Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Give Me A Buzz!

    **"Is it selfish I want to make this ALL about me??"** Robin Willams


      OK last negative vibes from me tonight If you are going to get deep and try and lecture me, about your wrong doings, please try to use words that actually go together. It is not deep when it is not even a full thought or sentence. And I do not understand gibberish or hippie. Heck I barley understand English on most daze.----Wait   does that make sense?
    Best line so far this month So tonight I felt the need to help a moocher become mooch free from us. wink emoticon On the way out the door he told me how he was going to call my wife and tell her how much of a d*ck I am! I than informed him how well she already knew this. She would just be glad I focused my d*cktom on him instead of her...... O you can't make this stuff up. lol
                            I believe that one of my long term buddies only talks to me because
I have stories like this  about twice a week.  And he knows they are true.  Because I tend to tick people off and because I do not have a near good enough imagination to make up crap even half this good and or entertaining.  


    **"Being a vegetarian is a huge missed steak

  Sounds legit to me....

This page like most of mine is a lot of things.
But I in no way support any type of gun control.
So if you do  you might be one of the small percent that does not enjoy my page. 
Now ask me how little I care.

So my wife and I have had a lot off issues to begin to work over.
Great thing  is we have decided we are both saps and can not live without each other
so we wish to work on everything.  At some point we decided to go with an old stand by method that has held true for us through the ages.  If we start to argue, we start to loose clothing.  It is amazingly hard to argue with someone when they and you have no clothes on   try it.  If you do not understand this concept---I can make it simpilar   with no clothes on me---my wife is pointing and laughing at me, making it Dam near imposable for either of us to actually argue!

Possibly why we never fully make up....

Possiably the best post I have put on her wall   this week. 

To bad she was out of town and the state when I posted it. 

OK   last story for tonight   for I have typed most of this post already and than it magically 
went poof!  into computer nothing -ness land.  You know that land that well exists after you spend five hours typing the perfect term thesis paper, and than suddenly print out pages of blank!   
I will not tell you what my wife and I were Goggling or attempting to research   but we found out that there is an app to turn any smart phone into a vibrator.   First off   Ewwww!
I realize most people seem to lack any common sense   but why would you want something that would be vibrating near your ear  or mouth at all?   And why would anyone want a sticky phone.  And why would they want to put a phone close to any body part they would want to vibrate.  And JUST why? 
Besides most of us with flip phones learned long ago to just turn the phone to vibrate, give your number out to anyone and everyone, and stick it in your pocket!

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