Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lost Rings And Such

                        **Back in my day, we didn't have computers or the internet.  Everyone had to walk uphill for days to tell me what an A Hole I was! "**    ;)

       This very month marks a year at the amazing place that I work.  It amazes me how fast time has flown.  Although the time I spent working lonely grave yards at work --when the time seemed to beyond stand still, and actually move backwards  did drag by---I am on mornings now and loving life.  Loving that part of life.  Mostly because the tips are beyond nice.  Many of the day crew workers seems to be full of vile thoughts and drama and very set in there ways, even if they are not really the company ways, or anyone's way that has been a waiter, ever.  At first I was so happy to be on the morning crew and no longer the no paying  night crew---that I just rolled over and took all the abuse handed my way.  Now --no so much indeed.  This causes a lot of stress for the lifers --and a lot of meetings with management for me--about "incidents."  Luckily I spent eight years working at Wally World and now how to start and finish almost any problem or incident that may arise with grace AND cover my butt while doing so.  I wish I could say the same for my now shame of a marriage.  More on that soon.   Still not drunk enough to have a heart felt groveling post.  But the above same plot line did lead me to this post on FB  last night....

Got to tell a super annoying co worker to "Simmer down" today. Proably going to result in a meeting but just her face of shock was worth it----   
     So somehow this same "great" worker  -that enjoys going to management and telling how evil I am, Got just in front of me walking in the middle of the restaurant yesterday, I yelled out  "behind!"  So that she would know where I was, for safety of course, and she suddenly slowed way down.  I was not expecting this, because her steps are usually strong and on a mission, and my foot slammed down on the back of her shoe.  Amusing  but also surprisingly scary in this instance at the same time.   ;)   Anyways, she turned around, in the middle of the sales floor I might add, and proclaimed very loudly   that if I ever stepped on her F in foot again, it would be the end of me working there!   I was both surprised and amused at this statement at the same time   and praobly foolishly ---time and meetings will tell---replied that I was in no way attempting to step on her---and she needed to simmer down!

    As far as my lack or a relationship    A few quick notes....

              I have had way to much time to think about things in the last few weeks   and have really came to no real answer  good or other wise.  I can tell you that the internet where I am now living is beyond bad---so I am not posting on my blog pages as much as I might.   I do have a big, almost deep post coming about all of this, but I must warn   that my deepest thoughts will not grace these pages, but go straight to her mail box.  I can now say that I have a new faithful reader, because she is reading all of my posts looking for hatful comments.  And that the other night when I was joking about my night outing and needing to clear things with the police and or court before posting fully---she read all of this and had a very sleepless night wondering what I was planning. 
     The only other story I wish to share at the moment involves my wedding ring.   Something after all the drama and or crap of late, I finally had the nerve to take off last week.  Something that like most of my stories proved easier said than done!   I am sure this story is much more amusing to my ex than most---but in favor of maybe also amusing you and taking up space   here it goes!  
    Several years ago -after a long off and on again relationship   we were just married.  I was working at another great casino in Washington state.  Everyone at work knew I was married, including myself.  We were young and in love, and had very reasonably priced rings.  So much so, that mine left green rings on my finger!  Being a waiter, and constantly handling food, the rings of green on my hand did not usually appeal as appetizing.   One day I took the ring off in the shower to was away all the green, and alas forgot to put the ring back on.  Even though everyone at work knew I was married and you could still see the non tan spot on my finger were the ring always was my recently gushing bride was sure I was trying to hide something by ditching the ring.   And she instantly went shopping for me.  Getting me a better, non green leaving ring, but also at the same time a much much tighter fitting ring.  Much it seems.  This ring was more pure in make and did not leave the annoying green marks on my finger.  It also was much tighter ---and could not just jump off of my finger.   Or be pulled off  or pried off it seems.  So the other day  when all my faith in marriage, good friends, and even humanity it seems was gone, I could not pry the Dam ring off for the life of me.  I pried and pulled and buttered and moaned and did the O face and drank and ate green eggs and ham.  And it would not come off.   That was one tight, loving never ending ring of endurance. 
    A good solid hour into the fun --minus the fun,  my finger was fully glowing red   but the ring was still not fully off of my finger.   I was beginning to wonder if this is really what I wanted.   Did I and her secretly wish this to never end like our love.  Ha!   What's love got to do with it, got to do with it!  Was some morbid fortune from a cookie re writing our very lives?   Was I stuck in this ring forever   but not our relationship.   Was I destined to replace this loving ring with a mood ring?  So many questions, so much pain, no real answers!  
      At long last the ring and I emitted a loud joy and pain filled yelp as the ring came off.   I was still not fully sure if this is what I really wanted, but it was what my heart fully needed.  Almost a week later, I do not like my ring finger one bit.  It looks far to naked.  It reminds me of only the bad.  And there was SOOOO much good.  I can tell you that I have never wanted more  now or way back than   than her in my arms  for eternity.

  As I have said   more   God willing, if I don't find bullets for my gun first---- will be sent directly to her    and never posted on this God offal sight   

  I have posted similar before  But I just say this again on the news tonight----And had to reply for anyone that wished to read.  
      So I realize that the intense heat in AZ--even though it is a dry heat--effects people's thinking in this state. It still amazed each time I see the big signs at any store reminding us to not leave our kids in our cars while we shop--because these same cars get deadly hot. Really!? How many times has this happened in the desert--that these signs are needed ALL over? I realize that we as a nation need 28 warnings for everything from apples to zippers because we are slowly being dumbed down---and that no license or test needs to be takin' to make babies--heck you even need to do both to drive I do believe the driving test should be issued every other year though.... But if you leave your kids --including the furry ones in your car while you buy new condoms or something equally as important--you should loose your kids. And than maybe if the time period you left your kids in the car was long enough---loose any parts of your body involved in making kids. Just sayin'
   I am quickly starting to realize that a lot of my betterer thoughts were written in the past----Not to say that my mind will not snap into action again soon and write great things again!  But this is yet another bit of rambling from my past   I found a need to repost

   I wrote this while still living in Washington state--just before moving to good Ol Arizona----Thoughts?
I grew up in Wyoming, were everyone has a gun or six. If there is a no trespassing sign, they have a gun to back it up. The likely hood of being caught on private land is slim, but you think twice before sneaking onto any ones property. But most ranchers and such have there guns to protect there livestock and lively hood from predators. With all of those guns, gun related crime is almost 0. We are moving to Arizona soon, and I can not wait, because the above is also true about that state. We will have a gun in our house, but mostly because I like to hike, and I want an effective way to fight back, if I come over a ridge and surprise a rattle snake. Turning pale white, and screaming like a girl, is entertaining for my hike partners, but not effective. Unless the partners deep laughter scares off the snake. I am deathly afraid of snakes--or sticks, garden hoses that resemble snakes.

Back to my grumbling, The west coast seems to be deathly afraid of guns. Here plenty of places sell guns, but it is almost impossible to buy bullets. I do not know about you, but I can not throw my gun hard enough at anyone to hurt them. It will just annoy the attacker more. Blah blah blah---anything can be used as a weapon. Yesterday my wife and I went to a retail store and I found a sling shot for cheap. I had a sling shot growing up, and it was hours of fun. Plus I was surrounded by dirt roads, so I had an endless supply of ammo. I do not recall shooting any people with it, and felt so bad about the lone bird I injured --that I never shot at anything alive again. Or at least waited a week for that. Anyways, I thought it would be great fun for when we moved to the desert. I was very surprised to read the package for this and only see two safety warnings. Our new food dehrator has approximately 88 safety warnings. But was amused that each instructional picture of the person using a sling shot, had eye safety goggles on.
Anyways, when we got up to the check out--the cashier demanded to see my ID---really I am almost 35. When I at first refused, he went on a mini power trip, held the item behind his back, and again asked for my ID. This is the point were I should have left the item with him and walked off. I used to be a cashier, and had to card everyone for booze, but I was always nice about it. Even telling people that were obviously well into the drinking age, that I wasn't sure they were old enough to buy beer. The cashier than stated how he had to check for any weapon. Growing up I was un-aware at what power I held with my sling shot. Probably because I was raised to respect it. Before I got my first Daisy BB gun, I had to read the entire manual, with a pop quiz, and take a hunter/gun safety class. My wife kept me from causing a scene at the registers. Her and the mere fact that I really wanted to use the sling shot. I was not aware what a weapon I was buying, and promptly hid it in the trunk of our car, cause after all of that "fun" Lord help us if I got pulled over on the way home. And a cop saw the un-opened sling shot with in arm length reach.
Long story short---this area has beyond lost it on this topic. I could do more personal damage with our laptop. It is beyond heavy and bulky. And by the warnings on our food dehratror I could do more damage to someone with that than with the scary sling shot/weapon. Give me a break! Arizona life can not come soon enough. I think I will celebrate the move by buying a gun rack for our pickup. And a separate rack under the gun rack to house my sling shot.

     Last thought for tonight    I am suddenly not in the best frame of mind again    after such a good day for me lately.  -----

The tribe I work for believes that home-what they own is where ever there feet touch. And that home or your situation is what you make of it. Being between houses at the moment. I like these thoughts.   

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