Saturday, May 9, 2015


                  And I offer a fine good morning to all of you in reader land today!   I am trying to drink my coffee quick -for it will soon be to warm to drink hot beverages.  But never to warm for essential caffeine.   Now I realize I live in the desert--and at some point I chose to live here--- but the way the weather is discussed here always annoys me.  I have talked in depth about how I hate hearing how it's only a dry heat--thank God!   Today while I was running errands--the weatherman on the radio actually said it was going to be a kool day with a high of only 75.  In Wyoming were summer only lasts about a month out of the year---this would be a heat wave, and everyone would be running to Wally World to stock up on shorts, sun screen, and pool floaties!  One can NEVER have to many pool flooaties   even if they do not own a pool, as most Wyoming residents do not.   At the moment--California residents have to stare at there empty pools--because of the great water shortage.   Being surrounded by ocean water---this must be very frustrating to the residents of this annoying state.   If only there was a way to convert ocean water into usable water........ O wait!  

     Please don't forget to check out my newest all local Exploring blog page.  When I get more caught up on my time, and much betterer Internet service---I will be posting much more on this page!  
So many trails So little time.
Where are you Exploring today??

    Long story short---I don't really have a place to call home right now.   I attempted sleeping in our vehicle several nights, but looking presentable at work after wards is very hard.  And I have been going for broke with motel rooms.  I am already mostly sick of cable---BUT for the first time in ages  I have been able to watch The Simpsons!   Although I will be missing it tonight.   After all these years---I love this show!

There are bad things about coffee??
At work when I show up--they put a straw one of the coffee pots just for me!
And than when I start taking laps outside of the restaurant--around and around the casino
they cut me off!

I believe I saw this posted all around the small town I live in. 

I am again almost living at work for the next few daze. 
I do believe right now work is the only thing keeping me going
life wise.   That and gallons upon gallons of caffeine of course.
Anyways, tomorrow is Mothers Day
Just as a warning to all of you readers out there that do not have a calender or
that did not get the memo.  

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