Monday, March 24, 2014

You Can't Fix Stupid!

        Hello readers!   I know for a fact you are out there and for that I thank you all!   Many times I am not sure why you are out there, but choose to not dwell on that fact.  My blog post yesterday about my joys of working at Lupe's has now had 100+ views.  And some fine person in Internet land put my thoughts into a Craig's List "job" ad  listing the compensation as NONE and warning people not to eat or work at the restaurant.  This was seen by one of the Tucson TV news stations, mainly because Lupe's has it's first, non worker paying store, in Tucson.  And they might be doing a news interview with me!  Maybe all of this is why it is almost midnight and I can not sleep!   Because I truly have a face made for radio!    Or maybe because in mere hours, the kiddos all return to school after a very long spring break.  Or because I do the last of my new job paper work tomorrow.   

Or maybe it is because my beautiful wife and I just recently had our two year wedding anniversary and have yet to sneak out on a dinner date.  
We have been waiting for the kids to go back to school, and than
will go some were during lunch.  
Some were good. 
Some were that my wife chooses. 

    Also a possibility is because the relatives are acting up again.  I swear crazy travels in packs!   I will not go into today's episode --but will say that even though it happened hours ago, I am still beyond angered.  Mostly angered that this crap is never going to end.  Who is so desperate, has such an existence of no life, that they have to create so much havoc and childish games in other peoples lives so that they have something new to talk about over there 40th beer of the day?   The best part is, these "people" are relatives  AND if they see any negatives about themselves posted in my blogs, they call un fair!   And try to peg me as a cyber bully.   Here's an easy solution   stop being b*tches and I will not have anything unflattering to write about.  At least about them.  :)  

Not a relative  evil or other wise
BUT it does say that he is my grandpa on Facebook.

      Please take the time to check out my third and newest blog series.  Where we Explore the wonders of Arizona  one picture at a time.   My last post was about Lupe's   so more than a little bit negative.  But the other posts are every increasing and a great read if I do say so myself!

                                               The London Bridge  is now in Arizona

Car wash!!

Good boy!

Stupid line
Great move!

And yes tomorrow is Monday
Which always gives me a case of the Needs coffees

Do it yourself hands free device

Again for those of you not living in Arizona!

I grew up in Wyoming, 
so did my time

And now   your moment of Zen...

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