Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Am Special!

       Even with tomorrow being Monday -it should be an amazing day for several reasons.  Mostly because the kiddos return to school tomorrow!  After two weeks of the dreaded Spring Break, even the kids are counting down the hours until they return.  Teachers are payed to handle the kids all day and of course there are other kids --as in not siblings to annoy and play with at school.  Although this vacation we have been very lack on bed times and such, even with the adults.  So 6 AM might very well seem the same as 2 in the morning.  I also do the major part of my paper work for my new job tomorrow afternoon.  Casinos have a large background check bundle of paper work that is about the size of a telephone book for a small community.  I have been through this fun before, so am not worried about the results, but it is very time consuming.  I believe April feels even safer about my past, because these back ground checks are amazingly strict, go back years, and require fingerprints sent to the FBI.  I will be getting up with the kids in the morning and than heading to Tucson.  With the camera in case I have time between errands for some Exploring and to snap some pictures.  

                                          **So many trails   So little time!**

    Of course such a Monday will require lots of coffee.  Maybe just sticking a straw in the coffee pot and taking it all with me on the road.  Probably not--I don't have cup holders even near that big in the car, and it is a five speed, so I don't see the balancing act ending well for my crotch or my dress clothes.  I might even attempt to find a decent coffee shop and type out a blog in the morning.  I say attempt because after living so long in Washington, I got spoiled by great coffee shops.  With a new one to try about every ten feet.  Here in Arizona people would not know what to do with a great cup of Joe or a good coffee shop -at least that is how it seems so far.  

Mmmmm coffee!!

With all the spying going on -I mentioned a few daze back 
how amazing it is that no one can find this huge airplane floating around in 
Never Never land apparently.  

   And last for today-------   some helpful hints when writing    Take notes.....

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