Friday, May 19, 2017


    Hello everyone this sun filled morning!  If you are not also enjoying coffee right now, I am not sure how much I can help you or continue talking to you.  ;)  It is still cool enough outside to enjoy coffee without sweating from the inside out.  But it already looks like it is going to be a really hot one again today.   I do really enjoy that the hottest part of the day --most daze finds me already at work, were there is A/C and some what cooler temps.  Although while I am still sweating --from moving around so much, the customers are usually freezing.  Causing them to order coffee and the dreaded, hot tea!  Even when it is over 100 outside.  Hot tea takes so much preparation to take to the customer and is dreaded by servers every where in any climate.  I hold my own special grudge to it, just because it is already so hot here so many days.  I want to yell at the customer, and remind them that they are in the middle of the desert.  Taking them a regular iced tea---and than having them take  there iced tea outside---were it is full on hot--hot  and very soon it too will be there Dam sacred hot tea.....   I have not yet been dumb enough to say any of this to an actual customer.  Maybe practice this line while prepping all those hot teas to take to the chilly customers.  This may change after the fifth day in a row it is over 100 outside, and we have 100 hot teas served in one day.  ;)

    As always thank you for reading this very blog page!!   With 700+ posts to roam through, surly one of them has made you laugh if even just a lil bit.  I enjoy the past posts because writing them is a stress reliever, for sure.   I can vent and randomly ramble on without bugging my beautiful wife.  I can show off my pictures, and Exploring, and my great attempts at wit.  I also enjoy ---how for me, it is like a journal  many a time.  And an easy way to keep my parents updated on stuff.   I also like to post about coffee ---just a lil bit.  That said, I have no idea why you are here.  But thank you!!   I have MANY updates and pictures for my Exploring Arizona blog page coming.  In fact I just posted a new one a few nights back.   Please keep checking out the page and share the links if you enjoy what you see!!   I do believe another Bisbee post is next up for this great Exploring page     picture filled of course! 

                            **"What I do drunk, is none of my business!"**

  **"Never introduce yourself to the new neighbors, till all the heavy stuff is moved in."**

   THEM:    Are you a cat or a dog person??
   ME:         All I can tell you is that I'm NOT a people person!

    **"I would enjoy mornings much more   IF they started at noon!"**

**"The biggest stall to communication is the illusion it occurred."**--- Criminal Minds
  Write that down!

**"Many people act as they were dropped as a baby, you sir I believe were thrown at a wall as an infant."**

    **Does a good new gun manual contain a trouble shooting section?**

"I finally understood what true love meant that you care for another person's happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be."----Now to just put that and everything else we are slowly learning, in action!

**"You had me at, we will make it look like an accident."**

**Police can't even stop people in prison from getting drugs, why are they still "fighting" it on the streets? Stop the war on drugs---and open up cells for more hardened criminals. Just sayin'----  I have so much more to ad to this--and probably will  SOoon   but not today.  

      And now your moment of Zen for today    not a calming picture   for a change ....

    **"Just imagine how deep the ocean would be without all those sea sponges."**

    So our newest server at work --the one I was training on mother's day  --the one that was not officially on the floor by themselves yet, but was going to be yesterday--just quit.  Since I was the last one training, everyone asked what I had done to them. And for once, I wont take the blame.   We are losing workers like crazy and it is amazing to me how one can go through so much training, weeks of background checks, etc and than be like, I am done.  Thanks for playing.  Some people should not ever be servers, but with out trying it, how would you know.  I should not ever be a server--ever   but my bosses and my tips say otherwise.  But in a casino this size, you say   lesson leaned, and snag a job that fits you.  I love my job, for the most part.   OK many a day I just love my tips and how I have amazing back up and support from my top managers, that was a long time coming for sure.  Anyways we are again back from having to many servers per our shift, to barely having enough.    This of course increases tips ---if you play your serving cards right and increases customer frustration at the same time.   

    I so can't wait till the monsoon season starts here!   Although our roof could use some help before the rain hits full on.   Most daze right now it threatens to rain, but nothing falls out of the sky.   

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