Monday, September 30, 2013

The Government Keeps Shutting Down, But They Want To Control What!?

    **"I saw a movie once were only the police and government had guns, it was called "Schindler's List."**

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  I have talked a lot in the past about how I enjoy using my freedom of speech in my blogs and in person--while it is still free.   Also about our brother that lurks in the shadows, because the shadow knows what evil lurks in the minds of men. This brother is every ones brother, and he is growing stronger.  We simply call him Big Brother.   Even though these are huge issues --I try to keep my posts light and cheery.  And not attempt to make you want to always stay indoors or wish to wear an aluminum foil hat.   Although I do believe I could be very happy with doing all of our shopping online, from home.  I have also rambled a lot about gun laws.  We just moved from Washington state, were it is ridiculous how scared of guns everyone is.  It seems that bad ideas start in California and slowly work there way up the coast line.  Getting more strange as they gain support.   I grew up in Wyoming, and they are very supportive of there guns.  Most people only shoot beer bottles, or are just protecting there land and livestock.  Very few gun crimes happen in the state. 

    I would like a gun or two here in Arizona.   Another very free state in gun support.  Mostly for when I am on a hike, and get to close to an poisonous snake.  Although I would be very nervous of the guns around our kiddos.   They would all soon be trained in safety and such.  But in watching them play--- probably like much of the world.  They do not have guns, but everything becomes a gun.  Also every thing is a weapon.  So banning guns just opens ones minds to what objects could hurt just as much, just like it is in prison life I am sure.  When I got my first BB gun, I had to read the entire owners manual, with a test.  And than needed to take a hunters safety class before I could even use it.  It was only a BB gun, but I than had as much respect for it, as any weapon.   And defiantly did not shoot my eye out as Ralphie tried to do in A Christmas Story.   I love that movie!   Although I think I did shoot my poor dad in the butt one fine day.  


      With Starbucks new ruling--I feel the urge to post some of this again.   The top coffee maker or CEO decided that guns were not allowed in any of the stores.  --But how will I stir my creamer into my coffee??  He can not make this a law, yet--but the stores try to enforce it. 

  This of course is causing conflict with gun lovers across the board.  Sadly when I was in Wyoming last, before this idea.  I was sitting in Sheridan's one Starbucks, and a cowboy walked into the joint with a gun strapped on his waist.  I never saw him draw the gun, or even touch it.  And I highly doubt he was willing to loose his weapon forever by robbing the place or anything.  Although maybe it was just visible because the coffee makers had screwed up his order one to many times.  Anyways, as I was sitting there-two customers found the manager, and cornered him about the gun toting coffee drinker.   They were overly uneasy and could not believe he would come into a store like this.   Worse yet, the manager seemed to agree with the shocked couple.  This is Wyoming!   Were there are more guns than residents and every business has animal heads lining the walls.  Call me crazy, but I had to take a huge swig of coffee and do a double take to make sure I was not actually in Washington.  

      This was written before we moved to Arizona.  But still holds true.   For more thoughts and gun support pictures---please roam through my older blog posts.   And as always please leave me comments on this or any other topic.

    And now I must vent for a minute or six.    I have many issues at the moment.  But most of these deal with family members, and after much free coffee, have decided that this is not the best way to bring them up.   Maybe on Facebook?  I also have a whole blog post in the works, about gun control---but not today.   **Please note--in the works means I have been thinking about it for over a week now!**     I grew up in Wyoming, were everyone has a gun or six.  If there is a no trespassing sign, they have a gun to back it up.   The likely hood of being caught on private land is slim, but you think twice before sneaking onto any ones property.  But most ranchers and such have there guns to protect there livestock and lively hood from predators.  With all of those guns, gun related crime is almost 0.  We are moving to Arizona soon, and I can not wait, because the above is also true about that state.  We will have a gun in our house, but mostly because I like to hike, and I want an effective way to fight back, if I come over a ridge and surprise a rattle snake.   Turning pale white, and screaming like a girl, is entertaining for my hike partners, but not effective.  Unless the partners deep laughter scares off the snake.  I am deathly afraid of snakes--or sticks, garden hoses that resemble snakes.  
       Back to my grumbling, The west coast seems to be deathly afraid of guns.  Here plenty of places sell guns, but it is almost impossible to buy bullets.  I do not know about you, but I can not throw my gun hard enough at anyone to hurt them.  It will just annoy the attacker more.  Blah blah blah---anything can be used as a weapon.   Yesterday my wife and I went to a retail store and I found a sling shot for cheap.   I had a sling shot growing up, and it was hours of fun.  Plus I was surrounded by dirt roads, so I had an endless supply of ammo.  I do not recall shooting any people with it, and felt so bad about the lone bird I injured --that I never shot at anything alive again.  Or at least waited a week for that.  Anyways, I thought it would be great fun for when we moved to the desert.   I was very surprised to read the package for this and only see two safety warnings.  Our new food dehrator has approximately 88 safety warnings.   But was amused that each instructional picture of the person using a sling shot, had eye safety goggles on. 
     Anyways, when we got up to the check out--the cashier demanded to see my ID---really  I am almost 35.   When I at first refused, he went on a mini power trip, held the item behind his back, and again asked for my ID.  This is the point were I should have left the item with him and walked off.  I used to be a cashier, and had to card everyone for booze, but I was always nice about it.   Even telling people that were obviously well into the drinking age, that I wasn't sure they were old enough to buy beer.  The cashier than stated how he had to check for any weapon.   Growing up I was un-aware at what power I held with my sling shot.   Probably because I was raised to respect it.   Before I got my first Daisy BB gun, I had to read the entire manual, with a pop quiz, and take a hunter/gun safety class.  My wife kept me from causing a scene at the registers.  Her and the mere fact that I really wanted to use the sling shot.  I was not aware what a weapon I was buying, and promptly hid it in the trunk of our car, cause after all of that "fun" Lord help us if I got pulled over on the way home.   And a cop saw the un-opened sling shot with in arm length reach.  
       Long story short---this area has beyond lost it on this topic.  I could do more personal damage with our laptop.   It is beyond heavy and bulky.  And by the warnings on our food dehratror I could do more damage to someone with that than with the scary sling shot/weapon.  Give me a break!     Arizona life can not come soon enough.   I think I will celebrate the move by buying a gun rack for our pickup.   And a separate rack under the gun rack to house my sling shot.   **

    OK   last thought for the day------Here is what all of my Wyoming friends and or readers have to look forward to in the very near future!!....

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy National Coffeeeeeeeeee Day!!

             Larger patient after viewing his X-rays:    **"I'm not big boned, I really am just fat!"**

           **After a war reenactment do the solders high five each other -and say "good war!" or is that just the solders that have good team spirit? 

                               **"I love the sound you make when you shut up."**

                             **"I wish the dollar store would start selling gas."**

     **"They say 1 in 4 men is homosexual. So there must be one in my group of friends....I hope its peter, he's super cute."**

    I am working on starting each blog with quotes again.  I will continue working on having the quotes have something to do with the particular blog post.  In looking back at my quotes, I have found that few of them are inspirational or maybe even helpful.  But they are usually amusing! 

    Today is National Coffee Day.   So even though, unless you work the night shift, you have probably had your fill of coffee for the day, cheers!!   I enjoy a great cup of Joe every day, so I celebrate in a sense every day.  If nothing else all of the caffeine daily helps my wife and I almost keep up with our kiddos.  The key word there is caffeine.   OK the key word is actually almost.  I just thought I would mention the holiday, I take this one seriously, so did not put holiday in quotes, in case a die hard celebrator dumbed coffee on you to rejoice.  Now you know why.  I had planed to share this wonderful day earlier in the week, but the cliff notes is, I am a slacker.  Pilot travel station-truck stops gave away free coffee, as I am sure some other places did.  I had two short carers with Pilot.  And I have to say I did not enjoy either one of them.  Although I do recall them having OK coffee.   I could not get the free coffee today, because the closest station is 40 miles from us, and driving there would ruin the free coffee concept.  For whatever reason, free things always taste ten times better though. 
If only it was that easy!!
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     In walking our dog---I have found great joy in exciting all of the local fenced in dogs in our neighborhood.  I am not sure why this is the case though. 


     I had my check back with my doctor a few days back after my fun surgery.   Apparently I had some complications, and could be on restrictions for up to another month.   Sad news in a way.  But the pain is still far less sever than if I had never had the surgery done for sure.  Looking at what remains visible of my tiny incisions, I find it amazing.   Amazing how the body heals so quickly.  And how they can even do such a surgery, leaving three lil cuts.  What helps get me through this bad news?   The great fact that after months of torture, rudeness, and, great disrespect my mother in law is moving off our property for good on the 3rd of October.  I have shared some, but it still amazes me how someone can be so rude, and drain our family even dryer on money, while being a family member.  I can say it will be a glorious, stress relieving day.   Several years ago my buddy meet my mother in law, and after a full day of trying to help me, help her, we both got bitched at and yelled at, none  of the yelling was in the form of a thanks.   My buddy soon gave her a code name, and this was "The Devil."  I was deeply in love with the devil's daughter and usually refrained from calling her that.   In fact for the most part I played buddy buddy very well.   Than two years back, I got married ---and had thought everything was good between us all.  Thought is the key word, and the mother in law soon stopped playing nice and showed her true colors again.   So much so this time, that I have to say my buddy hit the nail right on the head when picking her code name!   To make it even more fun, the devil's mom, fully backs up everything her spawn says and does.  I can give her some kudos--it is her baby and all.  But wrong is still wrong.  If my wife went to my mom with even injustices that were half as bad as the devil does daily, things that I had done to the kids or my wife, my mom would not take my side at all.  She would tell my wife to slap some sense into me, yell at me over the phone, and than pray long and hard that I would recover from the brain damage I must have suffered to be such an A hole.   And I am the baby of the family.   Not that I have everything figured out, but some people were never forced to grow up.  Finding it easier to throw money at any problem.  In a way making me wish we were part of that side of the family,  we could use the money!  All jokes aside --I have shared before how much I enjoy this blog page, because I can vent much more fully than on Facebook.  You have to physically click on this link to be offended, so if any of my rambling offends me, please forget to click on my page again, unless you want to send me comments.  OR you are the offender, and I am happy that you don't like reading any of this.  Any rate---this whole section is brought to you by the words of the week, "cyber bully"   Simply because the mother in law called me a cyber bully.  ;)

At least once a week I like to earn my favorite name badge

    Next Exploring blog will be all about the local homecoming night.   Full of pictures and my deep thoughts of course!   My next rambling blog will be more about my gun regulation thoughts.   As always I love your comments----may the be good, bad, or something the devil might say.   And now some jokes that would even make the devil laugh.  If it had a sense of humor.  

                          At least he learned at an early age to be proud of his work.

Higher education at it's finest.
All it make me want to do, is visit Taco Bell.

I believe this may well be my cart on the 3rd!
If you are unsure why---read above in this very blog.
And our yard sign for the 3rd......

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9/25/2013 Tales From The Broke Side Of The Tracks


     A big hello to everyone except my parents!   And an even bigger love filled hello, to everyone else.  We live across the rail road tracks.   No joke there-especially when a train goes by about every twenty minutes.  They get louder the later at night it gets, I do believe.   People on this side of the tracks, seem to have less money.  And at least at the moment, we fit in very well.   It is amazing how fast a little set back, like an operation, or a multitude of setbacks, can ruin things so quickly.  Sadly many of the major set backs come from family draining our money.  Even sadder, we will never be compensated or even thanked for this, but when people live for there selves, what do they care whom they hurt?  But money troubles is not funny, so on with other topics!  
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     So over the weeksend we ended up with a new buddy.   The kiddos came home with a lost dog.  And he was a joy.   Happily "Barkley" was reunited the next day to his dad.   We often end up with extra pets.   People soon learn we have three kids, and seem to dump there pets down the street.  My wife is amazing at finding great homes for them all, but a few times I would be afraid to come home from work, not knowing how many animals would be there.  Or I had wanted to get a 2nd job to help fund our little zoo.   Anyways, this one was very well mannard and we can only hope some of that rubbed off on our "challenged" doggy.  

     I have talked before about how everything around here wants to bite and or eat you.  From fly's to all the gun toting citizens.   When we lived closer to the evil city of Phoenix, we always heard reports about scorpions falling into beds at night.   It seems they can climb walls and in the middle of the night, they will climb on your ceilings.  At some point they apparently remember that they can not actually hang upside down, and fall.   More times than not, they seem to fall into beds, and sting the poor sleeper.   What a way to wake up!  Here --closer to Tucson, the news seems to be about snakes.   I do not like snakes, or even sticks that look like snakes.  The last few articles have been about how hikers and such get bite by rattlesnakes and some how do not even know it.   I do not know how this is possible.  And try to never get close enough to a snake or angry looking snake to find out.    Than this article appeared in the local news last week...

Apparently this snake curled up in a Kleenex box in some poor folks house!

**"I would pull out all of my surgery stitches, scream like a girl and than poo myself. I do not like snakes much!"**----Just sayin'

With tax season just around the corner
Here is a friendly reminder on how to fill out the forms this year.
                                       Not sure what this means----but don't do it, Mister!

                                                                      Good times!!

                     Have I mentioned I worked for Wally World for 8 long years?? 

                                    This one isn't any part of being PC, but  it's funny!!

Next rambling blog post  we talk more about gun control.  
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Everyone Poo's Except Me.

    This song really has nothing to do with today's rambling post.  But it is a catchy song for sure.   ;)   Almost makes me want to eat a catfish dinner, almost. 

     **"Do you ever feel bad about not feeling bad about something you should feel bad about?"**

  **"Seeing as you're buying a pregnancy test at the Dollar Store, I think we both know you can't afford a positive."**-----Just once in a commercial --I want to see the gal freak out when the positive sign shows up on her test.   ;)

   **"Can resting your cell phone on your junk, give you cancer down there??"**

                                           **"Coffee helps you poo!"**

  Much of today's post is a continuation of posts in the last week.  At almost a week after my surgery, I am very surprised at how sore and worn out I still am.  I had figured I could do lots of work and blog posting from home, but mostly just seem to want to sleep.  I usually condemn sleep as a waste of time- so this constant wish to just lay down, is new and annoying to me.  I mostly just feel like a huge wuss actually.  Even my regular portions of coffee are not really seeming to help.   I want to up the portions, by just putting a straw in the coffee pot in the morning.  But fear the effects on not leaving any coffee for my beautiful wife to consume in the mornings.   With three kids, we both need the caffeine to even attempt to keep up with them each day.  And now with my wife, taking care of me, she is quickly wearing herself out.      On the coffee note, here is an entire album from MY Facebook page all about coffee love.   There will be more to add --there always is.   Please feel free to use any of these you wish--I probably stole them anyway....       I worked very hard on this album please note.   And it now has 200 pictures.   Some you might have not seen in my blogs!

In  further news---crack makes you stupid!

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   Please comment away on this page.   Things make it from my twisted mind to this page before any blog posts.  And although I try to make everything I write very interactive and easy to comment on, I am daily sad by the lack of feedback of any kind.  I find myself expressing stranger things, just to get some kind of comments.

   A few days back I mentioned how very soon the madness of the Holidaze will fully be upon us.   I love most of these days, but it moves by extremely fast.  And once again, we are not even close to prepared for the constant out flow of money that starts in Oct and runs through January it seems.   But we never are prepared for that.  Add to the list, at least in our house hold---Oct 31st is our unofficialy official anniversary of first meeting.  And will mark eight years.   All I can say is "wow what a ride!"  Living once again in Arizona, I greatly welcome the changing of the seasons.   I do not call this the land of the sweating sun for nothing.  And am tired of arguing with myself if I actually want to wake up with glorious coffee, because coffee is hot, and it is 100 outside by 5 AM in Arizona this time of year.   So cooler temperatures is like an early Christmas present to me!  Please note from that--I am easy to shop for. 
    The season I despise the most--will be quick upon us.  And that is the Pumpkin Season!  If you too are surrounded by coffee shops, it is a lot like a dam season.   Pumpkin being added to everything.  Before I rant to much on this--- and fall off of my soap box, something that after my surgery, would cause me great pain, I must say I DO NOT like pumpkin added/flavored anything!   I do not want it in my coffee or in my chap stick.  I do not want it in my car air freshener or in my beer.  I firmly believe that the only things that should taste like pumpkins, that even taste good this way are ----Pumpkins   the seeds can be amazing, and Pumpkin pie.    Just sayin'  sorry to ruin your fifth season. 

    Remotely on topic--I must quickly bring up bugs.   I have often talked about some of the draw backs to living in Arizona.  One of the biggest is that EVERYTHING wants to kill you.  From bugs to all the angry sweating people.   I love how loose the gun laws are here, especially after living in Washington for so long, but on the same note, everyone has a gun.  Being careful what I say and staying out of private property if it looks amazingly fun to Explore can be hard.  Back to the bugs---we have a nice set up on our car port---with a couch and tables and such.  I am typing this very blog from the deck.   But most of the day it is literally covered in mosquitoes.  Hundreds of them.  And the rest of the day it is full of flies and wasp like creatures.   Here even the dam flies want to bite you.  I had one bite me yesterday in fact.   I before knew they were gross, germ ridden insects, but not that they too could bite!  Residents: do the butterfly's bite also??

        As many times is the case---addressing my issues with the family right now in blog form and out loud did no real good.   Although it was a great way to vent.  If nothing else the last week has done two things.   It has turned these hatters more against me---but more unified against me.  And it has also grown my wife and I much closer together.  This is amusing, because the relatives are sure that I am already trying to keep the family away from them.   Not true--if anything I just wish the family would go with there feelings, and stay away from me.   Anyways, whatever the case---how is that for a murdered sentence??   Here is my last post on FB about the mess----I have since turned this and a lot more in my life completely over to God--something I should have done long ago---and have washed  my hands of it all.   Of most of it, the mother in law does still live in our driveway and all......
   **" Surgery hurts but the pain "family" can put on you --lasts much longer. The best part is that the worse back stabbing and name calling is done in front of our kids. Making it seem OK, because people they look up to do it as the norm. I pray for everyone involved hoping that you find someone that thinks you are number one as much as you do. And that you find that someone-on the road, because you are no longer welcome in our lives. No longer welcome, but forgiven!---mind you."**

                                                    More on surgery you say!?

    **"Was feelin' better after surgery. And than I just spent the last 4 hrs calving a mini me! Hardest #2 ever! That is all continue with your lives with that mental image stuck in your head now.  "**

------ Last post I was talking about some of the "joys" of surgery.   I believe I typed all that on my first or 2nd day back home, attempting to recover.  I blame anything offensive on my pain medication--and than smile real big that it offends you.  On that day it gave me great pains that I could not poo.  As the book says, everyone poos!  The next day the continued non bowel movements just hurt.  I have three small incisions around my underwear line, and the extra pushing down, was not what I would call comfortable. 

   To save a little bit to the imagination-- I than spent four hours attempting to leave my mark in the bathroom.  I have never been in that much pain, or have before sweated that much while in a seated position.  Luckily we have a large bathroom, and I could randomly stand up and waddle around the room.  Also luckily we had a few Readers Digests in the room.  The final result could not of weighed more than a small local rat--a rat that also would proably try to bite me.  But felt like I had just birthed a mini me.   I had pain meds in me, and more afterwards, but can not even imagine -or care to imagine how any mother becomes a mother with out pain medication.  I have been tiring amazingly quickly, even still, but this was enough to completely zap the remainder of my energy. 

    But the fun was not over----   I will share this under my thought-line  that everything is amusing and can be a joke.   The next morning I woke up to notice that part of my penis was turning purple.   I made the mistake of alerting my wife.  But all things considered, it was the best way for her to find out such a thing.  After she stopped laughing and taking pictures, she became helpful.  I have often talked about the dangerous of using Web MD.  Mostly that you are soon sure you are going to die within the next 20 minutes.  So we used the equally  evil Google search engine.   I must quickly share here--that in the end, we discovered this was normal after such a surgery, but along the way we found some VERY amusing answers.   Most I do not wish to share because they come from peoples minds, minds that seem very at home in the gutter.   But feel free to look them up yourself, with a search something  like "Y is my penis turning purple?"

     I can save you some time, and say that most of the answers seemed to focus on -stopping playing with ones self.  And the main "amazing revolution" was to be happy it was not turning green!  The best "answer" or at least most amusing was also mean.  But funny.  And was something along the lines of---*your man tits are bigger than most females, confusing your penis and it is on strike, holding it's breath while it decides if you are a male or female.  Thus the turning purple.   In essence you are slowly killing your penis!*   OK this as the other "answers" is much more enjoyable in there own words.   I see you navigating to Google!

   I have been saving up random randomness for awhile now.  Since surgery finding I am ready for bed about an hour after I get up in the morning.  This is my last thought for today, noticing this post is getting a little on the long side.  As always it is my thoughts---but if you agree or greatly do not agree---I would love to hear why!! 
    I have talked before about wild animal attacks.  Here in Arizona, everything attacks, even the dust mites, so the lines are not as clearly defined.  Although I have never actually seen a tiger in the wild, I do know enough that they are not big kitties, and I were to ever come across one --I would not rush right up to pet it or to feed it tiger snacks.  Many people it seems, do not think that way.   There are reports all the time of deadly animal attacks in Yellowstone Park--and more times than not, the animal is not really to blame.  You can now almost not spot a bear in the park, because each time a human runs  up to a bear, calling it Yogi, the human comes back be called "Stubby" and the bear is relocated or killed.  I have no solution for this, I do know that growing up in Wyoming, I have huge respect for a large number of wild animals.   I also can identify most of them, something most of my non resident friends can not.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.   Although- I wish to do a test of sorts, to see which animals y'all can identify by picture.   My brother could identify them all by there poo and or foot prints by the way.   I think he could also identify them all by taste too!
    But rejoice!   Not everyone is so scatterbrained.  I just read a report from the great state of Alaska--were men are  bad asses and woman are whatever is tougher than a bad ass!  Even betterer this article was written like this kind of thing happens every day up North, probably because it does.  In the article a bad ass couple were staying in a tent --his wife or girlfriend or both was sleeping in the tent.   And the male bad ass saw a grizzly bear entering the tent.   He promptly ran between his woman and the bear--and punched the grizzly bear.   Knocking out the alleged attacker!  Even being from Wyoming--I would not do something so bad ass.   wow!