Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We All Scream For Pie!


              I have been busy-ish promoting my newest blog series and have been slacking with new posts for this highly entertaining page.  At least I find it entertaining, and isn't that all that really matters, in the long run?  MANY times at work, I look around and notice I am the only one laughing.  I believe this to be true for my blog page also!  You may or may not find this information more strange, now knowing that I work for myself right now, and do not have any co-workers.  But for the most part I am guessing many of you -out there in reader land, or sleepy land, depending on how many of my blogs you have read before, find me about as amusing as my wife does.   Cliff notes: Not very!  The daily funny comes from my amazingly funny looks.   But the joke is on her, because --she is the one that married me, after all.  ;)


              I keep promising a picture glossary of sorts of all of my Exploring posts --and it really is in the works.  But I quickly found it is much more work than I thought it would be.  And the actual work part of it being in the works is greatly stalled by --well by almost anything shiny.  Plus I have some great hikes and Exploring lined up -for new posts!   Including a sneak away family trip to Tucson.   I also have many new ideas for all of my blogs---ideas that will make your head spin, even if you don't have four cups of coffee in your belly. 

And now ONLY because so many of you have asked for it....
This is the oldest picture of me I could find.
                                                        With that last picture--some quick sex ed for you all.
                                               Plus you can take comfort in the fact that this nasty tasting but amazingly long
                                                lasting snack is back on shelves!

                                                                       My new weeksend plans!

I have shown this picture before.
It is an actual shot of mine- during one of the times I
lived in Sheridan, Wyoming.
Although I have no pie----now....
Our lives just keep getting better and betterer at the moment.
And this month has been extra amazing.
BUT it took a looooooooong time and perhaps a lot of pie to get to this point.
It also took dropping a lot of negative people from our lives.
For many of our friends, who's lives are on a down  hill slide---it will all get better.
Have some pie.
I refrain here from saying "things can only go up -from the place your at!"
Because I heard this great phrase--that is not helpful, true, or great for like five years straight.
And you know what, somehow things just kept getting worse.
And before I could enjoy any pie, someone would throw it in my face out of spite. 
Plus the said pie, was a mud pie.  :(
If nothing else, maybe all of this has inspired you to get up
and bake ME a pie  ;)
                                                            Do you think he signed the picture??????

I really wish this picture included the actual cop.
Not only would I overly enjoy seeing if the officer
looked as I can imagine --but I would love to see his uniform!
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