Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9/25/2013 Tales From The Broke Side Of The Tracks


     A big hello to everyone except my parents!   And an even bigger love filled hello, to everyone else.  We live across the rail road tracks.   No joke there-especially when a train goes by about every twenty minutes.  They get louder the later at night it gets, I do believe.   People on this side of the tracks, seem to have less money.  And at least at the moment, we fit in very well.   It is amazing how fast a little set back, like an operation, or a multitude of setbacks, can ruin things so quickly.  Sadly many of the major set backs come from family draining our money.  Even sadder, we will never be compensated or even thanked for this, but when people live for there selves, what do they care whom they hurt?  But money troubles is not funny, so on with other topics!  
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It is a great read and or waste of time, if I do say so myself!!


     So over the weeksend we ended up with a new buddy.   The kiddos came home with a lost dog.  And he was a joy.   Happily "Barkley" was reunited the next day to his dad.   We often end up with extra pets.   People soon learn we have three kids, and seem to dump there pets down the street.  My wife is amazing at finding great homes for them all, but a few times I would be afraid to come home from work, not knowing how many animals would be there.  Or I had wanted to get a 2nd job to help fund our little zoo.   Anyways, this one was very well mannard and we can only hope some of that rubbed off on our "challenged" doggy.  

     I have talked before about how everything around here wants to bite and or eat you.  From fly's to all the gun toting citizens.   When we lived closer to the evil city of Phoenix, we always heard reports about scorpions falling into beds at night.   It seems they can climb walls and in the middle of the night, they will climb on your ceilings.  At some point they apparently remember that they can not actually hang upside down, and fall.   More times than not, they seem to fall into beds, and sting the poor sleeper.   What a way to wake up!  Here --closer to Tucson, the news seems to be about snakes.   I do not like snakes, or even sticks that look like snakes.  The last few articles have been about how hikers and such get bite by rattlesnakes and some how do not even know it.   I do not know how this is possible.  And try to never get close enough to a snake or angry looking snake to find out.    Than this article appeared in the local news last week...

Apparently this snake curled up in a Kleenex box in some poor folks house!

**"I would pull out all of my surgery stitches, scream like a girl and than poo myself. I do not like snakes much!"**----Just sayin'

With tax season just around the corner
Here is a friendly reminder on how to fill out the forms this year.
                                       Not sure what this means----but don't do it, Mister!

                                                                      Good times!!

                     Have I mentioned I worked for Wally World for 8 long years?? 

                                    This one isn't any part of being PC, but  it's funny!!

Next rambling blog post  we talk more about gun control.  
Next Exploring post all about Homecoming night at Benson High School!

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