Saturday, October 19, 2013

Learn How To

      **"The brain is the most important organ you have,

             According to the brain."**

                    **"I love Halloween.   The cobwebs in my house look like decorations!"**

     **"The pharmacist asked me my birthday again today. Pretty sure she's going to get me something."**

              There are so many things going on across the wonderful state of Arizona right now.   Even leaves changing colors on the other side of the state, around the beautiful Flagstaff area.  I believe the best part about this time of year in Arizona, is that we do not participate in the time change next month or any time of year.  Although it makes it very hard to recall what time it is were any of my family and friends live.  We do not have the funding to visit most of the great events going on right now--but I hope many of you do!   My job interview took place in the heart of some great hikes and mountains in Sierra Vista.  But sadly I was wearing my interview clothes at the time.  Good for the interview, bad for Exploring afterwards.  So this afternoon or tomorrow, we are heading out to hit one of the trails.  Of course pictures will follow!   For further Arizona adventures of ours, please check out my newest blog sight at:

Mission accomplished many a year!   ;)

                          I hope if you are a cracker or like to eat crackers---you enjoy my pages!!

I have mentioned this before---many times I think, but the more I venture into real stores, the more I wish to just start doing all of my shopping online!  
My wife and I have worked so long at Wally World in the past, that our mission when we have to enter any of the stores, is to split up, run through the store and get in and out, before the neon lights make us forget our actual shopping list and yet somehow convince us to fill our carts with items we will never need.  I do not know if it is because I have worked in retail for so long, or I just learned how to walk in my youth---but the masses of people in any given store that can not walk through the store are beyond annoying.
**Please note--I am not making fun of handicapped or older people at all here!**

Did you note the above?

  I am talking about those families that walk down the isles side by side by side by side by side.
Or the couple that stands in the middle of the isle with there shopping cart completely sideways beside them.   I usually inform these type of shoppers, that the ONLY way they could jam up the area more, is to physically lay down in the middle of the isle, and start flopping around on the floor.   This type of shopper is mostly found at Wally World, but can be in any store.  The type of shopper we run into in all stores is the ones that just can't walk.   They are either waiting for there slower family, weaving all over the isle, on there cell phones, or a mutant mixture of all the above.   I ran into a trio of these yesterday.   The three of them unaware that there could be other shoppers in a store, and very effectively blocking the entire exit of the store.   I soon was overly angered and went into my mini rant, out loud, about how complicated walking is.....      This usually motivates people to move out of the way very quickly, but you also receive glares that could cut through glass.  The glares are fine, because you can finally get out of the building and escape to your car!
This walking fiasco seems to happen every time we go shopping.  So much so, my wife wants to print out business cards -claiming that she teaches a class on how to walk! 
I mean what would have happened if in the above situation, my shopping bags were on fire?
I would have been forced to run through the walking challenged people!   Is a better method of action to always pretend my shopping bags are on fire?   
I am sure the business cards would produce even more icy stares.
But it might make the bad walkers stop and think. 
As long as they started moving again---and kept moving. 
In any case it would be VERY amusing!
I think much of the problem in all of this--is that way to many Americans
think they are number one.
There whole world focuses around them--and Lord help you if you get in there way.
Much of my in laws are the same way-everything from the moment they wake up, until the go to bed, is about personal gratification and gain.  If they do pause to hear about your life---the conversation instantly goes back to themselves or how your actions or plans will effect there lives. 

Problem number two is the size of many Americans.  If you weigh more than a Greyhound bus, it will take you awhile to get out of the way, unless your shopping bags really are on fire!  But the larger shoppers can rejoice, because the Twinkie is back!!

Ha ha!

                      As always this blog post is greatly powered by coffee!!   You should read the posts after I have had too much coffee-----yes there is such a thing as to much. 

This fine day, I wish to bring back a feature ---The picture of the day!
I try to keep the picture very current.
A recent Exploring trip, my amazing family, me falling down a hill.
But today's is an older shot.

**Our truck is 88 miles that way.**

   First---I apologize about the mini size of this picture.   Blogger is not allowing me to enlarge any of my pictures in any of my wonderful blogs, except for the very first picture in each blog post.  
This shot was chosin' for several reasons.    First it is Kingman, AZ   so explores the landscape and type of hike found around much of the state.  At least in the desert areas.  Secondly pictured is a great buddy of mine, and I have not seen him for several years now.   I do not even know how to contact him at all.   If you have seen this man, or are this man-----PLEASE contact me.     Our friendship has went through to much to be over.   Plus I now live very close to his new home town, and I really need a hike partner again.
It is rare to find someone dumb enough to go on more than one hike with me.   He has been on many-----and I wish I had pictures of many of them.   It would fill my Exploring pages quickly.
For the most part picture us greatly lost, lots and lots of up hill, and than one of us fallin' or in a very bad situation.


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