Monday, January 30, 2017

Good Day For Some Coffee!

    Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy coffee?  O-- every blog post on this here page --you say?  OK  I might type and talk about it a little to much.  ;)  At the moment I am downing some coffee trying to get motivated enough to actually get some things done.  It is Monday--for the most part I like Monday's -maybe because I am usually off work.  The only time I really do not enjoy having Sunday and Monday off of work---is when Monday houses a holiday.  And that happens a good deal.  And when I am working on Monday's because- they give out tons of early bird specials at work, and figuring out the discounts hurts my head.  I have now typed Monday to many times I do believe.  Especially for those of you, like Garfield the cat  whom hate the day.   He believes that Monday the 13th could easily be the worse day in the world to ever leave bed, and even staying in bed on that day is highly questionable for your own safety.  Anyways we do not have a branch of our bank in this little village of a town, so I must venture down the road to a "real" city.  I spend so much time in Tucson for work, that I am not going there.  If I get motivated soon, I am sneaking a little Exploring hike into the works today also.  

So many trails   So little time!

That's funny right there--I don't care whom you are!

       Come on kick in coffee!!  If so, of course those pictures will be up very soon.   Speaking of new pictures----please check out my favorite -personal Exploring blog sight.  All around amazing Arizona     Beautiful Arizona! All local pictures and Exploring. New page looking for more readers and support. MANY new posts, pictures, and ideas in the works! Please come Explore with us.

Next Exploring blog post takes us to Red Rock and beyond. 
Picture filled of course!

                 **"Beer helps me tolerate your stupid face!"** ---After a few gallons of coffee each morning, about afternoon I like to switch to some Cherry Pepsi-and than on a really good day--like perhaps today, being off work and all   this caffeine keeps me awake enough to enjoy a few brews.  

  **" If poor people had more money they would just blow it on buying things"**--- The Onion.
        With tax season right around the corner---I had to share this one again.  Of course our taxes are going to be stalled once again this year.  On at least two aspects it seems.  Not the best news when we are attempting to get at least one more vehicle around here .  So it does not seem like I am leaving my beautiful wife and kiddos stranded here -while I am always at work and such.  I am   but with another rig going at least they can do there thing also.   Taxes stalled from this end---someone high up in the chain ---the chain that seems to get dumber the higher up one goes, and the further from actual customer interactions one becomes.  They suddenly do not think we are claiming the right amount to the IRS, as servers---they probably are not claiming even close to enough as rich people.  At any rate, we get to wait for a 2nd W-2 form before filing.  With any luck at all --this does not cause the IRS workers to audit us.  A big reason we are going to a professional tax preparer this year, if I get audited, we are covered.  AND on top of it all---the IRS just announced that people filling early this year git to wait an additional 3+ week wait for returns on anyone that files early.  WTF?   We always file early to avoid this wait.  I did not bother to read the actual report, so have no idea what the extra wait time is for.  Maybe they need all of there tax workers to look into Trumps back taxes or something equally as important for sure.  

I believe I took this picture in Benson....   lol  No but they do like there meth.  

Sunday, January 29, 2017

1/29/2017 Sheep Are Safe But NOT Sheeple

         Hello readers this afternoon-and I know by looking at my views on this here blog sight  that there are many of you out there.  I am never sure why--but thankful just the same.  ;)  Because although I take great comfort and joy out of reading my old posts -it's much like a journal for me, where I try to keep the bad stuff out  and entertain myself first -I am my best reader- and than in hopes entertain the pants off of many of you.  I did a really rare thing for me today--and slept in.  Not really on purpose, but it was nice.   Although I don't really enjoy not down time much.   So as I type this in the afternoon I am also still enjoying a nice pot of coffee or three!  The later I leave work in the last few weeks, the more I have to decide what kind of beverage will keep me awake on the long commute home.  It has been chilly at nights, so I have been drinking coffee more nights than not.--- those nights I drink a distant 2nd place drink---Rum and Coke---joking, Cherry Pepsi.  The later I leave work the key is to buy a large enough caffeine filled beverage to keep me awake all the way home but not keep me awake the rest of the night once I finally do return home.  Something I got rather good at while working the dreaded grave yard shifts in my past.  Although than I was far more likely to fall asleep on the long drive home.  Than I also really did want to just sleep after I got home.  The sun usually made this very hard for me, but once one becomes tired enough it's not so much of a factor.  
      The other day on the way to work, I started getting phone calls from my boss.   The message was asking if I was coming to work on that day.   I had read my schedule wrong  --in fact I had takin' a picture of the posted schedule   and still read it wrong somehow.   After assuring my boss that I was on the way, I had until than thought I was running early, and stating I was about 20 minutes from work, I attempted to look at the tiny picture of my schedule on my phone.  To tiny to to achieve this--I than tried to kick myself for being late, a hard task as you are driving---and tried to just get to work.    Because of traffic   another hard task it turned out.  I was hitting EVERY street light on red.  Including the one in front of the casino where I work, A light that I basically never-ever hit red.  By than I was throwing things and maybe uttering some adult words.  I got to work, just 40 minutes late---but many daze they are just happy I even show up.  We have had a lot of vehicles go dead on the side of the road through the years. Next post I really will talk about my last road trip--a road trip that had very little actual road in it.  Unless I have succeeded in fully blocking the day out of my memory.  ;)  Of course I got some good pictures in along the way.   

                                        Unless perhaps you hike with me!  
                                                                                                                                    Another fine blog page of mine--at least in my book, a very boring book indeed-is my Exploring Arizona page-----full of my pictures and our Exploring across this amazing state.  I have been trying to update much more on this page, but there are still a ton of posts to roam through while you wait for me to stop slacking.     Please check it out and share the links if you enjoy!

Forget the plane -Road trip!!

   **" If poor people had more money they would just blow it on buying things"**--- The Onion.

                             **"What came first?    The taco......or the Tuesday?"**

  **"I found out that saying "there, there little girl" to a pissed off grown man, only makes things worse."**

                                                                                                                                                                                   **"I'm pretty sure if they took all porn off the Internet, there would be one web sight left---and it would be called "Bring back the porn sights!"** -----Scrubs

                                     **"Woman are made to love not to understand."**
... But sheep are safe!

                      So earlier in the week I put a post up on Facebook asking for someone to please epxlain the recent woman's march to me.  I have done some actual research and such  but keep coming out more confuggled.  I get that lots of people may not like Trump as president, Trump as anything---although I think a main reason I do like him is that he also does not really think before he speaks---or does he...    Maybe there is a lot of thought put into what he says, and he really does know what he is talking about, sometimes.  But I can't for the life of me connect this hate for him to fighting for woman's rights.   More on all of this very soon.   I got some good responses-just no actual answers to my pondering.  Maybe someone here was at one of the marches or knows someone that was--and they could enlighten me a little more.....    I was mostly happy that I got the word "sheeple" into my thoughts.   actually sheep  le-because my phones spell check did not like the "word."

Friday, January 27, 2017

1-26-2017 Don't Say Happy Friday To Cust. Service Workers

          Hello everyone this fine morning!   Yes I did type morning.   I very rarely makes new posts lately and when I do it is even more rare to be in the morning.  And to type fine morning in the same sentence---not sure ever been in one of my blogs before---* I would like mornings much better if they started around noon!  I do have coffee and am starting to thaw out, just a lil bit.  Although I am far from being able to claim to be awake.  Several large events are in the Tucson area, and yesterday was another beyond busy day at work, with a short handed staff.  I think today will be about the same, at least hope so tip wise.  

    **" Yesterday was super busy at work again. Hopefully today follows suit--- Big tips * Big tips * NO wammies!"**

      Today is Friday--the day on the calender, not an actual Friday for me.  I would not know what to do with an actual work week.  I do not want one for the most part.  Weekends usually bring in bigger tips, and I don't like crowds while on hikes and Exploring and such, so enjoy being able to take most of my day trips while most of y'all are slaving away at work.  And you might think we would have more of a crew on, but at the moment we have four servers total on my crew.  Great for tips   not so great if you fall behind making desserts or some other thrill with you many tables.  Before I complain any more---I truly do love this job, it could easily be the best job, work wise-tip wise-boss wise-and benefit wise I have ever had.  And I have had a lot of jobs in the past.  I think I have posted them all on here before, and will refrain from doing so again today-because it would fill up the rest of my writing space.   One of the events right now is the gem show--- I was going to put this in quotes--as a fake event, but the town fills up for this show  and it is two weeks long.  Plus I have never been before, so I guess I can not fully judge.   Maybe I will use one of my upcoming daze off work to sneak to the show and stare at rocks and purdy gems.   Probably not.  ;)  I am glad that I took my mini road trip last week though--because motel rates at least triple across the board during this event---if you can even find a motel room.  More, as promised about my last road trip--with very little road--soon  but not this fine morning.  I don't feel like typing about all that today.  

   I have also been trying to update and promote my Exploring Arizona page.   I got two brand new posts up earlier in the week.  And have loads more coming!   Full of my personal pictures and our local Exploring.    Please check out the page: 

        Gonna start having a weekly roll call, to make sure we're good for when we dominate the galaxy. Comment if you're alive and ready to start planning the end of the world ----   So recently I have found it rather amusing to add people with the same name as me on my Facebook page.  I now have like 50 some and they are a good chunk of my friends list.  Plus I find it funny when a Steven Adams or 12 likes a status I post.  Anyways the above status was published by another fine gentleman with the same name--followed by MANY replies  mostly from others with the same name.  Confused yet?  Just think how confusing it will git when we take over.....  ;)

Maybe we need a flag to plant near were we each reside!?

   **"My coffees powers better activate soon. Sneaking into work early. Just another day in paradise!"**---I posted this yesterday---well before my coffee was helping me function.  Usually by the time I get to work, I have a long commute for those of you that did not get the memo, I have so much caffeine in me that I scare the new workers.  The others just go with the thoughts that I suffer from turetes syndrome.  Wait!  We never have new workers....  And in many cases I look around and find I am the only one laughing at my jokes.  Kind of like on this very page!   But that is OK--because at least I am amused.   And possibly many of the other Steven Adams--because we have many of the same mind waves.   Right now I am mainly trying to use my cups of coffee to keep me warm.   My fingers are exposed and not enjoying all of this here typing.  Going into work early once again also amuses me, because I work full time hours, for sure-but on paper am still a part timer.   I once again really think this is about to change, but not going to jink myself this time, by saying any more than that about all that.   All that work time does not really help my paycheck, because I make server wages.  But the tips are nothing to laugh at.  Although I often wonder were all the $ goes.  
I love Lego's in fact we have been to Lego Land in CA--
But I do not think I have seen this set in stores yet. 
Maybe they should build this wall around Lego Land.
I STILL think an electric fence on the boarder would be way more effective and fun.
But what do I know

  **"I do dangerous stunts and tricks in front of homeless people because I know they can not try them at home..."**

                           **"Don't have phone sex, you might get hearing aids!"**

And now your moment of Zen....

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cats Every Where

     Hello all this chilly morning!  The desert was on a freeze watch last night, at least near Tucson.   The surrounding mountain like structures have been getting a good deal of snow this year, although the roads up seem to be closed every time I have a day off work.  I type mountain like structures because I grew up in the heart of Wyoming --with the Rockies Mountains in my back yard.  Here does not compare in size, feel, or snow amounts, heck mountain is even in the name of the mountains back home.  But we also trade 9 months of snow, cold, and ecck for -not that.  Almost to much not that--when it hits 110 in the shade a few months from now.   Flagstaff Arizona has been getting pounded with snow this year also.  I would love to go up that way and get some pictures and great hikes in, but it is a longer trip than I really want right now, heck -last week I couldn't even make it out of Tucson without issues---more on that fun minus the fun in my next blog post.  And another thing stopping me from making the trip to Flagstaff right now, is that I know I can drive in snow, but many people -especially desert people-can not.  Even if they are snowbirds here fleeing a snowy state, when they get to the desert they forget how to drive in any type of weather conditions. And Flagstaff is full of Sedona residents --checking out the snow.  Enough said if you have ever been to the area, or lived in either area.  Although it is fair turn about when residents of Flagstaff get to cold and venture just down the hill to Sedona to warm up.

` So for whatever reason we have four cats roaming around our house.   Every time you open the front door it is a revolving door of animals wanting in or out.  I do not like cats.  They started out as kittens, which is probably how they got snuck in the house.  Kittens are not cats yet, so not stupid.....   Like many things I do not think I can explain my logic here to cat lovers or anyone that might be reading this --so I will stop that sentence.  Anyways at the moment I have an "office" on our kitchen table and as soon as I open my laptop up--the  cats all swarm----ooooh something new, the blinky mouse icon is fun to chase, bright lights---shiny, -whatever cats think interests them.  Although most of these same things--attract me.   I must stray a great deal here from talking about annoying cats here--- and tell a story from years ago.   My wife and I were travailing home, across Arizona in the middle of the night.   We blew a car tire---vehicle tire, I have no idea what we were driving than.   We had no flashlight of course.  So as we were attempting the change the tire my wife kept hitting the button on our cell phones, that let the light shine up---this bright, strangely glowing lights attracted all of the insects in the area to me---crawling under the vehicle.  I do not know if you have been to the desert or have lived here---but everything is sharp, and wants to eat you.   So being swarmed by hundreds of bugs is never an ideal situation, but especially annoying and maybe dangerous in the desert.  Although our cats wont harm us --much  and I don't think they wish to eat us, maybe if they were to go to many daze with out cat food down---they are still annoying.  Every time I get up from my chair---at least one cat takes the chair and the warm spot.   They keep walking across my keyboard ----and most of the time I don't need help making my posts harder to read or understand.   The list could go on forever, but I am typing with one hand, while the other is tossing cats away from my work station.  And I am already bored with this conversation.   I will sit back, keep typing, keep guzzling coffee and wait for angry cat ladies to write me.   Them or my boss---who is beyond a lover of cats.  A few lonely years from now he might very well be the male version of the famed cat lady that lives down your street.   I will keep you posted on his fame and any negative comments I may get this week.  Right after I stop laughing from reading them.   ;)
                                                                                So we live in an amazing little town-in the middle of no where with some land---great! We have that one neighbor right across the street--that makes this place less enjoyable --His whole family is annoying, but luckily we can be more annoying-Always. The main issues is the step dad--whom happens to be African American. On our computers and such --we can always see when there Wi-Fi is on, but not use it-----so we know they can see ours----How wrong is it/or not wrong that last night I changed my view able Wi-Fi name to Chicken & Waffles??   

        **"When you mentioned friends with benefits, I thought you owned a coffee shop."**

                          **"Fortune favors the bold!"**--Professor Getty. 

                   **"I can't believe it's 2017 and it still takes 9 months to download a baby."**

    **" If you can't recall my name, just yell coffee and I will turn around!"**

  **"I will post this stuff to entertain you.  If it offends you, well..   Than it entertains me!"**

    **"Coffee. Mother nature's all natural laxative 😉it helps you go poo!"**

                   **"Did I say that out loud!?"**

          I try to keep deep quotes and thoughts in each and every one of my blog posts.  Check out past ones for much more. Among 22 projects that I have been starting and not finishing and work and family life and such I have been trying to post more on all my blog sights--finally.  Hope you enjoy!   I am even posting again -slowly on my Exploring Arizona blog page.   Full of our Exploring and my personal pictures along the way.  Please check it out----

       And lastly for today---your welcome!  :   
So with my recent tire troubles I'd like to thank the couple that drove me all the way to Motel Six that night and wouldn't take any gas $. And Waldo for getting me back to the vehicle that next day I paid your kindness forward helping push a truck that ran out of gas just before the station to the pumps---More on all this, as I said in my next blog post.   

Monday, January 23, 2017

1/23/2017 Still Lazy Still Stranded

            Hello this morning Y'all!!   I find myself still stranded today because of the tire blow.  I have kind of set up office here in this big ol lonely bed.  Waiting for the tire shop to open--actually it is open, but enjoying the late check out time just a lil bit.  Plus the tire place is like 20 miles from were I seem to be, and my few friends with vehicles do not wake up the earliest most daze.  I am checking the news, depressing--my bank account-also depressing.  And hoping the tire place in the middle of no where has my tire, or at least something that will get me to Wally World---to wait even more.  We really need two back tires, but that is not happening today   because beyond everything else cash wise, I just had four daze off work--am near the end of those days in fact.  And a car payment comes at the end of the month.   And they and my wife seem to think we should make the car payments on time.  I am also depressed by the small size of coffee cups at this motel.  I had to carry several at a time to get any caffeine in me.  I was figuring on staying at a Motel Six, so brought a big coffee cup of ours to fill-and save the juggling of little cups down the hall ways, because coffee is important, but it is also hot!  In case you did not get that memo.   But the cup is still in our vehicle.  I need lots of cups to warrant the kind of expensive night stay--especially for a Motel Six.   At least I did this fun this week, before the big local gem fest hits, and all the room rates triple, if you can even find a room.  I would have been sleeping with the car, and not needing a ride back to it.  I find myself----and us in Motel Six quite a bit.  For the most part they are reasonable, not really this room--they are the same where ever you may travel  and many of them have free Wi-Fi.   I had figured on staying at this particular motel chain no matter where my travels took me.  I just had also figured on more road in my road trip, and to be further from home when I stayed.  But heck what's an adventure without hardships?   I wouldn't know it any other way.    I also have pictures reflected back from many a mirror in these motels   Almost as many shots as I have of vehicles  by the side of the road, with there hoods up.   And here's one more.....

                                                     In my white and nerdy hoodie.
                                           I am surprised that couple gave me a ride last night ;)

                Through it all  we have been getting some great Exploring in --with  lots of new pictures to share.   Please check out my Exploring Arizona blog page---with updates finally after all my down time last night.      And share the page if you enjoy what you see.
   If you wish to save your clicking finger---to look at more posts on this very entertaining page right here----here are a few of my most recent pictures for your viewing enjoyment.  

Shadow on the look out at home.
I was hopping to bring her on this outage
but she is still very young, and with the issues I am now extra glad she stayed at home.  
Hopefully soon, my next hike partner. 
Not to many people are crazy enough to go on a 2nd hike with me.  
Plus we just got her a snake toy--to devour and realize that snakes are bad--at least in my book.  

With storms through the whole area--some including snow
the clouds over the last week have been amazing.  

So many trails   So little time.

I really thought there would be more here to Explore   
but I still got some great pictures yesterday.
More on this in a soon Exploring blog post. 

Arizona really is beautiful!
I was hoping to stay in this area through sunset-but really needed to get my tire fixed.
More pictures and Exploring from across Arizona coming your way

          **"Ever blown on your ice cream before you ate it, to make sure it's not hot?"**

    **"Have you ever waved good bye while hanging up your phone?"**

  **"Friends are God's way of apologizing for your relatives."**---To bad for the most part no one else can see my friends-because they are invisible and or do not exist.  

   **you know you live in a small town when you put the wrong address on your mail. And still receive your mail.**

   I enjoy a good argument or conversation---but if you can't back up any of your comments--and surrender to name calling and being rude to be rude--you are wasting my time. Anyone can be mean --not everyone can have opions --all are equally valued--no matter how far from your interpretation on matters I may be. Also I reflect what I get from people in a conversation--- "stupid is as stupid does" Just sayin'---Unless it is with my beautiful wife, because I never win those.  Never. 

    **"I am all for alternative power, in fact I am a big fan!"**

Colossal Cave's Park

   **Yet another blog post first published on my newest Exploring amazing Arizona blog page    Please check all the posts out at

    In light of a lot of things--I have been taking to much of a pause from this very page.  A page that I love.  A page that the pictures and blog posts provide a lot of stress relievers for myself.  I am trying to catch up on my post and updates and promoting of this page now.  And there a lot of each -to post, I am excited to say!   Thank you for staying with this Exploring blog page---and sharing it with your friends!   I will update much more this year, and take our Exploring across this amazing and beautiful state.  Although I strive to keep the posts as new and fresh as possible, many of the updates I have in the works are from months ago---thus last year, sadly enough.  Today's post and my next one are very recent though.  ;)  Again  a HUGE thank you to all of my present and future readers!!   As you wait for me to stop slacking on this very page, please check out old posts--there are quite a few great ones if I do say so myself.  With my own personal pictures and our Exploring.  My longest running blog page seems to get updated most often    so check it out also if you wish-----you know you want to.
                                                                                         Yesterday just happened to be our youngest 13th birthday!  His party with class mates is next weeksend, but we still needed to celebrate.  And at first I thought I could empty the house of kiddos for a few hours for mommy, while we Explored.  This did not happen, but after cake and ice cream, of course, we got in some good Exploring just up the highway at Colossal Cave's Park.  When we left St David, early in the afternoon, we had second thoughts as the rain began to dump down.  We hit several good storm systems on the way up I-10, but once we neared Tucson we hit full on sunshine.   It was an illusion of sorts--since the wind was strong and chilly.   Especially to a kiddo that always enjoys wearing shorts.  Up on the hill by the caves entrance offered amazing views for sure, but also allowed for some intense wind.   We had to exit the vehicle one at a time, to not get blown away.
In the parking lot. 
 It was very nice to have free admission on this day--especially since it was a Saturday.
In the main parking lot -by the visitors center and over looking the area.
This area offers many trails, for when it is less windy.
And connects to the amazing Arizona Trail.
Looking way down at a little  pond.
I always try to picture water we find in Arizona while Exploring. 
Shot I had to get on the way to the park.
The park is a ways out in the middle of no where.  Like I like our Exploring.  Although we passed a large Wal-Greens on the way, and a construction sight for a new Chase Bank.  We also passed several sheriff's, waiting for speeders on the way.  Watch the speed limit signs for sure, even when you feel you are in the middle of no where.  

Above the church--the clouds were still moving out.
Just down from the port a potty's in the parking lot.   As I said many trails are in the area. 
Please also note--there are several areas near by with real bathrooms.  The nearby visitors center also offers beverages if you forgot to bring any, and some warmth from the blustery wind. 
Not sure whom this shirtless man is, but he has an amazing view.   
Found just in front of the visitors center.  
I don't know if we hit off season, or it was just to windy on this day, but not much at all was going on in this whole area of the park.     The outer shops were closed and many of the side trails here seemed to be also. 
I was also quickly annoyed at the multitude of signs in the area  mostly telling me I could not do things.  

We drove through the wind, back to our vehicle looking for the ranch.
Down in this area was a picnic area, running water, BBQ pits, and supposedly a playground  but we never found a play ground.  Best yet   the grey clouds had moved on, and we were mostly sheltered from the high winds.  
Another parking lot is offered here. 
With trails nearby.
A road leads of to the nearby ranch, but we were not sure how deep the standing water was in the road. 

Overly brown water but from a distance was still kind of pretty.
Workers living area.   Looked deserted to me.  But what do I know.

After a few trails or cow trails we were nearing the ranch.

So many trails   So little time.

I am always a sucker for an elegant wind mill

The older the better.

Around a corner on the dusty trail we got this view of a dusting of snow.
Originally we wanted to venture back up Mt Lemmon and get some snow pictures and fun in, but they got to much snow, for Arizona and the roads are still closed.   
Into the ranch.    
Actually very kool.  
Although like many times I might have been more impressed than the birthday boy.
You can get trail rides and such -for a price.
Many other tourist traps were also in this area, although most were closed on this day.

I even caught them all when they were not peeing.

Not sure why these are here
But I LOVE this picture.

Another windmill shot, sorry y'all.

We even found this old tortoise    who also lives on the ranch.  

Another short trail view

Area before the creek to Explore    full of buildings and a cafe, when open.
Butterfly  garden, and ghost town. 

Good times!

Even this storage building is evil....

Quick loop back down by the water.
Although the trails keep going.

On the way out---
I really enjoy this picture.  

Hope you do too!

My newest hike partner  
Maybe in a few more months.

As always