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                                                         Exploring Seattle one fine day.

     I hate to admit---or do I, that I was just a little bit tipsy last night when I typed out last nights blog post.  So I was more than happy to have just re read the post and to have found that it almost makes sense to my now sober mind.  And that it was not to sappy AND was almost a joy to read sober.  Almost like I was reading it for the first time.  I used to try and plan out a theme of sorts for these posts. In fact my first couple of posts   way back when, were even mapped out, but now it seems I just sit at the computer, and even with a plan of what to ramble about, nothing similar to that seems to fill the pages.  It is said that the best writers write to find out simply what is going to happen next, but I would never compare myself to any of the best or even good-ish writers out there.  If you would--more power to you! And a huge welcome to this sight---it must be your first visit here!    

The true reason I have any writing, thinking, or even awake skillz at this or any given moment. 

So with the loss of an amazing relationship   at least in my eyes   I have been 
talking about relationships maybe just a little to much on this sight. 
It has shown up more  than talk about coffee in the last few weeks.
Wich for this sight is beyond amazing!
I have a few almost planned out posts related to this  in mind.
Including one about many of the worse relationship attempts I have had. 
Today I must share about an experience I witnessed first hand while working for Wally World.

Most people think I make up many of the stories I share.  
But I really can say I do not have a good enough imagination to make up most of the things I have seen.  Especially those at Wally World. 
Like the wedding that took place at one Wally World I worked at. 
It really was the most white trash  God awful thing I have ever seen.
Right in the front of the store, with the Mc D's arches as the setting back drop. 
Customers were not warned, and entered the store ready to shop--and than witnessed this 
train wreck--and could not manage to fully close there mouths or stop shaking there heads for the remainder of there shopping trip.  I am not making this horrific scene up, and in all fairness am probably painting a better scene for it all than what I actually witnessed.  
Oregon has SOOO many coast filled  beautiful places for a wedding  and they choose this store.
The managers all stood beside me and a select group of workers
because they thought we would ruin the joy less event---but honestly there was not much that could be done to make it any worse....
We got married in a court house ---and it was still 80 times betterer than the Wally World show  errrrr wedding. 
At the end    the hefty couple jumped on electric carts  with "just married" printed 
on the backs and rolled out of the store   staring lovingly at each other. 
Many  many years later  I can not even type this with a straight face or without giggling and maybe throwing up in my mouth  just a little bit!
There kids, if they are able to have kids, and we all hope they do not give birth live at a Wally World store!    That is if they are even still together, there kids are  Doomed!  With a capitol D for DuhhhH!

 Anyways you stray here, because this is not the box store giant story I wished to share here...

At the same store---again a true store
A few of us were just getting off break, and passing the layaway dept.   
Back when they used to actually staff and use layaway to lay it away
a lonely man was working the desk, by himself. 

A rather large very angry looking woman came around the corner and slowly passed us.
Reconizing the worker behind the counter as her ex husband--whom she could not get in contact with  she began to move much faster and much more angery like.  
We paused because sometimes just watching fat roll while in motion is mezmorizing. 

Wrong but mezmorinzing just the same. 

 The lady some how picked up enough speed to hurdle   I guess one would call it, over the counter
and tackle the worker at the same time.   Throwing punches on the way down. 
We ignored the mans gargled pleas for help and watched on in awe for a little bit.  
At some point 8 workers were needed to get the ex off of the worker.  
I can't say if any of us were part of the 8 or not.  
Everyone clapped.

I believe it was a golf clap.

I relate this tale because this woman had earlier that day hard very alarming news about her man. 
Even though they were not together any more, the news may not even have been true, and he thought he was safe at work, she took matters into her own hands.  

This is one of the videos from my retail life I wish I owned.
Another involves the above newly weds.  
About a year later the hubby transferred to the tire lube center of another store
he was playing around on the car lift---a huge  Don't Do
and fell off of the lift   soon to be found flopping around in a pile of oil.
The last Wally World video I would love to see
involves a former manager of mine. 
One fine day on the way to work, he got in a fine bit of road rage with another driver.  The driver followed the manager into the store parking lot--and than rushed at the manager. 
The manager turned to him---Cold cocked him   and layed him out in the parking lot!
To our dismay security got a copy of the footage  but we never did. 

  A page that I plan much more---and plan on gaining a ton of new readers to   wants you to view it--daily!    Lots of local Exploring and pictures.
  One of the next posts to the above very page---will be about my recent trip to The Grand Canyon.  It will also be a very picture filled post.   It might even appear tonight!

Many have seeked  few--if any have found.

This page is for almost anyone. 
Unless you do not have a sence of humor and wish to keep it that way
OR if you are for gun control.
If so  keep scrolling through the internets.

It might not be the page for you if you are blonde either..

I am a super bad speller   so watch out if you work in any tall buildings.

It's coming.

I have been staying in too many hotels lately and still have not tried this.
Although I am not sure the current place would even notice such a sight.  
Cliff notes:   it's a ruff and or dirty place.

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