Monday, April 21, 2014

Hoppy Easter!

   In all actuality it is not Easter in my World anymore.  As is probably true were you are at this point in time also.  :(   We actually found a baby sitter for the night and snuck away to Tucson.  BUT  as usual it is not as kool of a trip as it might seem to the normal person, or the single person for sure!  My beautiful wife has her first bunion surgery on her left foot early in the morning  very early in the morning it seems.  I realize it is just out patient surgery, and really nothing, but just watching the surgery on U Tube, made my feet Really hurt!  My wife also has lots of side complications, so no easy surgery is so, when she has it.  Plus when you add in all the fun of her very local and loca relatives, I stress that they are hers, because I do not claim any of them as relatives, so they are not  to me.   If the amazingly unlikely bad result were to happen, the kids and I would have to almost immediately leave the area and become ghosts to all of the crazy relatives.  Especially with how close we live to the Mexican boarder, and how easy it would be for the extra crazy mother in law to disappear with her grand kids.   If you do not believe any of this, read some of my past blog posts.   I hope that everyone reading this has had an amazing Easter.  We for the most part  have for sure! 

    With the nothing surgery tomorrow, well now today, we snuck off to Tucson, to avoid the drive at about four in the morning.   I realize that the patient does not have to be awake for the drive, but I probably should be at least a little awake.  To help make this easier, we are staying much closer to the hospital.  I also realize that she is not supposed to eat or drink anything after midnight.  One of the great "perks" of surgery.  And with staying up here, I can sneak outside, or to a motel with free breakfast, away from my wife, and not act like I am rubbing eating lots into her face.  We once again ended up in a local Motel 6.  The cheap -reasonably priced option we use a lot.  I tried to land us a better room in a better motel, for about the same price, but no one really wished to help me at the front desk----and the cliff notes, are that I left in a big huff!  I can tell you that for a huge change, the pool here  was actually working!   It seems that Motel 6 across the nation is remodeling there rooms --and in the same action closing there pools for remodels.  I can also say it was Dam cold water!  I can now see why no one else was swimming!  Although I have swam in much colder water, even at Motel 6.   The key factor, yes even in "The Land Of The Sweating Sun" is to just jump into the water all at once  Do NOT go in gradually, for when the cold hits your No-no spots  you begin to freak out and possibly back out. 

   This motel also has a late check out, so that in all hopes, we can successfully finish her surgery and return to the motel for some well needed R and R before having to return home to meet up with the demanding kiddos and babysitter after school.

Mmmm Chocolate!
                        The more you know! 

I think we will skip this  this year and Every year!!
Sign me up!
                                                                 Sheep are safe!!
Easter sheep  in a place that looks strangely a lot like Wyoming....

    With Easter falling some how, on 4/20  this may well be the calmest thing I post/comment today!

                                                               Zombie bunny!
                                                           Mmmmm   green chocolate!

Avoid all the serious -ness   that's funny right there!
True story!
ALL the jokes aside, Aztec calendar or not, how did this date happen?
Maybe everything really should have ended in 2012.
Any case  I will bring some more doom and gloom thoughts in a future blog post. 
Today--- no matter what your thoughts are on tokin' on the old peace pipe   MY God is not dead!   And he has risen! 
I do have to wander how many people let loose in places like Denver and Seattle where Super Bowel "heroes" are made and pot is legal.  As per my past thoughts about how many gays it will take to populate the Earth   before the magic number is hit, and we all go down much like the Titanic or float like the Ark. 
No matter what of the many possiablilites you think will destroy the Earth and Gods people as we know them, something is bound to happen soon. 
Are you ready   is the only real question??
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