Friday, October 18, 2013


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      **"So I went on my first official job interview here today---- I was offered a job, but not the one I applied for, so I declined it. You don't know how good it feels to be the one saying no for a change! It does put me in a spot though, because I had told my self if I had gotten the job--I was drinkin' adult beverages....... **Thank you to  my wife for being my "sugar momma" --so I can be picky about were I work. lol"**------ I have to add here, not on Facebook, that the restaurant manager was a prick.  I pride myself in being one, but two pricks never get along well.  Even though I had a scheduled interview, I had to wait 45 minutes, to than be ignored by the manager longer.   He instantly told me all serving positions were full, the only position I had applied for/and been called about.   He is going to keep my resume on file if any of the three new hires do not make the cut.   This gives me plenty of time to decide if I can work for this person.  It is a really nice restaurant, and playing busser would be a good foot in the door, but the place is 45 miles one way for me to drive, so I need the tips to make it worth my while.   I also believe after serious pondering, that I will have a drink tonight anyway, since I did officially get the job.   I just did not keep it.  

     All of this is even better after how hard a run I have had in other locations finding a job at all.  I have had to beg for jobs at Taco Bell, only to be rejected.  As I said this is one of the first and only places I have interviewed at.   I have been doing odd jobs--helping people move, hauling things, and such--and the money is very good, when I can line up jobs.   When the customers can pay with more than smiles.   I have had many a call for people that want to pay a ridiculously low amount, or do not even have any money.  
     I do believe the worse part of today- is that I have my interview clothes on, and have passed some awesome hills and trails in the heart of the massive Sierra Vista/Hereford trail system.   But now I know were to start as soon as I and the kiddos have time to venture out, hiking clothes on, and camera in hand.  Also  almost as bad, my interview clothes include black dress pants.   Although it has been in the 40's every morning lately, this is the desert--and it soon gets much warmer.  
       On a some what related note----no only because the subject of the note is my wife....
  She had her orientation for her new job yesterday in the big city of Tucson.  The job she starts, from home, on Monday.   Un officially making her my sugar momma, as I mentioned above.   Anyways, the orientation was most of the day yesterday, and started very early.   It was highlighted for me after I snuck into the hosting motels lobby and got a great free breakfast.   So wrong, but boy it tasted good.  Plus free things always taste MUCH betterer!    I than had a good part of the day to roam around Tucson.  Always fun except for maybe the crummy traffic.   Thankfully it is nothing like Seattle or the much closer Phoenix.   A town I could never drive in again, and drive happy.  Yesterdays blog post was typed in Tucson.  Today's comes clear from the Target lobby in Sierra Vista.  Plus it is always nice to be around some real shopping.  I am again in a town were one can pretty much not buy anything.   And Wally World and Safeway are the only shopping choices.   I do not necessarily like shopping at all, but I do like choices. 

                                                                     A bar that cares. 

Very interesting face he is making there.


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