Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wake Up, Yo!

     **"Whenever I start to feel spontaneous and adventurous, my bank account tells me to calm the heck down!"**

       Wake up, yo!    I am still deciding if I am yelling this to myself or to you the faithful reader.   After my random rambling drivel has put you to sleep.  Speaking of waking up, we just bought a new coffee maker at the house.  With a timer, so we can set it at night and actually wake up to brewed coffee again.  I know it doesn't sound like much to most of you in reader land, but many daze it is amazingly hard to make a pot of coffee before one is actually awake.   And if you skip any of the few steps involved, BAD results happen.  Like for instance if one were to forget to add the actual coffee grounds, and after waiting forever and a day for coffee- you only have darkish lumps of water in the pot.  Or you are out of filters and fold the piece of paper towel wrong -in the filter holder and the water does not drip through it right.  Today since I got up with the kiddos--I patiently yet jittery waited for the kids to go off to school and than zoomed off to the local Mc Grease Pit for some already brewed coffee.  Of course I made sure a hot pot was boiling at home for my wife also.  As I was ordering my coffee, I happily noticed that they are once again going to be giving away free coffee for a week, starting in just 5 daze!  Proving once again that I really should be payed to promote this "event" each time it happens.   Although I am not sure how paying me to push a free product, would be the best marketing ploy for the Arched company-- they are making billions as I type just off breakfast sales, so I am sure we could swing a deal. 

It is!!

      I tweaked my back a few days back --and had forgot how little one can do, pain free, when your back is throbbing.  I found if I sat perfectly still, it felt fine.  Than I woke up!  And went on my wife's pain disappearing routine.  And I have to say, this morning it pains me a little, but not very much at all.  Our daughter and I spent a good part of the afternoon in near by Sierra Vista.   After a quick spell of "work"  we had some time to roam around the town and spend the cash we had just made.  I had planned on spending some time Exploring, but jumping in and out of our truck was not good for my back -plus our daughter had seen the "Ghetto Mall" and wished to Explore there.  I have been slacking on Exploring and new pictures lately.  Maybe I will get some new ones up this afternoon.   Please don't forget to look up my other two blog sights---full of Exploring and pictures I have shot in the past.  The next local Exploring page will finally be about my trip to California.  I realize I keep threatening.  This mornings post was going to be at least part one of the journey, but once I sat down -my thoughts said other wise. 

      So we have this new ring tone on our cell phone-- and it is entertaining enough--I find myself getting lost in the ring tone, and ignoring the actual phone call.  I tend to ignore/screen most calls anyway, so find this very easy to do.  That is why there is voicemail right?  So one can listen to the full ring tone.  My newest cell phone has two numbers in it.  Those are also the only two people that know my number.  So I don't have to worry about it ringing often at all.  And with all the in law complications and or stupidity, most of them do not call us anymore.  Just that fact has cut our phone call volume in more than half!  For those lost or slower relatives that still attempt to call--I usually answer the cell phone.  Few people actually enjoy talking to me and the conversation is very short.  :)   

Please help to share my posts!

No soup for you!   Either!!

        I must stop here to vent really quickly.  A few days ago I was filling out my final paper work for my new job.  And it came up that I graduated high school way back in "97."  The worker said that I might have to prove this to HR -because I graduated so far back.   Really!?  Just because I hurt my back while reaching for coffee grounds on the top shelf--does not mean I am old.  It means I am "vertically challenged."  When did 35 become the new 60 in job interviews?  I have wet dreams about owning a vehicle from any date in the 90's!  I realize he was just doing his job, but if I had had my Miracle Ear up all the way-and if my sprayed on hair would have stopped dripping into my face, I would have gave him a piece of my mind! 

Way back when, (last year)  we used to
put all our bills in a hat and 2-3 lucky ones drawn
were the ones that got paid that month!

                      And now for today's picture of the day!   This is Mr Max checking out the bay.  Probably just before he jumped in the bay.  Max does not look like it, but he is an old dog!  And he is not doing very well.  But for a Husky 13 is very old.   He gets spoiled by us for sure, but he is a rescue dog, and we hate to admit that his old owners should of never had a pet.  He has done a lot of Exploring with us!   And still has some good trips in him.  I try to get as many pictures of him as possible.   So that we can enjoy them now and after his passing.  As well as of the kiddos of course and my amazing wife.  Although it sounds silly, I try to picture all of our vehicles in pictures also.  You don't know how many past cars, especially my very first car, I wish I had shots of. 


Have you seen this?
Proposed/ in the works new highway that will be a straight shot from Phoenix, AZ to
Vegas-baby!  Almost gives me a reason to travel to Phoenix soon.   I hate Phoenix and anything close to that area!   Although they do have an Ikea store there.
Although after watching them attempt to detour around the Hoover dam for what seemed like 20 dam years, I can't imagine how long this project will actually take.
I have to say I think they built the Hoover Dam faster than the detour around it!
Think about the marvels of the past---before monetary breaks and work codes and unions.  Sure they worked hard, and people died--but dam they could build a dam dam quick!
No spotting one worker in his backhoe while 6 workers crowded around him -held up by there dam shovels--in the past.
Mostly because they didn't have vehicles back than   or labor boards. 

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