Saturday, May 23, 2015

5/22/2015 No More School For The Summer

     Good evening to all!  So in Arizona today was the last day of school for all of school age.  Last year when I realized that the kiddos would be home all day every day for months, I decided it was time to go back to work.  And best of all, the kids returned to school on the day after my birthday.  A perfect present from the three of them for sure!   This year finds my wife and the kids on a trip to visit relatives in California all weekend.  I have the later shift at work this weeksend until I bounce back  bright and early on Sunday morning.  So with an empty and very quiet house I am again finding it hard to do things like sleep so am posting this here blog.  
    I am trying to keep everything over the last month or so out of my blog posts, but it was sure hell for me being away from the kiddos, the love of my life, and my best friend.   My theme song for the last month is  If this link does not work it is Luke Bryant    I See You.   It seems there is a good song for any sad part of life in the country jukebox easily to find.  


    Facebook will not let me change my status to say that I am in love with myself. Love yourself before you can fully love someone else.... It also will not let me set that I am dating my wife. True story right now! And it rocks. Maybe part II to this post??…/my-girlfreind-has-boyfrie…
           so long story short it has been a very long month.  And 
to attempt to fix things we have found some what the honey moon stage again.  But to do so  we are kind of in a happy limbo.  Of married but acting un married stage.   I am sure non of this really makes sense   to you because it really does not make sense to me.  But right now we are working on things and happy  so what could be betterer??


   **"Bout time to do some house cleaning on my friends lists. Both on FB--MY pages and in life."**----Kind of explains itself  but my online post just a few hours ago. 

    I have grumbled about this before--but am always amazed at the amount of single people that ask us for cash. Editors note we have three kids--if we had any extra money it would go to something for the kids, or in planning a trip to get away from the kids. You are single and in your 20's we should be asking you for a loan! With that if I have loaned to you before--and never seen any cash back, your personal bank is cut off. If you have not talked to me in months, and... find a way to contact me, just to ask for cash-- no cash is ever going to reach you.
    A few more things that until this very week, I thought were common knowledge among my friends. If you are staying at some ones house, and they are kind enough to let you sleep in the master bed DO NOT have sex in the master bed. Agggggh! I don't have time to explain how messed up that is. Nor until lately would I ever think I would need to even put this thought onto paper.
    If you borrow something it is your responsibility while you have it. From tents to cars, if the car blows up while you are driving it, I will work with you to form a solution, but it is 80 percent your problem.
    And lastly if you know some one is not home, DO NOT show up at there house looking for anything! That is beyond odd. I have known my best buddy for 15 years, to this day, if I showed up at his house and he was not home, I would wait outside until he returned or find a coffee joint or something. I would never even think about entering his house. Let alone looking for something while he was gone.

         So long story short this person was looking for pain pills while he knew we were gone from the house.   Betterer yet, the person was not a 20 something dumb ass, he is in his 50's.   When I confronted the person today over the phone  of course I became the bad guy.  Betterer yet, he and his roomates knew that my wife and her kids would be out of the house and the state for the entire weekend, and  when I informed them all that they had NO reason to be at our house, and that if they showed up again  instead of informing my wife that  they pulled up at our door, I would first alert the police.  They found great offence in this   so much so, that one "man" involved showed up at the house  to "talk" to me  with his fists.  Luckily I was already at work, and my wife jumped in.  Once again I can not even begin to understand this type of "reasoning" and am starting to really think I need to take some fighting lessons. 

And now your moment of Zen....

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