Thursday, March 13, 2014

Busy Bein' Busy

      Even though I keep threatening to post in all of my blogs, I have not posted much at all in any of them.  Lots of Exploring posts are in the works for my newest page--   including tales of my recent trip to California.  Please check out the page and share the links while you wait with bated breath for the new posts!

What did you think I was talking about, silly!?

                                I am never going to have time to attend---Please note. 

    In all fairness--- to me being a slacker--  In the last few weeks --the kiddos have been out of school for spring break, we found and bought a 2nd vehicle, we are preparing for a big yard sale, I got a job, and lost the job.   Among other fun of course.  Right now it is coffee-30 at our house---I hope it is at yours also.  :)

First lets talk about the time change.
One of the best things in my book, about Arizona-is that we never change out clocks. 
Back or forward.  
Although I never know what time it is any were else in the country when I call people, I greatly enjoy not going through that crap.  
Especially this time around, because I had just been in California and had lost/gained that hour. 

Who do you think won?

So we have been looking for a 2nd vehicle for awhile now.  And in most places we have lived Craigs List was the quick answer.  Not so much here.  We kept looking at vehicles with high hopes, and than went away shaking our heads, thinking the sellers were high.  
A nice looking car  that does not run is not worth lots of cash --to anyone. 
Unless they need an expensive paper weight.  
On that note--we finally found a little four door, gas saving car!
And bought it.
We probably still paid to much--considering all of the little issues with it, but the engine is good
and it got me to coffee this morning.  Plus we are still under the budget we set up.
I would love to add a picture here--but we are still having so many issues with the crazy in-laws  that I do not even want them to know anything about the car.  
Although it greatly needs a cup holder for my and my crotches safety.

I might have also mentioned above that all of the kiddos are off on spring break for two whole weeks.  

I also mentioned about my quick stint at being employed again. 
Although I have had shorter spells--this only lasted three daze. 
Anyways in an effort to find more angry workers, and people that got sick there-like me  above is my new profile picture--so it shows on everything I post on Facebook.  
I got the job off of Facebook--showed up for an interview last Wednesday  reported to work the next morning--and with 0 training was on the floor. 
Friday night we got packed--beyond packed and myself and the cook were the only workers. 
When I attempted to call a "manager" in---he first yelled into the phone "I thought you had experience--whats your problem!?"
He did come in to help us out--but a lot of angry customers came before he did. 
I did make some good tips that night--but mostly sympathy tips. :)
The next day  the main boss greeted me with lots of yelling and than determined -even though my register was right on cash wise, I owed him money.
That night I made the mistake of eating from the kitchen  and have not been that sick for a long while. 
I had understood they were desperate for workers, but my new schedule had me down for only two days of work.
It soon dawned on me that I had filled out NO paperwork at all. 
From tax to even proving I worked there. 
When I asked the manager when I should fill out my paper work--
they fired me via e mail.   
Classy place it is and all.
So the next few days are all about talking to local agencies and trying to receive pay 
before I get the place shut down. 
And than sadly, the job hunt starts again on Monday. 


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