Friday, May 8, 2015


             Hello all!   For the first time in a long time---I am staring at this blank screen and not really knowing what to type.  Usually this fact does not stop me.  But I have so many conflicting emotions going on right now ---and many of them come out in a bad way for me.   Like busting down crying in the middle of Dairy Queen because I am reminded of something from the past.  Ten years is a long time to be with someone.  Its long enough to have a life time of memories.   Luckily most of the things I am recalling now are from the good memory bank file.  Also luckily for me, the coffee has not even come close to fully kicking in, so my brain is still mostly flat lined and not really thinking about anything.   This fact may result in an amazing blog post or a highly disappointing one.   Judging by this posts rather generic title I am leaning towards the later.   But I often surprise myself for sure.  ;)

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   **Three servers scheduled on mothers day at work don't get me wrong I am happy to be one of them---but it's gonna be super busy. And what says Happy Mother's day betterer than waiting extra long for food and service because we are short handed?? Bring on the tips!!**----
I may have mentioned before how much I love my current job.  No really.  For once I am not being fully sarcastic.  Maybe it's really the fact that even when I am having a terrible, spill and getting yelled at filled day---I can step back and realize I am going to go home with some amazing tips.  This job might honestly be the only reason I do not just pack up all of my dirty under wear and things and move to another location.   One far from my ex, because we can be friends from any where, right?  I also really like our newest boss-although she can't seem to make an effective schedule for anything.  Effective for the workers that actually make it to work that is.   I am sure the schedules are really liked by the top managers that seem to be all about the bottom line of late.  But on Saturday I work till late at night and than bounce back on Mother's day to a full house and a skeleton work crew.   BUT I can already count the tips in my head.   ;)  
     I must also share here real quick ----that for the most part over the last 8 months I call all of my managers ---boss.   Not out of respect, but because I am not always sure of there real name.   Our restaurant has had a huge rotation and turn over of managers in the last year, and many of them do not stick around more than a few short months.  So learning the high roller customers names--seems much more of a priority to me  over the managers names.  Boss is universal it seems.   


After the last few weeks of floating
I have to say this above is my favorite make shift office so far.
This is at the new actual coffee shop in Benson AZ
Wouldn't you know that after I move from Benson a good place would appear there.
The Fat Possum
Interesting name, great coffee.
More on this place coming very soon.

                           Greeting I need in front of my office!

  **I love texts for most reasons--mainly because I hate talking on the phone. But for actual conversations it is beyond useless. Case and point from what little information I had this morning I was ready to beat someone down---and I am not a fighting person. 8 hrs later with most of the facts--- it's not even an issue.**----Not really going to explain this one.  More drama with the love of my life  that may or may not have been 800 texts if explained betterer to start.   I should have just called  but I was at work  and I really hate phone calls.   


Sign me up!

Ever not feel like this??
Than you have me beat!


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