Friday, October 11, 2013

Demo Derby Fun!!

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         Two weekends ago we all piled in the pickup and went across town to the horse arena, showcasing the first demolition derby this year.  I have not been to a demo derby for a long time and they are always great entertainment.  This was a good night out for sure.  Although it defiantly had that small town feel.   But at only $5.00 a ticket, it was well worth the price to see the kids faces light up each time cars connected with each other.  Followed by a large cheer by the large crowd!   Several great food vendors lined the area.  And the announcer quickly rallied up the spectators.  Of course randomly listing and thanking the numerous great sponsors.  We were not aware that one could bring there own adult beverages.   Many viewers brought large coolers, something we to keep in mind for the next show.  If you would like to join in on the fun --next round please visit there great web sight at: 
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       The national anthem and a prayer started of the events.   I like how the lighting accented the above picture.   The lights mostly got in the way of my picture taking that night.   And than it was heat one----the beginners.  This night it was only two cars.  But a great heat because it was brother against sister.  I must pause here to quickly mention what became the most entertaining part of the evening for my wife and I.   The man in the above picture was one of the demo officials.  Anyway he looks, acts, and even sounds much like my wife's ex husband.  So much so that at one point she even texted her ex to make sure he was not in Arizona.  His name is Tom, so the above look alike soon became known as "Not Tom" to us.  At one point I even yelled out "Tom!" to see if the man would look around.   I imagine all this is not as entertaining to my readers, but we were very amused.   And we were sober.   I am easily entertained!  If you are this person--I apologize.  But thank you for the memories, "Not Tom."

In this picture it almost looks like the cars each other to hard and blew up!
 Our youngest is to the left---enjoying the show. 
Before the show   Trophies lined up for all the best.
Nice sized rink allowed for multiple cars in some heats.
I believe the pickup heat was the best  although there were only two participants.
One of the tow trucks clearing the rink between heats.
Sadly there were only four heats.
But this is a small town.
Hopefully with more word of mouth the event will double next time.
Trucks ready to smash each other!
It was a great night. 
And I hope you really consider going to the next derby.
They even had a special round for the kiddos.
With Power Wheel vehicles to smash.
Everyone was a winner in that round.
The end of the night was a little lame though.
The announcer came on saying everyone could stay for the grand finale.
Next thing we knew, few spectators were left, and even the announcer had left.
Needless to say there was not grand finale. 
But most of the drivers had cleared out, so there was no bottle neck  while leaving.
Another satisfied viewer of the derby!!
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