Thursday, May 8, 2014

5/8/2014 Hope You Had A Happy May Day!?

       **"I'm surprised they don't add the word "syndrome" after my name."**

   **"You love flowers, but you cut them. You love animals, but you eat them. You tell me you love me, so now I'm scared!"**

                    **"Becky's new rule: anything that fits in your vagina is yours."**

      **"Don't feel unloved and unwanted just shout out "The drinks are on me!!"**

   **""Who's attracted to feet?! I want a woman with NO feet. Then she can't leave me."** -Grant

                      **I'd rather be lost in the woods than found in the city."**

                         **"Camping without beer is just sitting in the woods."**

                 **"My wife and I were happy for 20 years, and than we meet."**

                            **"A calculator does no good if you are stupid!"**

                                        **"Screw you, I'm hilarious!!"**  ;)

       I used to start many of my blog posts with deep and inspiring quotes.  Minus the deep.  Lots of times the quotes actually had something to do with that daze blog post.  Several of today's are from my sisters new Facebook sight.  "Stuff people say."  She has carried around notebooks for years, and when people say interesting things around her--they make it in the notebooks.  At one point several years ago I was in Wyoming visiting my parents and my sister, and spent the entire time trying to make it in one of the notebooks.  Apparently, and not very surprisingly most of my quotes were dumb.  But at one magical point I made the book!   I am not sure what my quote is, anymore, and have not yet seen it posted on her new page.  To date the deepest quote I have seen on her page-is number three up above. 

So many trails So little time!

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   Enough self promotion for now!
    This is my first blog post of May.  And although I am very aware of time flying by over the last few years, I am finding it very hard to believe that -next month we will have lived in Arizona for a year now.  I am also coming very close to not having a "real job" for almost a year now.  You might have thunk I would have accomplished some things in that amount of time!  ;)   I have to wonder, and maybe someone out there in reader land knows the answer--when May Day went from leaving flowers on peoples door steps---to rioting against big business and destroying towns.  Seattle has this "fun" celebration every year.  And although this year was not any different, the breaking and actual rioting was kept to a minimum.  The police were ready this year.  
     On the same note I have been hearing about bad cops all across the nation, a ton lately.  Ones that might have gotten picked on a little to much in high school, and now use there "powers" for bad or getting even.  I must also say the cops around here--local and across the state have treated us with nothing but fairness and respect.  And we have meet plenty of them here through the years.  People in Albuquerque seem to have a reason to gripe.   Over the last year 39 people have been shot at by police, and out of that 24 have been killed!  Dully the local residents are rising up.  But is that a good idea with out wearing bullet proof vests?  Why do police departments from every town need armored vehicles.  Even more of them line even the smallest towns since 911.  How much of it is to protect and serve and how much is to become a total police state using sure fear as an excuse.  Not to get into things to deep for today, but Big Brother is getting very strong very quickly.   I just re re read 1984 the other day, and it is scary if nothing else.   Maybe more of us should do the same, and attempt to wake up a little bit. 
I also missed talking about May 5th at all.
I do believe no Mexicans still actually celebrate this day, unless they actually enjoy watching really white people drink a lot, cheer, eat cheap tositos slathered in mayo!
    I prefer the more PC termage of "Vertically challenged" and my wife likes to say we are "fun sized"  but I have never heard it described as above. 
   True story!    For extra fun--the gear shifter on our car is always extra hot also.   So I would need two oven mitts.  Stylin'!    For extra fun, we have never had a vehicle while living in the desert with working A/C.  I would like to say you can roll down the windows and blast down the highway to kool off, but when summer really hits it is just warm air blowing in on you. 
My wife's birthday fir pit in action. 

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