Monday, March 3, 2014

Home Sweet Home

       So in case you have not gotten the memo I took a mini trip to California to sight see and to help out a friend.  It was almost a week long, which is about five daze to long to be apart from my family.  I call it a trip -originally it was supposed to be a mini vacation, but I need a vacation after this vacation for sure.  Lots of pictures and thoughts about the trip and the Exploring coming very soon in MY newest blog page----Please check out the page, and share the links  at

     I will say here that I saw more than enough rain on my trip for awhile.  It dumped on us almost the entire drive across the state.  Places like LA have not seen that much rain in a very long time.  And my train home was delayed by two hours from all of the rain.  The road just past the train station was completely flooded out in fact, on the night I left town.  Luckily it was after the train station, because I really did not feel like swimming with luggage.  This allowed for an annoying drive --but cooled the temperatures off very nicely.  On the train ride, the rain continued to follow me, and than Benson, Arizona---my new home town  saw rain through the night.  Very nice for the cool off, but when you live in the desert this soon creates mounds of mud.  

    Also in case you missed it  it is now March!  Somehow.  I realize last month was a very short month, but it sure does seem like this year is flying by.  At least in our house it is.  So this will be my first blog post for the new month.  Reader warning-- March is also the month we got married in, so for warned there will be many pictures of my wife and I  with some sappy stuff thrown in.  Being back also throws me quickly back into the real world.  Today rent is due and we are now officially three days late on changing over our truck licence plates.  Actually six months and three days late, but they expired at the end of last month.  Luckily all of the snow birds in town make it easy to keep plates from other states on your vehicle.  

Waiting at the train station for my trip to start. 
Our oldest is just visible to the right--he tries to escape all pictures. 
We had all just gotten Frosties so the kiddos are extra hyper.

My buddy Professor Getty 
At the moment he lives in Palm Springs, but is getting ready to move back to the 
Washington area.  Were there is definitely more water to Explore.

Today's coffee moment --actually pictures I took while Exploring Oroville California.

This shop was sadly closed--but I really liked there sign!

This place was in the old town of Oroville.
With the restored buildings. And was very kool!
Plus I have this whole side idea  of taking famous peoples mug shots/and people you know
sticking them on coffee mugs   and calling them mug shot mugs.
Guess I should have patented that before I shared.  
That said, I had to visit this coffee joint.  

This brings us to today's picture of the day!   

Much of our road trip was among trees.  From citrus to nuts.
During the six hour drive we came to a rest stop surrounded by nut trees. 
After sitting way to long we decided it was a very good idea to hop the fence and run to the end of the trees.  
It turned out to be a very long run--especially for two old folk.  I have other shots of this
that will soon appear in my blogs  but this one is my favorite.
The petals almost look like snow on the ground. 
At this point we were about half way through the amazingly long row of trees. 
At the end we found an open field with a deep drainage ditch flowing through it. 
As we slowly returned to the vehicle, the leg stretching was tiring, but felt great--we
heard a helicopter flying very low over the fields.
I can explain a lot of things/talk my way out of-- but after jumping a fence, and being in the middle of the field, I didn't even have a good reason for that if we got caught.  
Luckily they did not see us or decided we were just crazy overly white boys and not illegals and moved on!

Now on to some jokes!!

An actual truthful news story. 
They must have gotten pulled off the air. 

This also resembles my life story.

  I wonder what kind of grade this kid got?

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