Tuesday, May 9, 2017


To hot for coffee?   Never!
Especially right now when it is cool in the desert.
Or when this view of work looms out your front car window.  :)

    Hello all this fine bright night.   Bright you say---not only because I am making bright choices and finally posting on this very page and hopefully beyond tonight, but mainly because the moon is almost full-- and stepping outside is a bright adventure in itself.  Almost full, so you probably could not drive a lonely dirt back road with no headlights on, just yet.  Not that I would advise you to ever do such a thing, but you know you have all tried this.  YOU  as in, I would never try such a thing.  The full moon brings out all the crazies at work also--not that casino work is not always interesting, especially the later at night your work shift goes.  Just a few daze ago we reached over 100 degree temperatures here in the desert, than a storm front came through and I believe 60 was the the high today.  It is enough to make the regulars shake in there boots and parkas!  Another fire started just up the road too, so on the first day of the cool down   we had dark rain clouds moving in and dark, smokey smoke clouds.   The point of the last few sentences is that with all the clouds and such, it is probably lighter outside now, at about ten o clock at night than it was the entire day today.   Maybe it is my work schedule of long daze, but I blame the weather on me wanting to sleep all day today, on my day off work.  I am starting to wonder how I was ever productive while living in Oregon state were it is dark and gloomy a good deal of the year.  Maybe because I was younger, used to it, and probably mostly because there was awesome coffee to be found around every corner in Oregon.  And Washington too   both states basically share the same weather and love for coffee.  Motivational coffee that was so strong it could stir itself and people wanted to find it---so many people wanted to find it   so that they could be awake in the gloom of the grey that people watching in coffee shops in that area was amazing too.   I would drink coffee at home to have enough motivation to go out and drink coffee at a coffee shop.   Like we used to do before going out to drink booze at night.  Pre-funk I believe we called it.   But mainly because bars were expensive and the amount of booze we needed to even begin to strike out with single gals, yet alone talk to them--or to appear as white boyz that could dance, was in scientific terms, an astounding lot!   In case you to can not tell from the clouds outside and the kool temps--it is now MAY  some freaking how!     I have not yet posted this month on any of my blog pages.  For shame!!  
      Now here are some deep quotes for your enjoyment!  

                     **"Well, I am holding a cup of coffee,  so I AM pretty busy....!"**

       **What do I do all day at work. In short I run around in circles holding a little tray up in the air. Yell woooooo collect tips than repeat. Believe me I make it look easy.**---O and I keep the cooks in line, and visit the office a lot, because    I do what I want! 

                                                                    **"There's a pill for that!"**

**"I just ate an entire Snickers bar and I'm still a full A Hole. Those commercials are pure BS."**

    **"Some A Hole was giving me dirty looks yesterday, so I punched him right in the face. Now I have a busted up hand and 7 years bad luck"**

                                  **"Quick!  Look in the mirror!  It's a dork!!"**

   **"Just be yourself, is rarely something I hear from people that know me well!"**---Just sayin'

  **"I have a lot of unemployment jokes to tell y'all.   But non of them work out."**

  **So how long before  Go Fund Me, is our nation's leading health care provider??"**

This above quote and picture depressed me more than a lil bit. 
I guess the truth really does hurt.
But hey the governments gotta make a little bit of profit right. 

   Something few of y'all may know about me , during grade school I lived back east. Way east so I have seen all those tourist trap. Washington DC, Gettysburg, Harrisburg, New York City etc. Heck I'm so prehistoric I have been to the top of the past world trade center buildings.   Heck Exploring and moving from town to town has always been in my blood.  Clear clear back to the first Adam and Mrs Adams --getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden --after eating the apple, to Explore.....        I hope to post at least once tonight --- I might have slept a little to long today, with the cloudy skies and all   ----in my newest Exploring Arizona blog page.  Please check out the page ---full of our pictures and Exploring   and share the links if you enjoy what you see!!   http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/

Cliff notes:. The ONLY reason Wal Mart thrives is that they have fully mastered providing cheap disposable crap for a disposable nation.----   Whatever, tell me you shop there for the service and worker product knowledge.....    hahahahahahahah

19 hrs in last two daze at work , but I'm a part timer 😀. Good thing is Friday , I can't handle any more crazy

     Me: I just like to motivate my fine fellow co workers
Past manager:. I don't think our definitions of motivate match up...    This past Sunday was beyond a terrible day at work.   And I have not finished blocking it out of my memory banks, so don't wish to talk about it yet.   ;)   So here are some more quite possibly stolin' server jokes....

I will never see one of these because apparently it requires doing all of something called side work....
Need these "awards" for the workers that have been hired forever 
and forget things like side work and working at work in general. 
The new workers are still eager to please and full of spirit. 

     So this is not my photo----although I wish it was and a huge Kudos to the photographer!   This was actually shot at midnight near the Marsh Station exit, just up the road of the newest fire that started Saturday I believe.  You can see the train engines in about the middle of the picture  that I have been posting about.   Wow!    I have been holding off posting about both fires  because I have no pictures of my own-- yet.   But I had to share this one.      Again   Wow!   

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