Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5/26/2015 To Much Coffee!?

                     Hello to all my fine looking readers today!  Or am I just looking in the mirror again?  Today's blog post come from our sun filled front porch near Tucson, AZ.  The temperatures have been rather cool, for the desert--but the thermometer is definitely working over time and creeping way up the scale today!   Bets are already going as to when the first triple digit reading will "grace" the area.  All that said, it is hot out--but there is a slight breeze outside so the illusion can be got that it is not quite so dang hot.  Plus I can people watch while outside.  For living on a dead end street   a ton of traffic uses this road.  Perhaps it is busier on our end of the street--because of the nearby convenience store and the community mailboxes.  I say illusison of feeling cooler just above because it is breezy--but it is a hot breeze.  Yet again--thank goodness it is a dry heat.....   Shut it, and welcome to Arizona! 

    For much more on the amazing desert--pictures and tons of Exploring please check out my newest blog page    

Hark!  Over there ---a new adventure to Explore!!
*Does anyone say "hark!" anymore??

http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com     I have tons of new posts, features, and pictures just waiting to be updated.   So please keep checking back and sharing the page if you enjoy what you see here.  Very soon I will finally post about my amazing trip to The Grand Canyon.  Thoughts on a super long hike and of course tons of pictures to share.    

    So the other day I came across this article about to much coffee----and yes even for me there is such a thing.   At work I like to tell customers that my co workers see me--put a straw in a coffee pot, just for me  and than cut me off when I leave the restaurant and start running laps around the casino floor!  The article below keeps going on, and keeps getting more boring--but I find this paragraph rather interesting.  Even if it might very well be   made up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
How much caffeine is too much?? A lethal dose of caffeine is thought to be roughly 10 grams about the mass of your standard #2 pencil.  That converts to a whopping (but basically undrinkable) 4.69 gallons of coffee, or 120 standard cans of Red Bull.                                       

    Gotta eat and than go to my happy place in my head, so that I can shop at the local Wally World. Today that happy place is easy to find, because my beautiful wife and kiddos are on there way back home as I type this. Safe travels!----This post from last night kind of explains itself.  I just thought I would share now that I am back from buying exciting things like toilet paper, Tums, and 80 packs of burritos.  Why do you think I needed all of that toilet paper?   I have been the only one here all weeksend.   
                                                                                                                          And now for your moment of Zen....

I never wore shorts much--tell we moved to the desert.  
Now they seem to go with anything I can wear on my daze off work. 
I have a ton of leg hair--like not fully evolved amount on my legs. 
I call this my leg sweaters.  
Perhaps because  the sun can not penetrate through all of this hair---my legs stay a ghostly white even here in the land of the sweating sun.  

During my eight years of working for Wally World
I spend a number of years working the customer service desk.
This sign should have been taped to the front of the desk for us to point too!


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