Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Today Is A Day!


       Hello all this fine day!   Extra hot equals fine right?  Not in my book  but many that choose and actually like living in the desert seem to believe so.  Sweating while I am typing this, is not my idea of fun.   But to each there own.  It is my day off work--and I again or still have a long honey do list but it is to hot to really do much at all today it seems.  Plus my honey is sickly today, so I am not going to far from her side in case she needs anything.  After the long work daze of late, I am usually fine with slacking on my first day off and sleeping in if at all possible.  Although I would have slept much longer if it wasn't already smoldering hot by 9 AM.  Before 11 I could not drink any more hot coffee--and I'm a believer of morning coffee   even in the desert!  We just bought a cheap but good temporary 2nd car and I had hoped to get it to the DMV or whatever it is called down here--today.  But as I said my wife isn't feeling good and it is hard to get two vehicles around by oneself.   Yes there other people to help--but I am also a firm believer in not being racist, but hating everyone equally--and that makes it hard to have helpful friends.  Actually most of the people I know out this way do not actually have drivers licences.   Or they are mainly my wife's friends and we tolerate each other, barely, for the sake of my wife.  To make a boring story short, I am not going to ask them for anything.  ;)   I say temp. car because it is cheap---because we have a plan for a betterer 2nd car in the works---and because our oldest will probably soon end up with this car.  Besides everything else it is a stick shift ---and he can sort of drive one--from our crash courses, driving together and I can drive one, but it has been a minute since I have driven one before.  No one else in the house hold can.   Although I keep suspecting my wife really can---hell she can drive a semi truck, but not a stick shift?  At any rate we are all getting a crash course on driving stick before the car is passed on to someone else.  Right now it is mainly so that I don't have to keep putting all the miles on our great car with my long ass commute to work, like six daze a week.  And so that there will be a vehicle here while I am at work.  We do live in the middle of no whereville and all.
      Tomorrow I am getting the car in our name --and going on a much needed road trip.  With no real plan----Just to hit the road.  Of course there will be pictures and such up on all my blog sights very soon.   Including my Exploring Arizona blog page!    Please check this page out   and share the links if you enjoy.    http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com 

   SO my condensed Trump thoughts for what it's worth:. Trump is not going to get impeached stop dreaming and face the facts. If he does Hillary will never be president of anything it doesn't work that way. About a year from now, after the government has become super strong in the sake of stopping terrorists, and our safety ,like 1984 the book strong Some full buffoon will kill Trump putting us in full panic and destruct mode. The dollar will be useless and basic supply delivery altered greatly. We will be in a full police state as a nation. And all the Snowflakes and such will dream of Trump being president again. God will be a four letter word. The"crazy" gun hoarding hiders will unite in a civil war and fight for everyone s right,even,relunctly the Snowflakes and such---I could go on with this    but it is my condensed thoughts.   What do you think?   I love Trump   and I have said it on here before---but some crazy will assassinate him---there is just to much hate for him online, and in life.  And to many people that don't seem to fully understand consequences.  But again, what do I know??

**"Just imagine how deep the ocean would be without all those sea sponges!"**

               **"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?     Pervert!"**

**"If your a server,waiter, or such and can still recall what a weekend is...... Surprise, your not good at your job. Thanks for playing!"**---  True story.  I am actually fully surprised that this post did not catch me any flack on Facebook.  Nor did the one above about Trump.  My readers are slacking off.   Or they mostly agree with me...... HA!

                                  **"You can't deposit excuses."**

**"I learned today it's not PC to call someone a tweeker. They are Methican American!!"**---The only PC term I ever use is Vertically Challenged, not short.  

  **I like my coffee  how I like myself :  
           Dark, bitter, and to hot for you!**

So last Sunday was National Waiters day.  I am not sure what that means---but I really thought we should have got a big cake at work.  I guess keeping our jobs was our "prize" once again!  Anyways you can celebrate this --if you missed it, next time you go out to eat   by leaving an extra big tip.  

So awhile back I actually had a customer ask me the difference between our fish platter and our shrimp platter. I had to do a triple take to see if they were joking. They were full serious so I attempted to be gentle. Ummm one has fish and chips and the other has shrimp and chips..... all the while I was thinking , and if our fish and shrimp have sex THATS how our onion rings are born!!
   They say there is no such thing as a stupid question---especially when you are getting hired at a new job.  But this simply is not true   especially when you work in retail.  I usually hold my tongue with my replies and stay out of the managers office.  ;)

   **What's a good way to end "gender confusion?" Look in your underwear! You are welcome, snowflakes

**It has been a month since 4/20 we can now resume drug tests. That is all!**

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