Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sounds Like Another Rant!?

    I had a whole gripe today about how so many people it seems feel they are entitled to everything.   From cheap housing to free items.  Because working and such is out of the question.  Yes--we have been on several government programs in the past --but we worked our way out of the system, while our neighbors and family continue to use the systems.  Worse yet they are teaching there kids to do the same thing-making work a four letter word to them.   Locally there are so many sights set up were you can donate furniture and clothes and such to needy families.  But it is mostly people asking for overly specific items, to deck out the house they never leave--or single people.   Pretty much all people, we do not feel the need to help out. We receive free items all of the time, and donate a lot of them.  And will bend over backwards to help someone out, especially a needy family.  But almost all of these people seem to be way to ready to bite the hand that helps them.  They do not want a hand up they want your hand outs.    For example  I might picture something posted like-- Our family would love a couch to sit on!  It can be in any shape---but we really can not afford to pay much for it.  We would even take some comfy pillows or a bean bag that still has beans in it at this point.  Thank you!    But the ads are usually much more like---- I really need an all leather red and blue sectional couch.   Also four Lazy Boy  new recliners for my friends to sit on.  We also really need 12 beds for our 2 kids.  This will be a real treat for the kids, after they come home from begging for change down by the court house.  We also need a plasma flat screen TV.  And a new computer so that I can look for a job and answer all my e mails about un paid child support.  Even though you may want $5 for the big couch--I can not pay you.   My ankle bracelet does not allow me to leave the house unless I am working, so you will also need to deliver everything here.  Please be careful of all of the empty Amazon delivery boxes in my front walk way.  They land were they land.  Please find these items quick for me- because I am bored and the big football game is in just two days! 

    I feel that there are still enough real people in the World right now---people that have motivation and morals and smarts and such ---just look at all of the responses to the recent Bundy Ranch fiasco.  But our kids kids are doomed!  Just sayin'   Something similar just happened again with one of our neighbors.   She is one of the many that only contacts us when she needs something.  I have dropped most of these people, so get asked for extremely little.  I also basically have no friends.  I will get back to you if this is a good thing or sad thing on a later date.  She recently wanted to buy a chair from us so that her kids could play there gaming systems more comfortably.  It was posted online for only $5---but on delivery we received no $5 or even an offer of any cash.   It was a crappy chair and all--but at least offer to not pay.   Want to hear more thoughts on this?  Sure you do.   My Facebook post the other day  in hopes that she would come across it....

 **Editors notes: I used air quotes every time I used quotes in the following--in my head and literally.  More "Mini rants" in many past blog posts.  I believe you will enjoy them all.  **

     **"I really love how our single neighbor with 3 kids-that "works" at Wally World---telling us how ruff she has it, and how she is "entitled" to sooo much---keeps forgetting that waayyyy back when---April was a single mom of 3 that worked at Wally World.  ;)
      Betterer yet this "lady" is beyond stressed out from being a cashier 4 hrs. a night. At 7 years with the "company" I went back to being a cashier because of how easy it was! April was a day time dept. manager--We meet in the parking lot of the store, traded off the kids---and than I went to work as a cashier until 2 in the morning. And it was the easiest most care free position I ever had there. Many times we pulled 12 hour shifts just for the $. And this same person thinks they are going to become a CNA? Good luck --if playing cashier stresses you out.  **----Just sayin'
    Does anyone else see a problem with this or am I just venting again?  The quickest and most fun way to contact me- with thoughts or comments on anything you see here is MY Facebook page  at Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head   Maybe for an even faster reply, I should just ask the individual?   I am very sure that I would loose IQ points if I were to do so....   And I do not have very many to spare.  Luckily if this ever were the case, I can argue with the best of them--- and seldom loose.  Unless you count any argument with me wife.  The only time I win those, is after she leaves the room.  Were did I learn to argue so well?  From my eight long years working at Wally World of course.  I get bored easily and spent lots of my time getting myself out of self created trouble.   
     OK---this was not the direction this post was originally going at all.  And I do believe it has turned into another "mini rant!"   I have several---- please check them out.  Now for a few jokes and such to lighten the mood here.  I try to not get to "deep" in any of my posts.   Mostly because it is a pain to explain my thoughts to the offenders.
Mmmmm coffee!
And you thought I would not mention coffee in this post. 
                                                                Here is your sign!  
                                                             While I was out Exploring around Sierra Vista the other day.   Many Exploring blog posts in the works.  With the next one being about our night at the circus!

                  Just a swingin'!!  This mornings Exploring picture of the day comes from the circus. On Easter Eve--is that even a day? We snuck away to the circus. This trapeze artist-sitting near the top of the big top, might well have the best seat in the house! These swingin' performers came from Circus Circus in Viva Las Vegas .....

Soon after the American Flag dropped
Beautiful but also amusing-at least to me
because NONE of the crew/performers were from America. 
More pictures and thoughts on all of this very soon.
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