Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy National Coffeeeeeeeeee Day!!

             Larger patient after viewing his X-rays:    **"I'm not big boned, I really am just fat!"**

           **After a war reenactment do the solders high five each other -and say "good war!" or is that just the solders that have good team spirit? 

                               **"I love the sound you make when you shut up."**

                             **"I wish the dollar store would start selling gas."**

     **"They say 1 in 4 men is homosexual. So there must be one in my group of friends....I hope its peter, he's super cute."**

    I am working on starting each blog with quotes again.  I will continue working on having the quotes have something to do with the particular blog post.  In looking back at my quotes, I have found that few of them are inspirational or maybe even helpful.  But they are usually amusing! 

    Today is National Coffee Day.   So even though, unless you work the night shift, you have probably had your fill of coffee for the day, cheers!!   I enjoy a great cup of Joe every day, so I celebrate in a sense every day.  If nothing else all of the caffeine daily helps my wife and I almost keep up with our kiddos.  The key word there is caffeine.   OK the key word is actually almost.  I just thought I would mention the holiday, I take this one seriously, so did not put holiday in quotes, in case a die hard celebrator dumbed coffee on you to rejoice.  Now you know why.  I had planed to share this wonderful day earlier in the week, but the cliff notes is, I am a slacker.  Pilot travel station-truck stops gave away free coffee, as I am sure some other places did.  I had two short carers with Pilot.  And I have to say I did not enjoy either one of them.  Although I do recall them having OK coffee.   I could not get the free coffee today, because the closest station is 40 miles from us, and driving there would ruin the free coffee concept.  For whatever reason, free things always taste ten times better though. 
If only it was that easy!!
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     In walking our dog---I have found great joy in exciting all of the local fenced in dogs in our neighborhood.  I am not sure why this is the case though. 


     I had my check back with my doctor a few days back after my fun surgery.   Apparently I had some complications, and could be on restrictions for up to another month.   Sad news in a way.  But the pain is still far less sever than if I had never had the surgery done for sure.  Looking at what remains visible of my tiny incisions, I find it amazing.   Amazing how the body heals so quickly.  And how they can even do such a surgery, leaving three lil cuts.  What helps get me through this bad news?   The great fact that after months of torture, rudeness, and, great disrespect my mother in law is moving off our property for good on the 3rd of October.  I have shared some, but it still amazes me how someone can be so rude, and drain our family even dryer on money, while being a family member.  I can say it will be a glorious, stress relieving day.   Several years ago my buddy meet my mother in law, and after a full day of trying to help me, help her, we both got bitched at and yelled at, none  of the yelling was in the form of a thanks.   My buddy soon gave her a code name, and this was "The Devil."  I was deeply in love with the devil's daughter and usually refrained from calling her that.   In fact for the most part I played buddy buddy very well.   Than two years back, I got married ---and had thought everything was good between us all.  Thought is the key word, and the mother in law soon stopped playing nice and showed her true colors again.   So much so this time, that I have to say my buddy hit the nail right on the head when picking her code name!   To make it even more fun, the devil's mom, fully backs up everything her spawn says and does.  I can give her some kudos--it is her baby and all.  But wrong is still wrong.  If my wife went to my mom with even injustices that were half as bad as the devil does daily, things that I had done to the kids or my wife, my mom would not take my side at all.  She would tell my wife to slap some sense into me, yell at me over the phone, and than pray long and hard that I would recover from the brain damage I must have suffered to be such an A hole.   And I am the baby of the family.   Not that I have everything figured out, but some people were never forced to grow up.  Finding it easier to throw money at any problem.  In a way making me wish we were part of that side of the family,  we could use the money!  All jokes aside --I have shared before how much I enjoy this blog page, because I can vent much more fully than on Facebook.  You have to physically click on this link to be offended, so if any of my rambling offends me, please forget to click on my page again, unless you want to send me comments.  OR you are the offender, and I am happy that you don't like reading any of this.  Any rate---this whole section is brought to you by the words of the week, "cyber bully"   Simply because the mother in law called me a cyber bully.  ;)

At least once a week I like to earn my favorite name badge

    Next Exploring blog will be all about the local homecoming night.   Full of pictures and my deep thoughts of course!   My next rambling blog will be more about my gun regulation thoughts.   As always I love your comments----may the be good, bad, or something the devil might say.   And now some jokes that would even make the devil laugh.  If it had a sense of humor.  

                          At least he learned at an early age to be proud of his work.

Higher education at it's finest.
All it make me want to do, is visit Taco Bell.

I believe this may well be my cart on the 3rd!
If you are unsure why---read above in this very blog.
And our yard sign for the 3rd......

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