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     Hellloooooo from the mighty desert!  Mighty hot that is.   Again I am sitting here before noon sweating my butt off.   Wondering how much I would have to pay someone to just follow me around with a misting system held above my head.  Or to spray me with a water bottle or just push me in random swimming pools.   I probably could get the last service done for free, I don't think I would personally charge anyone to push them into large bodies of water.  Although they might try to charge me, if they didn't know the push was coming, or they had there prided cell phones on them.  With out a doubt it is already a hot one today.  Welcome to the desert!  Those of you that have never been in the real heat, might not understand it, just like those of you that have never lived in Wyoming don't really understand daze that are so cold, it is a real threat to go outside, but you do it anyways because you need to get to work, or more importantly you need some Dam potato chips from Wally World.   I almost prefer cold, because you can always put on more  layers of clothes, and get inside and hug the heater and or your coffee pot.  Cooling down is much much harder to accomplish.  

    Today I had planned on taking a mini road trip.   Just me and the road.  But my beautiful wife ended up back in the hospital once again yesterday---I kind of made her go.   We even started at Benson  hospital, a place we both despise.   They sent her up to TMC  in Tucson last night ---a wonderful hospital.  That is just big enough, it is to easy to get lost in.  They sent her up by ambulance this time, ever have done that before.  She always gets air vacked up.  And she is usually almost in a coma unconscious---so a few trips back, when she was awake at night flying over Tucson, she was amazed at the wonderful view.  I like to say they took her by ambulance this time, because she was not in as bad of shape as usual when we get her to the hospital---I like that answer because she wasn't as close to deaths door, and because she will be out sooner.  But I have no real clue.  At any rate  prayers from any readers  would be greatly appreciated.  I am often amazed at the power of prayer, especially if the person is a non believer.   Not saying she does not believe in God, with all the close calls we have had, God has something big planed for her in the future for sure.   Anyways, the first day or so she mostly just sleeps off the sickness, so I have been fighting urges to just go to the hospital all last night.  I don't really sleep when she is in there anyways.  I give her crap because she comes out, somehow well rested and revived, and I deal with the home stuff, stress, the relatives, and work and am beyond dead tired in the end.  Although I have no idea how she finds rest in a hospital.  I did force myself to sleep in today to help keep up.  And if at all possible I will stay her last night in with her at the hospital, it's this sappy thing we try to do each time.  

     At any rate, with the kids and pets and not wanting to leave our house empty in general, I will be pushing back my road trip.  And going up to the hospital very soon today.  Besides we just got a temporary 2nd car, what I was going to take on the trip and I have found it is Dam near impossible to drive both rigs home by myself.  ;)  Plus I wish someone here with a vehicle and  licence in case I just get out of town and the new car decides to drop a part or engine or something.  Speaking of road trips, I was just reading about the massive mudslide along the coast line in CA.   WOW   the  road is buried ---Highway 101 if I read right.  I have been along this route several times, or at least some of it.  Beyond beautiful!      More Arizona Exploring and pictures at my blog sight          Check out my main Exploring blogs.                    Please check it out!   I will be updating soon!!

Resturant front you would only find in Benson

 **"I saw a bumper sticker saying---I am a vet, therefore I can drive like an animal.  Suddenly
I realized how many gynecologists are on the road!"**

**"I wish I could delete my phone number out of other peoples phones."**

**The first step on my journey of personal growth is getting a cup of coffee.**   Unfortunately I usually get stuck in just repeating this step.  

I actually just found this online, no I didn't write it. How many of u Steve s here can relate? In case u have not gotten the memo MANY of those on my friends list are also Steven Adams because I'm easily amused

                  Why is everyone always mean to Steve?

Wait Whaaaaaat!?  
I didn't hear what you were saying.
I made yet another list
the deans list you say....  What!

And than ordered a milk shake and well done steak.

When customers specifically ask me to hurry the food along in a sit down restaurant, my first instinct is to go all slow motion on everything just for that table.  I than tell them that I can push there order in -but I can not make the cooks cook any faster for anything.  Hoping the speed will reflect on my tip.  It usually does not. 
In a casino    customers are always in a hurry to eat super quick.  
Except for the ones that realize the longer they are eating the more cash they are not losing. 
I always want to send these customers to the local Mc grease pit down the road, but fast food isn't fast by any means anymore 

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