Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blog Post #410 Surgery Woes

         This page has been a part of my life for close to three years now.  And it has become like a journal for me especially lately when I can not venture very far from the bed or the couch.  As of today I have 410 posts.   And  just this week I have hit 20000+ views on just this page.  Because of being laid up after surgery, I have been posting away in each blog series.   And I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I enjoy rambling.  My next Exploring post is a huge time consumer---so perfect for me, after surgery.  And when done, it will appear in all three of my blog series.   It will be a glossary of all of our Exploring.  This will help organize my adventures and pictures for you the reader, and for me.  I do not sit well, so having such a large project helps keep me seated.  Moving around way to much the first day of recovery helps keep me seated also.  I greatly over did it the first day, and was extra sore all day yesterday as a result.   My wife being such an awesome nurse, keeps me resting also.  I know that if I attempted to much, she would tackle me and drag me back to the bed. 

      I will include some jokes at the end of this post.  Because even though it still hurts me to laugh, there is no reason you can not have a chuckle or three!  At this point I can not muster out a full out cough.  And can not imagine what a sneeze would do to me right now.   My innards are super glued back together.  At this point I would be most satisfied with being able to take a poo. 

    Before the surgery I often amazed others in the house, others that often had there noses plugged, while looking for cans of Glade air freshener, amazed them at how many times I could stink up the bathroom in one day.   Now it has been several days, and I believe I would do a great dance if I could only poo!   Apparently my colon has not read the book, "everyone poos."   As the droppings pile up, I reflect on how happy I previously was to be able to pee without great pain.   It really is the little things that matter!   During the surgery I had a capitor in, and it was a full day before I could pee again without it burning!   On the way home from surgery, we stopped at a gas station so that I could pee for the first time.  I was unaware of the pain to come.  And at one point, thought I was going to black out from the pain, in the middle of the stinky and or sticky restroom.   I did refrain from yelling cuss words at my penis though.   Something I can not always say I did. 

          Before I sound like much more of a wuss, this was my first surgery ever.  I would like to say it's my last surgery, but I am young, and my wife says these type of things come in three's.   It was light surgery but I was more than a little nervous about it all.   Happily my wonderful wife, was by my side, making fun of me just like the nurses!  I wouldn't want it any other way.  I had a double hernia fixed.  Or at least that's what they were supposed to be doing down there.  For all I know they were just putting in a butt plug and that's why I have been having restroom issues.  At some point I asked the Dr in charge of knocking me out, to describe the procedure.  I was not aware that he would go into a highly detailed description --that possibly took longer than the actual surgery.   I was ready to pack it in and go home before the surgery after this description.  And if the pain had not been so bad over the last week or so, I probably would have wussed out and not had the surgery at all. 

    I was also worried about the pain medication, because I am an extreme light weight on any type of pill.   Sadly, I had not yet had any pills when these pictures were takin' although it greatly looks like I am doped up in several of them.    

                                                Like the stylin' socks?    I got to keep them!!

                                       That's funny right there-- I don't care who you are. 

                                                  Still happy about your voter choices?  
                                         I have to say I voted for Obama the first time too. 

Been there
Seattle people do not order regular coffee but it is the town that founded
I love the holidaze, but they are so close I can taste it.
And we are not even close to prepared this year. 

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