Thursday, May 18, 2017

Exploring After Sawmill Fire

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      Hello readers!   I have had way more time in the last few months to get out and Explore, but not enough time to update and share my adventures on this very page.  Or to promote this page much.  I hope this will change soon!   I have so many new pictures and updates for this page, so please stay patient and enjoy the many Exploring posts already up.  And share, share, SHARE this page if you like what you see here!!    My longest running blog page gets updated much more than this fun page, and also has lots of Exploring and pictures to enjoy    please feel free to wander around this page also any time you wish---  It is now open 25 hours a day, for your convenience.  ;)

     I have been writing and talking about fires to much in the last few months.  Forest fires are amazing --and amazingly destructive at the same time.  They are also a part of life, one of the few disasters that can happen pretty much any were you choose to live.  Through all the destruction ---new growth can soon be found.   The Sawmill fire claimed a lot of land and was one of the worse fires this area has seen, for years.  Bisbee just had a fire, that could have been much worse.  Luckily they put it out within 24 hours.  And no one was hurt.  Only a half dozen homes were damaged, amazingly since the whole area is surrounded by woods.  I just saw a picture from Bisbee showing the pink dust -dropped out of the airplanes over fires -all over houses and there belongings.  The home owners said they would rather have everything pink over a burnt down house.  But one has to wonder if the pink would ever come out of there stuff?  At any rate, last week I ventured past the fire line of the Sawmill Fire and got some pictures and some Exploring in.   There are some amazing pictures online of all of these fires, but I try not to use any pictures of others on this blog page.   First here are some pictures I got one fine evening while the fire was still burning----Non show the fire, because I could not drive close to the fire zone at all.   Although at several points I could see burning desert areas far off in the distance.  

     Most of the time road closures are just a minor set back, but when there are police and fire involved--I stay out.  

Monument just behind the flashing closed road sign. 
Were I turned around. 

Most of the pictures this evening had a spooky appeal
because of all the smoke in the air.

Neat barn that is falling down 
just out of Benson--on the exit to Sierra Vista, the truck stop
and McDonald's

As I was driving up the sun was hitting it just perfect. 

Just beyond the barn. 

From atop the Marsh Station exit. 

Time to head home.  

Everything in the desert is in blow right now. 

Searching for fire damage.

Pink fire stopper dropped out of airplanes during the fire.
On top the still far away hills.

So many trails   so little time!

Near the boarder check station I turned around 
I have never seen a tower with windmill blades on top of it before. 

Neat trees and clouds were I turned around.

Pink weeds from the spray.

It was very strange to see this on one side of the road and tall weeds on the other.
Fire makes its own path.

New growth was budding already budding all around me.
Although the whole are still smelled of fire.  

My shadow helps show contrast of how dark the land is now. 

More pink weeds
and full on living and growing plants just on the other side of the road. 

This cactus and roadway got hit pink also

More budding growth in the middle of destruction

Storm trying to move in.

I hope you enjoyed this little post even half as much as I enjoyed making it or while out taking the pictures.  Although there are no actual fire pictures here while it was burning.  

Many updates and new pictures in the works!

Right now most of the overhead ADOT signs include 
"Exploring" in them.  Fans of this Exploring Arizona page?  
I could only hope.  



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