Friday, September 6, 2013

Rambling & Some Helpfull Hints, Yo Yo!

                                  **"Coffee --The breakfast of champions!"**

A very rare picture of me in the morning. 

                  **"You can tell it is almost Halloween, by all the Christmas stuff Wally World is    putting up."** --------Every year the Christmas decorations go up earlier.  I love both of these holidaze, but it is also very depressing.   At Wally World the village buildings are the first Christmas crap you see.   Each year a new Wally World building comes out for your village.   It is always a huge, gaudy building  just like in real life.    While working with the company breaking the WM building was always our first goal--- Shhhh  don't tell anyone!   ;)    
  **"I am not sure if the guy behind me in line at Wally World earlier was diggin' for change or beatin' off."**
     **Exploring reasons why this evil store will never die. Main reason---- they thrive on selling cheap disposable crap to a disposable nation!**----MH
True story.
Chapter 12 of my very boring story is next week.
I go in for my first surgery. 
I would like to say I will have a post filled with pictures, but I do not think the
dr's will be game for that. 
Or that drinks to much coffee!
Some companies get the best names!
Much better than all of those port a potty's named "Honey Bucket"   Ewwww!
Long ago, I had a lawn service in Oregon named "The Lawn Ranger."
      OK   I am going to turn "Dear Abbyish" for a minute and share a few pointers my family has benefited from in the last few weeks.     
     *If you take a small glass container and place a vanilla candle in the center, and than fill the container with coffee beans.   When lit it smells like fresh French vanilla coffee!    Have I mentioned I enjoy coffee?    The main draw back, may be that one craves coffee even more.
       *If you take a banana peel and rub it on bug bites---and the itch will soon go away.    Within an hour, the welt will even shrink, a good deal.    I was skeptical on this one, but it works!    Banana's also work to clean scratched cd's.  
         *We have a huge bug problem at our house.   And fly's and bees want to get into all of our drinks.   Circle K is right across the street from us, with very cheap large beverages.   If you get one with a lid and straw, you take one of those squishy ear plugs over the top of the straw--and no bugs can get into your drink.    I am still working on a solution for beer and pop cans.   After drinking several bugs.  
                   *Cleaning with an Orange Glo type product  also keeps many bugs away from your areas.  Although I don't think this works on bees at all, they like the smell.
         *If you have a fly problem   take a sandwich bag, fill it half full of water, and place two pennies in the bag.  Than hang it over your door  outside your house.     I do not know why this works, I can not find any reasons on the Internet of why it works.  But it really really does.  

      My next Exploring blog post is going to be part I all about our recent experiences as extras in a kids movie filmed all locally.   Our daughter landed a speaking role on our 2nd day of filming.  Which was beyond kool!    

Still awhile till the DVD makes it out, every were -but keep your eyes open for it. 
I keep threatening , but my third blog series -- will start today!  
All about Exploring Arizona.
Full of our Exploring and my pictures.
I of course will post the links every were and hope that if you enjoy what you see
you will pass on the link!

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