Monday, March 24, 2014

Coffee Should Make!

      Good morning all!   If you have ever read this blog page before or dropped by MY Facebook page to visit and or complain   Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head
you might have noticed that I mention coffee a little bit.  OK maybe a lot!   But with three kiddos bounding around the house, the coffee almost allows me to keep up with them.  We are once again in the market for a new coffee maker for our home.  The local coffee joints stink -and I am increasingly realizing how hard it is to make that first pot of coffee, when you are not even close to awake.  Automatic pots are grand, you can set everything before bed, when you are mostly still awake.  But the pot we are using right now is not automatic anything, except maybe emptying--once I roll out of bed and figure out how to turn it on of course.  It is an 1812 model for sure.  Not the serial or product numbers, but the year it rolled down the production line in some factory followed closely by a brand spankin' new Model T Ford!  It has to be somewhat old because it does not have an automatic timer to turn off the power during the day when it's owners forget.  That said I am sipping coffee in Tucson this bright morning.  Watching the news about how bad the traffic out there is today.  But what do I care?  By the time I am done with coffee and typing this blog the main rush of traffic will be at work. 

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**"The police never think you are as funny as you do."**
Wait!   That's not what is stands for??
I believe the above is in the visitor guide for all of Washington and Oregon!
Here in Arizona rain is a welcome event and rare .  Here we also went straight from "winter" to full on summer. 
Not the case in lots of the country  sadly still stuck in winter.  
                                                         Don't do it  NOT even Once! 

If I had a yard, I would want this sign!
                                                                    Or this one!  ;)

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