Sunday, May 10, 2015

Thank You Moms!

             A hearty hello to all this evening!   I happen to have tomorrow off work-- it's been awhile followed by several very busy days.  With mother's day and all.  I have a huge list of things to accomplish tomorrow, but few of these will actually happen because I need to attend traffic school online.  First I need to find reliable Internet to do so.   Than I need to find a place I can have all of this fun and service --for at least six hours.   O joy!   These classes have become expensive since last time I got to attend.  But it keeps me out of court and it keep my insurance company from knowing anything.  Apparently the speed I was going would usually merit three points on my insurance.  Something I would be paying for for a long while.  I am sure I will have some thoughts about this class in the near future. 

    First several thoughts on Mother's day   which happens to be today.   First I did not wish my amazing mother any well wishes on Facebook because she does not have a page and would never see it.  I do not have any calling time at the moment--so, alas I did not even call her today.  I do know she reads this page once in a blue moon though.   And I wish to thank her for everything!   In the past and to come.  She dealt with a Brady Bunch of sorts family and I was the baby of all that fun.  Last born by far but maybe not the easiest.  And right now --she is doing a terrific job of not telling me what I don't want to hear, or "I told you so!"   A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart!   I did manage to thank an amazing mom or two on Facebook today though  or at least mention. 
     Upon popular belief---belief that may or may not have been started by me---I was not hatched at birth! 
       Today for a speciel at work we served a salmon dinner.  Some of us served a salmon dinner.  I could not sell the speciel for the life of me.  Maybe because every time I sold the last speciel at work, I typed in the word speciel with a different spelling.  It really was great tasting salmon  especially for being served in a restaurant in the middle of Arizona.  Two thoughts on salmon--- Years ago I had heard that one could steam salmon in there own dish washer.   Now I would advice you use someone Else's dishwasher.   Long story short---I attempted it---and did not get to enjoy a freshly steamed nice big fish.  I did get to spend hours cleaning a dishwasher!
  Soon after I got married we had a mini honey moon in Seattle.  An amazing mystery/dinner cruise around the Seattle harbor.  She is not in any way a fan of fish.  A strong point when I once worked in a fish processing plant.   On the magical cruise they were serving salmon.   When done right, as in not in a dishwasher or microwave    I enjoy a good salmon a lot.  But I can not enjoy any kissing with my wife after eating fish.  Before first a lot of teeth cleansing.  This was a special night, but we decided I really should try the salmon.  This turned into a double Whammy for me, because now I could not kiss her during the rest of the cruise, but also the salmon tasted like it might have solely survived on things it had found to eat while living in the sewer!   The fish might well have glown in the dark, if we had tested this theory out. 

      When I can find decent Internet I have been posting a lot on all of my sights---and working more than normal.  All of this helps keep my mind distracted.  Of what is and what was and such.  All of this works until I attempt to go to sleep and than I can not sleep.   I have found that by myself I really have no life--right now---at least not a life that anyone would enjoy.  What I enjoy from all this, is how much time the above activities take up, and how much money being homeless actually takes.  I have found I also that I can't sleep because now I am to used to having someone and a dog or so in the bed.   When I first meet my wife, I was sooo used to sleeping alone---that I could not fall asleep with anyone in the bed.  Now years later, without anyone in the bed, it just doesn't feel right.   I can't say anyone here, with out her in the bed it just feels wrong and any bed seems to big.  I have also found that I am so used to at least five people in my house at all times.   So when I get up to use the bathroom in my lonely motel rooms---I find my self knocking on the door before entering.  And than kicking myself, because  I am the only person in the room at all times.  

         Last thought for tonight---speaking of motels-----So I spent the last week in an almost reasonably priced motel---but it was very ruff and depressing.    I can't seem to find any openings in any low end rentals right now, so motels it is.   Anyways the other day I had decided I was done with the place I was staying at.   It just felt dirty, and I placed my own blanket on top of all the bed covers before I would relunticly lay down.  This room was not even high tech enough to have a phone in it.  The neighbors --on the other side of the paper thin walls liked to stay up all night and sleep all day.   They also could not hear well and would blast the TV and stay at opposite sides of there room, and yell at each other all night long.   On what became my last night there---I had worked into the night, and did not lay down to attempt to sleep until about midnight.   I had to return to work at 8 the next day.   The neighbors were extra loud that night---or maybe I was just extra annoyed.  Or maybe I just knew I was moving anyway.   At about 1 30 in the AM I attempted to yell through the walls, for them to quiet down.  I assumed since I could hear everything they said clear as day, they could hear me blasting back at them.  Nope.  Time to turn up the Miracle Ear.  I than decided pounding on the wall would be more effective. 
       It was!   No noise   no noise---and than I heard there motel door open and close.  Than pounding on my door.   Whom could it be?   Both the loud mouths were at my door, as I greeted them in my underwear.  They were outraged that I would pound on there wall-instead of first coming to knock on there own door.   I briefly explained that I was actually knocking on my own wall---and that common courtesy would exhibit that at that late, or early hour---one maybe should tone it down, or simmer down a little bit!  For some of us got to work all day, instead of sleep.   They did not yet agree and still found me rude it seemed, because my wall pounding interrupted there yelling it seems.  At some point between many a cuss word, and before I just started mooning everyone, I almost got an apology from the couple.   Couple of what --I could not tell you!  And they returned to there own dirty pad.  They did quiet way down!   This in turn bugged me deeply  because I thought they were plotting something.  And I layed half awake for hours waiting for a sneak attack-that never came!  Before they retreated, I did assure them that they too would be awake in the early hour when I had to get up for work.   So on the way out of my former pad, I made sure and stopped in front of there unit, and reved my mighty truck engine, until just before the point when they would venture outside to see what the noise was--and than layed on the horn for a good five minutes.   Petty and juvenile?  Yes!   Satisfying and stress reliving?  Also    yes!   This couple were like many people   and thought they were the most important thing around.   Wishing to sleep in a room I had paid for   was taking away from there fun, how dare me!   Maybe I am seeing all of this wrong----If so  I will blame my great lack of sleep.  Maybe just maybe---the couple  will read this, and feel just  a wee bit bad.   

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