Monday, May 18, 2015

5/18/2015---yo yo!

       Hello everyone!   I am this late afternoon on MY front porch attempting to post this very blog post.  Attempting because it is very windy outside and keeping up with the Wi- Fi connection seems to be a chore.  It was a long journey that brought me to my own porch today  but we will not get into that today.  I am however enjoying a nice cold adult beverage or two while I type this.  So--Cheers!  To all of you that need a six back or two to find my posts amusing.  I can tell you that I had way to much free time over the last month--time to read my older posts---and they were mostly much funnier --for sure.   You should read them all   just to make sure I know what I am talking about.  And to up my reader ship of course. 

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     **"If anyone every texts me "who is this!" I always respond  "Jake, from State Farm!"**

  **"This Monday seem pretty Dam fine to me---O wait maybe it's because I have the day off work."**  ;)

  **"I am still kindda pissed that they never did tell us how to get to Sesame Street."**

  **"If everybody likes you, you are doing something wrong!"**----I of course do not really ever have this problem. 

        **"If the restaurant Hooters ever starts to deliver food will that be called "Knockers?"**---Inquiring minds want to know!


    So I really do love my current job.  I have now been there a full year.  With the almost non existent training I got upon getting hired, it is kind of a surprise to all.   Just lately I had to renew my gaming licence/ID tag  because I work in a casino, and each year it expires.  For random reasons I was kind of worried when I went in to reapply  they would just not renew it at all.  Maybe yell   "Doink!"  and rip my licence in half.  I would than be forced to try and draw a new licence with crayon and wear that to work.  But low and be hold---they did renew my gaming licence!  And the customers that enjoy mediocre service and dinning experiences, rejoice!    Last week I pulled 56 hours at work.   I am still classified as a part timer, so this was no small feat.  This week the business has been crazy busy.  Great for tips, bad for one tired worker.  So today and tomorrow being my daze off work this week, I informed everyone that I would not answer the phone for any number that even remotely looked like a work number. 

    The place I work at really likes to change the menu also.  In the year I have worked there I think the menu has changed seven times now.   Usually I do not know about the changes, some how.  Making it exciting for me and my customers.  Or was the word I was looking for, annoying.   Communication in most work places is non existent  including my current position.  I believe that management first shreds any memo I might receive before giving it to me.  One of the bigger menu changes just happened a few months ago.  And I was not aware of the changes at all.  Seems like I was not the only one.  This casino actually closes completely for Easter for four days.   And when we returned to work---I returned bright and early the following Monday, it seems we had a new menu.   It looked the same as the old one, but had changes for sure.  My first customer order two items I had never heard of.  I tried to inform him that this was not something we served, and maybe he was thinking of another food outlet in the fine casino..... I was cut short by his yelling and pointing.   He was pointing to the items he has listed on our fine menu.   What a fine mess.  Pause for lots of apologies for knowing less than our fine customers about our fine selection of edible items.  All at fine prices.  And than walk away quickly to order the fine food. 

     So just this week this happened again, on a much smaller scale.  Without really annoying the fine customer any more than I do on a regular basis.  Anyways, we being so close to the boarder serve a lot of Mexican customers it seems.  I get yelled at on a daily basis because I do not know much Spanish at all.  --In fact I inform customers that I hardly know English, so foreigners are sh*t out of luck.  It is not my fault if they can not understand my above sentence because they too hardly know English.  I do however know all of the cuss words in Spanish---in case you want to snicker, finger point, and than cuss me out.  In my defence I grew up in Wyoming--- square state, in more ways than one, in the middle of the USA--not close to any other countries.  So I really did not bother to learn much Spanish while in school.  I was not yet aware that they might be taking over even states like Wyoming soon.  Anyways a newish item on our menu was a "Mexican omelet."   Because it had guacamole and beans and such in it.  Probably not the best name choice by our chief.  But no matter the logic or lack of, it made the list.   Last week I had my daze off work, and returned to find that the same omelet was offered, but it now had a new   possibly less offensive name on the menu!  No one in management or other wise will give me a straight answer, but I believe the Mexi eggs  offended one to many people.  Maybe it was a prejudice omelet!  Whatever the case, at this point it is only half fixed.  As in the name on the menus is less offensive --but the food receipts the customer gets  still says Mexican Omelet.   Whatever the case   this is all highly amusing to me. 






       Mr Butch  gets his stitches all out tomorrow  in the AM!!



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