Friday, March 21, 2014

I Came Out Of Where?!!

                   Hello all!  I have been focusing on all things life related once again and these blog pages have once again suffered.  Next post will be about my three day crummy job and my continuing quest and protest to see a pay day.   It is quickly turning into the funnest but easily hardest $100 I have earned in a long time.  But $100 is $100.  

My profile picture on Facebook
so that it shows up on all of my posts.  And my old sign. 
As I said more on all of this tomorrow  when I am more awake and coffee filled and such.
Cliff notes   Lupe's is a local restaurant  NOT my neighbors kitchen.  

  As always please do not forget to check out my newest blog series.  All about Exploring beautiful Arizona!   MANY new posts and ideas in the works!

    Tonight we are going continue with jokes because right now I need laughter.  

Is it just me, or does yo mom's outline look like a Telli-Tuby??

Annnnnd go!

Mmmmm tacos!
Unless they came from Lupe's.

I purposely saved this post for after my cross country train ride!
And further more I would like to s....
Look something shiny!!

I did not get to post here on St Patrick's day.

We can not personally do this 
because all the neighbor kids come to play with our kids 
AND because we live in Arizona 
were you don't shovel sun!
Maybe one of the only areas in the country right now that skipped spring and went to summer
instead of staying with that dam ground hog and winter.  

And now for my day coffee plug!
Speaking of coffee   did you see were most Starbucks are going to start serving booze?  
Wake up with coffee   type a blog. 
Than, because it's five o clock some were   start drinking   type another blog!

    OK   and last for today    have you read about that lost plane?   It's the Lost series in real life.  Yes I got suckered into watching that crap on TV also.  Although I called the crappy ending after watching like three episodes.  If you have not watched the show---DON'T!   Anyways,  in this modern age do we lose anything close to this big??  The government spies on all of our phone conversations but loses a huge plane.   I....  and there goes my chain of thought again!   

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