Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why Are You Mocking Me?

                So as I am sitting here guzzling coffee and trying to cover up the taste of generic Dayquil I am noticing how tired I am.  I would love to fight off this cold before I truly get it, but am not sure I am that lucky.   With how warm it always is in Arizona, I am kind of surprised  anyone can get a cold.  Most surprising is actually that no one else in the house appears sick.   Beyond the given sick in the head of course.  My mind sadly seems to have a permanent home in the gutter.  But usually at our house one of the kiddos catches some kind of huge sickness from school.  My wife and I, mainly my wife take turns curing them one by one and getting sneezed on and than my wife gets sick.  The kids bounce on and around her on the bed.  And than at some point about a week later, I get a mutant morbid stand of every one's sickness and get really sick.   I get banished to our room so the evil cycle does not start back up again.   And the kids, and my wife jump on my death bed while our dog licks me on the face. 

     I do not recommend drinking coffee in the amounts that I do.  I also do not recommend you to inform me of this fact.  Or to talk to me before my first cup o coffee.  Luckily people in reader land, can just read my random rambling after I give up on coffee cups in the mornings and just throw a straw in the coffee pot and go buck nutty!  As I may of stated before, my posts usually have no theme or real topic as you English teachers may call them.  Sometimes I start out with a real goal on what to talk about, and than completely ignore it.  Some of my posts have an actual topic all the way through them--and when this happens I rejoice and drink more coffee!  Today there is no real theme, sorry for you.  With my surgery last month and such, I have had lots more time to work on blog posts in each of my pages.   The jury is still out if this is a good thing or not! 

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      Some were along the line, I have become addicted to several highly stupid slot machine apps on our I-Pod.  More annoying is that my luck on the fake machines does not rub off on me or count as experience when I am on a real slot machine.  I am still debating if these games are a step up or down from real time wasters of my past like Farmville and such.   I was way to into many of these at one point.  From my huge fake farm to my large Vegas style city, to my smokin' hot pot farm.  Or was one of those real?   I am proud to say I tired of all of those games before Candy Crush became big.  Proud because it looks overly stupid.  Because the games have a time scale that you loose if you don't play at one point while I was moving to Washington to be with my now wife and her kids, I had her watch over my farm so everything would not die.  Because I am from Wyoming I hear sheep jokes constantly--I now have a large collection of toy sheep, and a blog post that tries to explain it all to the many that did not grow up in the state that is square in more ways than one.  Anyways because of all of this, my wife who was taking care of my farm did a wondermous job, but also absolutely filled my farm with sheep.  

   Some what related out daughter brought home a large plastic toy horse the other day.  I am all for learning toys and things being realistic, but lets just say you can tell for sure this horse is a boy!  She brought it home and placed it upside down on the couch beside me, and my eyes just kept being drawn to that part of the horse.  It was like it was mocking me.  I guess that is way better than if it was talking to me!  Few ever like my suggestions, just like when I suggested we name the horse Richard.  Luckily the kids did not catch on to my train of thought, and the mostly black horse became known as Shadow instead.   Also luckily the horse was soon turned over and than took off for her room to be stabled for the night.  Mutant plastic package mocking over, for now.  

                           When I dance people call the ambulance, because they think I am having a seizure!



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