Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wally World Woes

   **After all the false crap about myself in the last few months. I send this song to myself. For the first time in many months I can say----**"I LOVE my life!"**

**"I don't know about y'all, but I have been wearing my Halloween mask for months now!"**

     I can not believe how close the holidaze now are.  Through it all I of course love all of these days, especially with three kiddos to share it all with but on the same note it can easily become very stress full.   I do believe Santa is going to have to find a 4th job, to keep up with our house hold.    Things are quickly looking up for us though for sure.  My wife starts her new job next week, and I have a few interviews in the near future.   I believe job hunting is way worse than ANY job I have had before, including my eight years with Wally World!   I am more than ready to be working much more.   After my surgery I was knocked on my butt with the pain and all of that fun, some you might have read about in my blog posts.  And than when I went back for my check up with the surgeon, I was not fully released, meaning longer of restricted lifting and such.   I do not sit well, and I would not list any of this as "fun" in my journal entries. 
     Whatever the case, things are defiantly looking up around our house, and I target a lot of that on getting much of the negative people out of our life.  Even if they are relatives.   I have talked a lot before about how great the in-laws staying with us have been.   As in they are FAR from great.   And were actually pulling us down at an alarming rate.   A few weeks ago, we got them off of our property.   The whole thing was not Purdy, but it got done.   In fact we are working on getting restraining orders against the great family members.  Through all of this--my character was run into the ground.   At least in the distant family's eyes.  But after enough of that, you sort of start believing what you hear.  Now I am back to not caring.   These same bad talkers are leaches on society, and there opinion does not matter to me.   That said, I dedicate the above song to myself.  

     Back when I was still single and still very lonely, I had actual money in my wallet on most days.   I went to a lot of great concerts.  I have to say one of the best, was Tim McGraw.   This was in Billings Montana.  And if we had been more on the ball, we could have followed him to a local bar, he likes to take off and play for the local crowds.   We were hanging out around after the concert and he speed off  just past were we standing, on an amazing motorcycle.  No real point to this, just thought I would share.   ;)

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    With my wife's new job, we are of course having to spend cash.  One must spend cash to make cash.   We need a home phone and such.   Her computer also needs Windows 7.   And yesterday we were both amazed at how hard getting the software is.   Windows 7 is now a relic and not something you can easily obtain.  Plus the disks are heavily protected, so it is not something you can just copy and use.   Dam you Microsoft!   After many phone calls, we soon learned that no retail store on this side of the state, could get us a copy before our deadline.  This would not be as bad, but the software was in our local Wally World store--on the shelves, maybe two weeks ago.   Again, Dam you Microsoft!!   We even called Microsoft directly were a strongly non English accented man attempted to help me.  He did find it amusing when we tried to purchase the product, something even the company some how did not have.  They make the product, so "What the heck!"   He did not find it amusing when I asked the worker if he could just sell us a copy of the program from his personal stash at home.    And I soon was the only one laughing into a dial tone....   I am sorry that not everyone knows what real humor is.  
      The electronics department worker at the local Wally World did not find my amusing either.  Bad service is common at an such store, but the local Benson, AZ store is one of the worse in the South.  Perhaps more noticeable because my wife and I both used to work for the company.  Anyways the customer service challenged worker, was trying to inform me that they had not had the product on there shelves for almost a year now.   And I was trying to inform him that we had seen it on the shelves just two weeks ago.   He said "no!"  They have only had Windows 8 for a long time now.   I than started to explain how I knew my numbers and most of my letters, and it was defiantly an 7 I had seen!   And because at this store, the customer is usually not right, but more a walking $ sign, he started to argue with me.  Dam you Microsoft, and your training store workers!
       This is when I recalled that last time we needed help in electronics we searched far and wide and could find no worker.   Waaaaay down by sporting goods, we found this  same worker.  He was using one of the mini mirrors, for checking out sun glasses, to comb his hair.  After convincing him to come back to his actual department, we quickly learned that he knew much more about hair care than electronics.  This is when I went into a "deep" explanation about learning customer service over hair care.  If my wife had not been laughing so hard, I believe she would have drug me away from the worker.  Needless to say we did not get the program that day, but I believe I made a new friend!  
      The amazingly poor service at this store would not be as bad ---if I did not almost get a job at this store.  I was desperate for a steady income, and was willing to take the bad pay--over the no pay I was currently making.   Even with eight years with the company, they could only start me at $8.20 an hour.   Ouch for sure!  Anyways some were between getting a cashier job and declining the job--the front end manager decided I needed a long winded lecture.  He realized, from me telling him, that I had worked at several different Wally Worlds and wanted me to know how different this one was from many of them.  It was ---is a small town, and they are committed --in fact thrive on great customer service to keep there great customers.   This talk went on for a very long time, and he seemed to be mostly making sure I could live up to the high level of customer service.    At that point we were new in town, and I was almost impressed!   Now we know betterer and have come to expect the level of help described above.   The workers know few shoppers are going to travel clear to Tucson for real shopping.   Cliff notes:   If you are one of the many snow birds or visitors to this wonderful town, supply your travel trailer, RV, or truck before you hit Benson and it's wonderful Wally World!


                   I am starting to believe online shopping is the way to go for everything!

Our faithful, if not "challenged" dog Max wrote this poem for Y'all to enjoy!!

                                         Contact me if you need some help on this one.....


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