Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Update And Things Resembling Jokes.

                       Last post I vented about the fun at our house the other day.   Mostly minus the fun.  Of course nothing goes smoothly around here--- and I never let things like that drop.   So while the police are off doing police things, I have been working on my own forms of revenge.  One must do something like that in phases of course.   After last nights crap news from the police, we got encouraging news.

   **Until last night I was unaware a party in a conflict could deny a civil stand by offered by the local police. This person does not feel comfortable coming back to our house--but really just doesn't want to pay my wife for all the work she did. Isn't the entire point of having a civil stand by---so both parties act civil? WTF?**
   So the officer basically told us that the big un I described in my last post--did not feel safe coming back to our house to pay us.   I did not know this was an option.   I think it is more that she did not feel comfortable actually paying us.  A long time ago, my wife and I were getting our belongings out of a house owned by my mother-n-law.  She decided she did not want us there any longer, even though we were loading our own stuff-and called the police.  Long story short, it was a small town and soon six cops were surrounding us, as  a civil stand by.   My wife and I did not have the choice to deny a stand by.   And why could the big un in our newest issue not just give the cash to one of the nice officers to deliver to us?   O wait, because they are not wanting to pay.   The cop told us to wait a week for a mailed payment.  If non, we could send a notarized letter to the dead beats.   And than eventually take it to small claims court.   Really?   We need the cash back now, for services rendered. 

    **We got an apology from the local army today because of the dumb as* and his wife that decided to not pay my wife for 120 hrs of baby sitting last month. Nice, but we want the dumb as* to apologize and of course we want the $$.  **

    But today a glimmer of hope!   At some point I sent a disgruntled, not nice letter to the army husbands boss on base.  Cliff notes--it explained the whole episode, how the army man was present for it all, how they still owed us money, and it was not a nice letter.   Today we got a response from the base.   And it was greatly in our favor.   If nothing else the army dud will get his as* chewed.  AND best of all the letter informed us that even though the police were involved, if we received no cash-to let them know, and they would take matters into there own hands.    To which I replied, "yes sir!!"

            Today work took me and my new helper back to Bisbee, Arizona.  And than eventually to Tucson.  Were with the payment, we got a refreshing Fat Tire beer or two.   This is a brand I enjoy but does not usually fit in my budget.  The empty beer bottle is usually what fits in my budget.   We had moved someones belongings from storage to her new home.  These items have been in storage since her house was foreclosed on her last Christmas.  And she was overly worried about her things.   So much so, that she told the storage owner on the phone, how much she hoped we did not steal all of her things.    I told the storage owner that I had plenty of my own things, and did not want anyone Else's things or have room for more stuff.   Anyways, after getting takin' advantage of by so many people in the last few years, it was great to help someone out   that actually was a good person and that needed the help.  AND that fully appreciated our help.   Maybe to much.  She talked about having faith in humanity again, after our filled truck showed up.   Of course we got paid for these good deeds, but she also gave us lunch and the brew.   But shouldn't we always try to do good for everyone we meet?  Ideally yes--but I have been burned so many times, I can actually feel my heart shrink with my feelings weakening each time.   We try to do good, and we try to pass along our good fortunes.   But the other day our next door neighbor passed away, and the first thing my wife and I mentioned, almost in unison, was what would happen to all of the great stuff they had in there yard?   Does this make us bad people?  I have noticed a huge change in all of us, from leaving our last un caring neighborhood.   One really does become what they associate or are surrounded by.   No matter how hard you try to fight it.  During the trip I got to Explore the great town of Bisbee.  It really is a kool town.  And I have some new pictures to share soon.    With a full blog post I am sure.  On that note, my newest blog series will start tomorrow!  All about Exploring Arizona.  I hope y'all  enjoy and will share the link like crazy.  

And I thought the buses I took were old!  Also in Bisbee.

      I have so many new Exploring blogs to add.   MOST will feature in my newest blog post.  Including more great Exploring in Benson, AZ     And the movie we were all extras in, and our daughter landed a speaking roll in!   

                                  Please keep checking for updates!

       I use Craig's List all of the time.   To sell, buy, and find work.  I have sung praises about the sight on here many a time.  But I do notice how much free time other users on the sight seem to have.   They will e mail you just to nit pick your add, or a few misspelled words.   I have gotten half a page e mails, when someone did not like what I was selling.   Lately I have checked the job offered section of the list a lot, and am amazed at how much the posters want from a day worker.   Moving experience, references, blah blah blah to help them move there stuff, and than they wish to offer ten bucks an hour.   No thanks---I help people move all the time, and post a $20 an hour rate, which is much lower than the going rate.  

I have yet to see this Geico commercial.
My daily attempt to explain things to my readers.

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