Saturday, September 14, 2013

Done Playing Nice ---Time To Really Vent

               I know I should just be turning the other check on all of this and moving on, but the disrespect is getting ridiculous.  I do not feel like a family member to many of these people any more-but more like a punching bag.  Much ---but not all of the extended family I married into, has never made me feel welcome in the family, or even congratulated me into the family.  And we have been married just short of two years now.  The mother in law now lives in our front yard, and daily shows us all little to no respect, so much so that her friend, whom lives in another state is now majorly bad mouthing me.  The friend lives in Washington, and knew nothing about me even when we lived in the state.  I have been trying to ignore it all and live more God like in the last few months.  But feel everything has gotten beyond the just dealing with it stage.  Plus two things happened---I am reading a book about how vengeful God can be, when pushed into it.  And I recalled I have this great blog----perfect for venting with.   Please leave me comments on my thoughts----my in-laws don't feel the need to answer any of my questions -at least to my face. 
      My sister in law, still uses my wife's maiden name when she writes us, and we have been married almost two years.   The mother in law just told me again how my wife earns all of the cash in our house hold and I do nothing.  And a friend of the family just sent this great e mail also about how useless I am.  Last year no in the extended family could even recall my birthday, and I have been part of the family, for eight years now.   I just had surgery, and the extended family is so worried about the drunkin mother in law, that none have even asked how I am doing in recovery.  It is just certain key members of the family---ones that know who they are and will soon be very surprised when they suddenly have no contact from my wife or with our kids.  They have been warned, and are to busy blaming me for trying to take my wife and kids away from them.   Seclude them if you must call it that.  But there own selfish and accusing actions are pulling April away from them.  And than when I do finally vent--I get called a cyber bully.  I reflect what I get from others---when I post negatively in my blogs, it is after I or my family has been wronged.  And I never use names--so I could be talking about anyone.   Don't like my thoughts---stop pushing me in a negative way! 
     For what it's worth---here are my thoughts that made it to Facebook.   Another marvelous sight were you can vent---and have everyone actually see your thoughts.   So that they can go behind your back and call you crazy.   Please tell me your thoughts on all of this.  Although this blog post is mostly just allowing me to vent!   A not so mini "mini rant" of sorts.  People that live on Facebook should not be so easily offended, that words from a nothing like me cause them so much grief. 

    **"Did y'all know I'm a cyber bully? me either till today. more on this soon

As I told the fine officer, that my mother in law called on me today, I reflect what I receive from others. As far as what makes in my FB status and blogs---when I or my family is wronged, I write about it. I don't used names. I used my freedom of speech --while I still have that option. If this leaves you butt hurt--buy some more lube, or try being a nicer person. Thanks for playing!

    I married into a family that's elders thrive on drama. They also do not understand that April Adams and I are a group package. Not accepting the marriage and talking constant crap about me and the kids and our getting married to there friends, behind my back, and to my face. And than when we demand respect, the family just ignores our wishes. These parts of the family should view my song post earlier in the day, AND should leave us all alone for a long while. Should I name names of the wrong doers so we can be certain ? Hint Two people share the same first name....
   The two "Adults" with the same name, can now run to mommy.   Please not mommy is 80 years out and plays mom to most of the family.   The song mentioned is Cee Lo Green's "F You" I will not include it in this post, but it seemed overly fitting at the time.  ;)

     The end of the month, and getting our yard back can not come soon enough! Troublesome, back stabbing, drunk renters are even more so when they are "family" ---we are renting our travel trailer out to my mother in law at the time.   We have repeatably asked her to be respectful to us or leave, but neither will happen until the glorious end of the month!
At least all the bickering brings my wife and I ever closer together.   But having the kids hear this constant crap about there parents is great. 
  And now my long winded speech from last night.   Still with no answers---but a great stress reliever at the least.  .....
      For what it's worth-after receiving one to many neg/nasty e mails and bad vibes from the in laws and there friends. Tell me what you think -the relatives listed don't have the respect to give any answers:
You should read the great message Tammy H sent April about me. Since she is still friends with y'all she obviously must be right. Its sad that I receive more respect from people I just meet over my supposed family. Talking endless crap about me behind my back, to my face, and to your friends, is what preschoolers do. I am glad you all find the need still. Tammy repeatably tells me how useless I am, while living in our yard. She couldn't even put down her beer long enough to drive me to the hospital in return for me driving her to her surgery. At least she got her ride. Than April had to drive me home, because that is really safe! April and the kids traveled miles to come to Crystals wedding, so that they could get treated like shit, that was a really beneficial trip for them all. Motels and all put us in more debit, so that they could get crapped on. Crystal just a few months ago, couldn't even address a letter to April with her married name. We have been married two years now! My parents and April have had some issues in the past, but at least they welcomed her into the family now, and do not treat her like shit daily. I am not taking the kids or April away from anyone, your actions as people are turning her away from you. When we actually come to Tammy with our respect issues, everyone ignores our wishes, and she is allowed to continue mocking and belittling me, because that's the way she is. I AM DONE turning the other check, and am going to reflect what I receive from people. It certainly is not the entire April's family for sure---- Her grandpa and grandma Sherbourne, and dad are awesome. And I have never had a problem with Jamie or Kat. To name a few. The rest of you need to grow up and take us as a unit. We are married and a package deal. I was never welcomed into the family, because no one has that respect for me. No one could recall when my birthday was last year, and I have been in the picture for 8 years now. No one has even asked how I am after my surgery yesterday. I have helped taken care of the kids of and on for 8 years now, and was even sending cash when I was stuck in Wyoming. Nanna is to busy looking out for her self to even help out with things when she is living in the same house. April and I paid for our trip down here not Tammy or Tammy. I don't deserve this constant bad mouthing or shit. No one really does. Maybe you all should listen while you sitting in church instead of looking way down on everyone else. Wait does this make me a cyber bully? No your actions towards me, make me write nasty things. Review your own actions before you condemn others. And when you suddenly have no contact with April or the kids, learn how to reflect on your own actions being the reasons. The only contact we get from most of you is when you need something from us. And we don't have any help to give this type of people anymore. Have a great day with your friends like Tammy who are obviously more important to keep happy than your own family

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