting on the actual people or my wife.  I have not done this officially for awhile now---but if you type "mini rants" in this blogs search feature, several will show up.  Please let me know if you agree with any of them.  I am still waiting for the extensive background paper work to go thorough on my new job, again at a casino.  And if you have not gotten the memo, I do not sit well, at all!  The last few daze kept us busy on the road, playing and shopping  but for the most part I find I have way to much free time.  Yesterday our daughter and I found ourselves in Sierra Vista  and we made some time to Explore.    More about all of this in my next Exploring blog post    

This was from yesterday--right before I slid/fell into the water.
Luckily our daughter did not snap that picture. 
And  no--I was not digging for grubs!      ALL about Exploring beautiful Arizona one picture and adventure at a time.   Please check this page out and share if you enjoy what you see there. 

   First off some good news as of last Wednesday!-----   **It is amazing---Mr Lupe's actually paid me off today! Thanks in a huge part--to my backup, with a video camera- just in case AND my repeated mentioning of the Labor Board. We had accepted that we would never see this $--so will be gambling it at the casino in Tucson tomorrow. Not saying my fight with the "restaurant" is over by any means.**----  I got paid in full and so far no word of the check bouncing.  I know that I would have left empty handed if I had not went in with a rather large friend of ours.  Although the low life's are still harassing me---that I can deal with.  I haven't been called a "cyber bully" in the past for nothing.  I am however not sure what they are annoyed about?  I worked and wanted pay---so sue me!   At any rate, I still have some tricks up my sleeve with state agencies that do not really enjoy bad business practices, hopefully making these dead beats the funniest people in the local unemployment lines.  Getting paid was VERY unexpected though---so when my wife and I snuck of to Tucson the next day we gambled the cash.   And it really did turn out to be lucky money for us.   I do have to say I have learned a lot from this experience -as all of my bad/ yet short jobs have done for me. 

 Although I have an urge to mail this look-a-like to my "boss" that I affectionately called "The Angry Mexican" to my boss along with a Mexican penny--and inform them that they over paid me, and I was mailing them the change. 
Cheapest therapy around. 
I do believe he needs to sit at a corner near me.
Maybe more signs like this could prevent melt downs involving guns??

    I really have been deciding that I just need to stop leaving the house and do all of our shopping online.   Usually when I get angered it is at Wally World.  Or while trying to enter the store.  And I instantly start to ponder how I ever worked there for eight years.  A few daze back the "episode" was at a local bank-one we are soon closing our accounts with!   Not soon enough but soon.  My wife and I had several accounts with Bank of America--and when we moved here we were going to close the accounts.  I ended up with some accounts at a local bank--and we quickly found out that this bank was almost as bad as the Bank of America accounts.  The top of many gripes being it taking them three months to get us our debit cards, so that we could actually use our own cash.   We are just steps away from closing both crummy accounts--but the other day I had to deal with the local bank.  As I was trying to fill out my deposit slip--I hate deposit slips by the way---NONE of the pens- chained to the desk actually worked.  As I got to the counter--more "issues."  I informed them that we were happily closing our account soon--so it would not be an issue very soon for anyone!  The cashier seemed shocked, and wanted to know why we would be leaving the bank.  I quickly informed her that thee cliff notes equaled -that this bank sucked.  And her mouth dropped.  I went into some background of why we thought so-- and than ended with how we felt no need to do business at a bank that locked down pens that did not even work--if they could not even afford pens that worked, maybe they should rethink things. 
     I was than asked were we would be banking.  And I happily informed them of our new bank.  One that has no branches or ATM's in this small, village of a town.  Because my earlier insights were not yet enough--the teller than asked me how this was going to work, since that bank had no outlets in our town.  I quickly went into a long explanation of how it was easier to drive miles to these banks than to drive minutes to a bank that would not even allow us to use our own money on many occasions.  Of course I left out that I will be working in Tucson, were this bank has a branch or ATM on almost every city block and that we could do a huge part of our banking online.  Everything will be in one bank again as of next week.  And for once we actually have an actual savings account built up again!   All safe and cozy until all the banks fail.  ;)

    OK--next post will have more jokes and such --guaranteed!  Actually the next few posts will be Exploring---I have been slacking on showing my pictures.   But on last rant for today---   After my wife and I read several peoples posts on Facebook over the last few weeks--my wife had a mini rant of her own.  I expanded on this--and turned it into my own post on Facebook.    

I am sure this isn't going to go over well--but little I say does! I do believe I am going to start taking drugs. Now let me explain why.... First my DR keeps asking if I smoke AND I have a smokers cough--but I don't smoke--so maybe if I started --I could clear up my lungs some how. Next everyone supports a drug user even the government--if they are at least willing to act like they wish to... quit. And lastly-- many close including LOTS of distant relatives to me have a drug problem--and when life or there own stupidity screws them over---they aren't left in a bind -to figure things out on there own, like my family and I ALWAYS are---there family steps in and bails them out. Maybe if the family would let them fall once or twice --they would be forced to grow a wee bit. And than when they turn 50, like my mother n law--they could solve there own issues instead of calling mommy. ---Just sayin' Am I alone on this?? *Sick o people* ----"If others paid for my stupidity --we would own several houses on Snob Hill,     But what do I know!?   ---Just sayin'  "   
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 Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head           My thoughts and comments are posted here first  --and I am ALWAYS up for a good discussion.  Especially if you do not agree with me!
  As I am nearing the bottom of yet another coffee cup---I am also nearing the end of today's blog post.  I am grateful that the refills on the free coffee are also free.  And that now I almost have enough stored up energy to keep up with our three kiddos!   Almost is the key word.  If I had even half as much energy as our youngest--I could easily hold down three full time jobs.  In closing I wish to display two pictures of the day!   A feature I try to add into each blog post, but have been slacking on.   In it I feature a usually recent picture I have shot --and tell a little bit about it.  In coffee infused thoughts.   I also want to bring back a picture taking/Exploring feature I used to do in Washington--were I placed a coffee mug in a spot I was roaming--and people could guess were I and my coffee was that day.  
Today's again comes from the desert of Benson, Arizona. I was out in the desert last week collecting scrap metal. And this old can caught in this bush caught my eye. Who knows how many years this piece has been in this spot. In respect of sorts, I left the can in the bush.  I have posted before about all the trash people leave in the desert--but random metal is fine--because it is like free money when I take it to the recycling place. 
This is on the out skirts of Benson, Arizona.   But it could be a road in any town USA.
It makes me wish to Explore more.  Especially on a long twisty dirt road!
I have many more pictures and thoughts from this day---coming to a blog post very soon!

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