Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Say No To Negativity!

              Good morning to all!   I am not sure how, beyond the fact that I am getting old---getting is the key word.   But yesterday I hurt my back, and now it is in full out pain.  But only when I move.  At all--an muscle.  Because it seems that every muscle is connected to ones back.  This is putting a big cramp in my plans for today.  But I am hoping that alternating between icing and heating my back, that I will be up and doing somersaults by afternoon.   Wait, I can not do somersaults with a perfect back.  Plans or no plans I do find it very hard to just sit when it is so nice outside.  Here in Arizona I believe we just skipped right over spring and went right to full on summer.   This makes me very glad that I found a job in a place with lots of air conditioning!  This is also a huge change from living in Washington.  There the sun is so rare, it is celebrated and photographed.  It comes out so little, that people actually forget what that bright ball of light is up in the sky.  And have to search all day for a pair of sunglasses.   Here we do the same celebration when it rains, because that means it will cool off!

     For those of you keeping track--I have not done an Exploring blog post in awhile.   The next one will be part one --of my trip to California.  It took all that distance to find a great rain storm.  And than the storm followed me home.   Check out the past local Exploring on my newest blog page, you know you want to...    At:

    Right now I am in that huge limbo between jobs.  I can't get paid out for my last job, and I am waiting for all the paper work to go through on my new job.  I want to Explore and such as much as possible, before I am working full time again, but on the same note --it's hot outside!  Luckily we actually have a nice reserve of cash in the bank at the moment.  At least until that point were all the banks across the globe fail!   At least we also collect things, and can go with the barter system for months to come if need be.  How many candles equal a foot long ham sandwich again?   This has been a long stretch of officially not working.  I have been doing lots of jobs- but nothing that requires tax forms.  So I am very eager to start work again.  Although the almost hour drive is not high on my list of perks.  I am even more eager--with the extra warm temperatures right around the corner here and with summer break very near for the kiddos.   The schools are nice here, and let the kids on break during the hottest months. 


                          Stop doing everything.  This post brought to you by the government!

I am a frequent winner of 0!
If we ever hit the big one--we are going to go poof!
And very few people will know were we live.
Or only were one of our summer houses is located. 
Anyone else feeling blah and a little un imaginative today, also?
Good times!
I really am working on taking more pictures. 
This one was in the heart of down town Bellingham.
You can just make out the rocket for rocket donuts. 
I have also noticed that pictures of me look much betterer -if my face is mostly covered.
Please note, I have a much better camera now--but am not using it. 

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