Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hello And Stuff!!

    Hello and stuff!    To everyone that has just found this page or is a repeat offender and has read the page many times in the past.  I know you all are out there and I thank each and every one of you.   Just this blog page is nearing 29,000 views!  In a small way, knowing this page is read and maybe even liked, makes the time I sometimes count as lost-as I type away on blogs---more worth while.   Now if I could get my wife to share those feelings.  

   **"Greetings from Tucson! Some work today--picture taking--and getting new tires for our car. But first it is coffee -30! The best 6 hrs. of the morning. New blog post in the works. "**

       Today's post comes to you from Tucson.     Were it is supposed to reach the 90's outside today.  Too--soon for sure!  What can I say about that---Welcome to Arizona!   It would be like being mad about seeing snow in the winter and living in Wyoming.  Or even seeing snow in April and residing in Wyoming.  Have I mentioned I grew up in Wyoming, lately?  :)  In an attempt to find real or even good coffee shops at this point, I have made a list of places near here I would like to try.   While living in Washington, I became very spoiled over great coffee--and how easy it was to find.  That is certainly not the case in Arizona-or at least this whole portion of the state.  The next problem is that when you live in a very small town, I call it a village, it is so small--close by coffee shops-can mean they are up to an hour away.   This usually means I need a cup of coffee to get me road worthy-ish and to the shops.  Plus I usually loose interest before venturing that far, or it is already to warm outside by the time I find the joints, that I do not really want warm coffee inside of me.  When I have hit more local places I will do an Exploring blog just about local coffee joints and were to go.  As in--stay away from Starbucks .com    This is usually my thought line, but they do have free Wi-Fi and there are soooo many locations that it is easy to give up and stop at one. 
       I had recently looked up Tucson Coffee Roasters--surprise it is in Tucson!   And at some point decided I needed to try there brew.  This was almost the case this fine morning.  In a strip mall  off North Swan Road--near Bashes --even though my GPS kept saying I was at my destination, I almost did not find it.  I had drove up and down the street several times and had given up, and typed Starbucks into the old GPS.  It sent me to the same area as the good sounding coffee shop.   And as I was unloading my car I found the roasters!   Nice outdoor patio--that I have my "office" today on out front has a great welcome sign "I do not have a problem with caffeine-I have a problem with out it!"  I believe the owner poured my coffee today-as I explained how happy I was to find a decent coffee shop.  He explained how every bean is roasted at the shop-blah blah blah---they have amazing coffee!  Since it is my first trip--I just had there regular drip coffee.   And they even knew what a drip coffee was.   I have griped about this in the recent past.   A large chocolate coffee bean came with my coffee.  They do offer free Wi-Fi  but I was to asleep still to hear what the pass word was.  So since I am outside, I am bouncing off of Bashes free signal.  It is working most of the time for me.  Probably until I actually try and publish this blog post.  This place will defiantly make my blog post for great coffee joints in Arizona. 


    I was not sure if I was going to be making this trip today.  Yesterday we were batting 0 and 2 for sure!   When we woke up, I noticed that our car had another flat tire.  So we took the truck out to run some errands.   Some were around Wally World, the truck decided that it did not want to run anymore.   At first we thought it was out of gas-- and I ventured to the gas station.  But that was not the issue--that would be to easy.   Later that night --we got someone to help us pull the truck back to our house were it is safer and easier to pretend to work on.   I would like to pause and thank the residents in our village of Benson, Arizona.  In bigger towns it is easy to avoid others problems it seems.   The truck decided to give up in the middle of the road in a busy intersection, and with in minutes--a couple volunteered to pull me out of the traffic into the some what safer Wally World parking lot.  As I was walking to the gas station, an extra nice gentleman drove me to the gas station, and back up to our truck.   And two neighbors pulled the truck across town for us.  But for the most part -for us it holds true--that if we did not have bad luck, we would not have any luck at all.   The local casinos seem to do well off of this theory too. 

Have you ever sat at a red stop sign waiting for it to turn green?
Or blown on your ice cream to make sure it wasn't to hot before sticking it in your mouth?
If you answered yes to either of these--this may be your sign!  
I believe that these are called "Goats Heads"
They are even sharper than this close up shows.
And they really like bare feet and bike tires. 
Further enforcing that everything in Arizona is sharp and or wants to kill you.
Again--Welcome to Arizona!
The more you know!
Grammar Nazis -Rejoice! 
Cheapest therapy around??
I believe this guy could make bank at a corner near us. 


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