Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Exploring With A Side Of Stranded



               Last month I posted a blog about sneaking just down the road, by myself, and viewing The Thing.   **Check it out**  Since the trip, I had wished I had also took our kiddos along for the Exploring.   One fine day, I loaded our dog and all of the kids in our truck, and we headed to find The Thing!   Much of the journey this day, was to let mommy have some free time.   


      I must say the kids were not near as impressed as I had pictured them being, in my head.   They enjoyed the huge gift shop much more.    Of course Max, got a nice bathroom break before we went inside the building.   He is a challenged dog for sure, but loves his walks and drives!   And knows both words for sure.  Luckily for us, he has not yet learned pig Latin. 

     I had timed it perfectly, and we took off for home, just soon enough that it would be dinner time when we got to our house.   When first entering the highway, I noticed our truck pull to the left, but did not think much of it.    Very soon after we had a complete tire blow out!   I had just enough treed left on the downed tire, to pull well off the road, into more safety.  

      I have blown a lot of tires in Arizona, something about the heat and such.   But on this day we were not prepared at all for such a trauma.   I have been hauling things in our truck, so the jack and spare tire were not in the back of the truck.  I also did not have a cell phone with me.   After a little bit of searching for better options, I gathered up the dog and the kids, and we started to walk the mile or so to the rest area near Dragoon.   We attempted to flag down each car that passed us, but everyone seemed to think we were waving, and either waved back, honked or both.   Kind of entertaining, but not real helpful.  Usually when I have the kids with me, people stop right away to help.   But apparently everyone on I-10 that day thought I was out for a nice stroll on the side of the highway   complete with my kids and our dog.   Even with our truck still in full view, warning flashers flashing.       Finally a very nice couple thought they should stop, and I borrowed there cell phone.   After thanking them many times, rescue was on the way!    In the form of my mother in law. 
      We walked back to our truck to wait.       During this time, a storm was rolling in, and I managed to get some good pictures of the clouds that were soon right upon us.   I wish one of these pictures showed all of the lighting.   


                                                                      Still waiting

Still waiting.
                 Right about now a state trooper stopped by to make sure we were OK>  

 Our rescuer!!  
The full on darkness shows that my plan for making it home for dinner did not happen. 
But as usually seems to be our case, we had an adventure!
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Part I
of our adventures as extras in a kids movie filmed in this area.

                                                                 As always

                               **Happy Trails!!!**

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