Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10/15/2013 A Two-fer For Today!


                               My newest blog page has many posts in the works.  

New Local Blog Page Looking For Readers
I am starting up a new blog page, my third such series. This one is all about Exploring beautiful Arizona through day trips, activities, and pictures. Each time I take one or all three of our children with me. We recently moved to Benson, Arizona so the trips seem to focus on this town right now, but as our budget allows, the Exploring will cover the entire state. Please take a look around, comment, and share this new page! Thank you for your time and support.



      The next post will be about the Butterfield Stage days and all of that fun.  Above is part of the pony express riders that rode the 20ish miles from Benson to Dragoon last Saturday.   It was all pretty neat, until the point were I realized our daughter had no clue what the pony express was.  In her defence, we have lived in Washington for years now, and that is probably not something they emphasize in there learning structures.  Although it might be arguable how little learning actually took place in those schools, or any school at this time.  

   The school here, just got named the number one school in the state---which is awesome, but how little do they really need to achieve to earn that ranking?   All of that is the subject of another blog for sure.   Luckily everything about the pony express was explained before the ride. 

     Recently the blinkers in our truck stopped working.   After mentioning it might be low on blinker fluid several times, in an attempt to have my wife ask a store for blinker fluid.   In short, we still do not have blinkers.  In Benson --it is not as big of a deal, because we blend in.   I have mentioned this before, but almost 0% of the drivers actually seem to use there blinkers.  Seeming to assume they live in a small town, and everyone already knows were they are driving.  But on Thursday we have to venture to Tucson, and I really would love to have an abundance of blinker fluid!  
    I had to dust off the drivers manual, to recall the hand signals.   And the more I drive, the more I fear no other driver knows what the heck I am doing.   Most of the other drivers wave at me, as I signal a left or right turn.   And the rest, I fear, think I am flipping them off.   Flipping them off, and than suddenly, without warning making a right turn.   Such nerve I must have.  

Our new addition to the outside of our house. 
      My new signal------do you like?   If nothing else this provided my coffee love plug for the blog today.  

With the government still shut down, some more jokes at big governments expense. 
Or our expense  depending on how you look at it all.
It's worth a shot
                                                                           Step one of my new 12 step program. 
      The question is, how many times do I need to admit it? 

                             It seems Wally World does not share the same feelings.  ;(

Last thought/plug
we get great items all of the time and attempt to resale them. 
We have a huge abundance of books---and want to give back to the community.
If you live in the Benson, AZ area---my wife is starting a take a book, leave a book program right off of our car port!    We have 300+ books already to start with. 
And all of them will be categorized by type with a picture on her new Facebook page. 
It is really very kool and exciting.  
Please check out the page---and if you don't live here show some support!
Go join the FB community now!
**We as in April is starting a take a book/leave a book program from our house. We have 300+ great books to start with. And her new page will soon have a picture data base of what great books we have to offer right now. If you live in Benson, AZ, Are interested, Or wish to show her some support please join this page. **

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