Friday, May 9, 2014

More Random Rambling

       **" I am very afraid of speed bumps, but I am slowly getting over it!"**

   **"You would be amazed how many times I am wrong when someone asks "Guess what!?"**

   **"I just poured Super Glue into a non-stick pan.  Somebody is about to be wrong."**

     Above is a great little video about needing more coffee!   I used to always have a coffee buddy--but do not here.  *Sad face.   I attempted to venture out and have coffee and write this blog post at the local Mc Grease Pit, --the only local place with coffee and Wi Fi.  But the water line had burst some time in the night--and it seems it takes water to make coffee.  

     So our youngest just read the book "Holes" and watched the movie. And now he is digging big as@ holes all over the yard looking for buried treasure.    Just further proof that we need a metal detector---Hint hint!  We go Exploring all of the time  and that would defiantly make it more of an adventure.  Although it would be more to carry-while running away from gun toting property owners.  On a side note-it is great that he is reading-always a challenge to get him to do anything that does not involve a screen.  And that book is one of the only books I have read in a long while that went almost identical to the movie.  Usually the movie is so far off base, that I regret seeing it. 

**I always dislike people thus why I work in customer service. But the dislike is much higher today. Drove to Tucson for a day job an no boss! We're is the coffee!!----
So a few days back I thought I had landed a very good clean up job in Tucson.  That paid very well, plus we would have more items to sell.   Turns out it was to good to be true.   I had talked to the boss the night before and we were supposed to meet in Tucson at 8 AM.   Never saw the person, never got them to pick up there phone.   Did not get to sleep in!    If you are that person and reading this---Booooo!  And luckily Karma is an ever bigger B*tch than you! 
On a similar note--- last week someone requested my services to haul there stuff to the dump-and asked how much the dump runs would cost.  They had already moved out of the house, and the stuff was in the way of the landlord.   I assumed  that since they said it was going to the dump, that all the items were fair game for us. 
Some of the items were very nice---and we instantly put them online for sale. 
This caused a big problem because apparently taking $ for hauling off the items and than attempting to sell them was very "shady."    Really? 
To make it even MORE fun the "lady" is one of the main nurses were my wife currently goes tot he doctor.   And the "lady" complained to the local online buy/sell/rant page--and my wife got booted off the page. 
So we have started a new local free/barter page on Facebook.  With very few   easy rules and will be starting up a new buy/sell page also.   Also with very few rules.  I find it very strange that all of the local pages have 800 rules.   Why?  And I am always seeming to be breaking one of them.  Then when I argue logic with the page administrators, I get banned from the page.  *sad face. 
Wally World does not have 800 rules, if you can get yourself in the store-you can buy stuff!
Hell with there web pages-you do not even have to enter the dreaded store. 
Speaking of Wally World....
I am assuming all of my readers know that the fire lane at Wally World is for entering or leaving the store--or fire trucks. Not for parking. So I will save the "mini rant" for my blog. Yesterday I meet another fine Wally World shopper that did not understand this concept. But in all fairness I believe she thought she was at the drive up window at Mc Grease pit.  Things went down hill when I offered to hand her a drivers manual. At one point she told me I could call the cops if I had a problem with her being parked right in front of the store entrance. I than informed her that she could call the cops right after I shoved a cart into the side of her car. She than attempted to be smart with me--a long stretch for anyone that actually thinks they deserve to park in the fire lane---- and as I went to the cart rack, she decided it was best to move her car. Thanks for playing Wally World shopper!    I knew from the begging -that me saying something to the beyond wrong parker-would result in me being a bastard. 
The local police dept. is now posting daily mug shots on there Facebook page. And than asking people not to comment or make fun of the mugshots. Haha. I can still think it! Good times!
I have to say it is a good read each morning though. 
And NO, I have not made the police reports yet....
   **Two quick thoughts here--- I want to start taking some of my better pictures from my Exploring and turn them into greeting cards. Some empty some with my wife's poems in them-----Would you buy such a thing?? And 2nd I have had this idea for awhile now--and probably should not post it on FB--I want to take peoples mug shots--famously bad ones, and those of your friends-and put them on coffee mugs. I would call them mug shot mugs.... If my mother in law ever gets arrested again---I will buy 2000 of my own product. **


With doctor visits and such we have been taking a lot of trips to Tucson in the last few weeks.  Several of my upcoming Exploring posts will be from this great town.  Please check out MY newest page and share it. 
That brings us to today's Exploring picture of the day!
Last week the kiddos and I were Exploring down town Tucson. 
And getting lots of pictures of course!
This shot is takin' just off I-10  by the Circle K  so a good distance from the mountain.
I did not notice until I posted this picture online, that it is zoomed in so close you can see people and cars around the A and at the top.
There is supposed to be trails all around this area --and each time I go past it, the hill calls to me to climb it.  But it has not happened yet. 
Also in down town Tucson---
Like many people her thought bubble is completely empty.
Many more pictures coming very soon!
Last rambling for today.
Mother's day is THIS Sunday.
Unless you were hatched--or have my wife's mother--who happens to be the reason my wife drinks, you need to buy your mom something and call her!
If you think it was bad missing your anniversary     this would be much worse.

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